Wallpaper Thread #7

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Thanks for the comments!

BonaTaylor- The pictures are from the latest New York episode, You Only Die Once.

ckyprincess- I'll be happy to make the wallpaper with only Flack in it. It was my orginal intent anyways.

Edit: And here they are. There's only a slight difference in the wording, one with the orginal and one with a little improv on my part.

Thanks for all the wonderful feedback everyone. I appreciate it more than I can say. I love your new " Flack, Don Flack" wallpaper fallenthrough I had to snag it to add to my collection.

Take Care,
Fallenthrough, first of all: AWESOME walls! :D and second: thanx for the info. Much appreciated! :) *off to watch eppy :D *
Just have one new one to add to the list. It's really simple this time:

Horatio & Stella

Credit: Screencaps are from Random Scribblings and Past My Shoulder. Texture is Misplaced Moments ( I know again. What can I say I love the textures. Here's the link : misplaced moments )

Take Care,
There have been so many great wallpapers here! How did I miss the new thread opening???

I promised this to ckyprincess about a week ago. I am so far behind!

and for klj7678

ckyprincess - I also have a few of Flack alone I did and posted here some time ago. If you are interested - PM me and I can send them your way.
HC_4_my_birthday said:
Katpin love your last H wp i've snag it with all rest you have done

the best halloween wp for me would be H/Y and RayJr together

Thanks!!! :D Glad you liked them. As soon as I can find some good pics of the three of them together I'll give it a try. :D None from me atm.
BonaTaylor said:
Awesome wall catwarfan! Very good! Though I am not much of a fan of H, I fell in love with your work! :)

OMGoodness, BonaTaylor Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback. I appreciate it more than I can say.

fallenthrough love your new Stella. I had to snag it to add to my collection.

Sharon Love the Halloween H's. I will probably have to add one of yours up for Halloween in the next bit.


Gotta two question for anyone who knows the answer:

1: Where did you find the pic of Stella from 4x03? I haven't seen screencaps from that episode yet.

2: How do you guys do the small thumbnails for the walls? I've been trying to figure out that one.


One new wallpaper from me. I fell in love with these pics of Calleigh when I saw them. It's another simple wallpaper.


Credit: Texture is Misplaced Moments. Butterfly brush is Capris. Small butterfly brush is Jaded Icons. Font is windsong from Dafont.

Take Care,
catwarfan- that Calleigh wall is so amazing! I had to snag it.

To answer your questions:
1. I found the screencaps on the dj_capslock community on livejournal, but that's just where I usually get screencaps.
2. On photobucket, once you've uploaded the picture, check the box under the uploaded picture. Then scroll to the bottom and click on the generate HTML and IMG code button. It'll bring you to a screen with all of the possible codes. You'll want to pick the third option that says IMG clickable thumbnails for message boards. Copy and paste the code in your message and voila!

Hope that helps! :)
Dayna your Calleigh is OMG words aren't good enough but WOW!!!!! is all I can say. LOL Gorgeous. I've also snagged it.

Glad you liked my H halloween walls. LOL
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