Wallpaper Thread #7

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Glad u liked them mitzi ;) Sorry about making you depressed :S :O !! Non from me ATM, but tommorrow definetley :D

And mitzi I LOVE THOSE WALLS!! Snagged them all :D. My cousin went crazy over the flack one, you made her day :D She thanks you!!
lovely wall, you're al so talented.
Mitzi, snaggled your lt. Dan. I just LOVE IT!!

LuvingMyHoratio, once again Happy Birthday. Hope you enjoyed your private wall.

This wall is not the original, but worth sharing with you guys anyways.

LMH - Love your MaCalleigh. I had to snag it. Nice to see another MaCalleigh fan here. :D :D I posted a couple of MaCalleighs in this thread and the last one if you are interested. BTW Happy Birthday :D :D

Love all the new walls everyone. They are gorgeous. Love the CSI wall miami86 Mitzi I'm in love with your new Mac band one. :devil: That is so gorgeous. I had to snag that and the Danny one. That Speed grave is so sad miami85 :( :(

One new one from me. I'm not sure about the coloring but I thought I would post it anyway.

I hope that I did that right. Thanks for the tip fallenthrough

Take Care,
Catwarfan love the new wall its fab :D
nice wallpaper csifan :cool:
Jools great job as always :cool:
Sharon ooooooooo that wall is stunning :D
happy birthday Linda;)
bit early for one from me at the mo, hope to get some up later :D
So many lovely walls. And big thanks for all the birthday wishes, *Sends you all some cake, chocolate, enjoy. :D

Catwarfan, if you like MaCalleigh, I have a story I've started on them in the fanFic section. ;)

Jools, I loved the personal wall of Gary and I, awesome. Thankies, and hugs :D

Ceri, snaggled all your Mac walls, and Katpin, nice "H" wall, snaggled :)

Okay back on topic

Hi everybody....nice wallpapers!!! I wasn´t here for a long time and I´m so sorry....but now I upload some wp from me....=) I hope you´ll like it.

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