Wallpaper Thread #7

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Wow, everyone has been so busy. I love all the new wallpapers everyone. I snagged a bunch for my collection.

I love the new "H" Sharon.
Thanks for the feedback on my wallpapers everyone. I always love to hear feedback.

Just one new one. I've been busy the last week getting my hubby's stuff ready. He leaves on Monday for 6 months on a course :( :(.

It's MaCalleigh again :)

Take Care,
hi everyone, you all been really busy, and have done amazing work :D...thanks for the comments guys, im glad you liked them :D
none from me at the momment, but i hope to have some a little later on ;)
Thanks for the feedback everyone. It's appreciated more than I can say. I have a new one to add to the collection. I was searching for Calleigh pics and came across these EdeN pics so I decided to use them. Caps are thanks to random scribblings. Thanks Liten :D The lightening is a picture tube with psp8.

Feedback is love.

Take Care,
Wonderful walls everyone.

Lovely as always Ceri, and thankies again for my lovely Banner :D

Katpin, Catwarfan, snaggled your MaCalleigh and "H"

Fallen through...that is deep dark and gorgeous, and is now my desktop background. :D

Once again great everyone :)
gorgeous walls again Dayna and fallen :D
two wallpapers and a calendar from me for next year...dont know whether its because im tired, but didnt seem to work right for me tonight...not that happy with them :rolleyes:

Beautiful new wallpapers everyone. I snaggled your calendar Mitzi. Love the new Mac ones fallenthrough and LMH. LMH I love your siggy. Mac does have gorgeous eyes doesn't he.

Everyone can just call me Dayna instead of catwarfan if you want :D. It doesn't bother me.

I've been inspired today. I have a new one to add to the collection.

MAC :eek:

Take Care,
great job dayna, its fab
Linda love it, cool how you got the fireworks and flags, great job :D
just 2 from me today before i go to work :(

Awesome walls Ceri, I snaggled them both. It's amazing how they look like paintings, great job again Ceri. :D

None from me, I'm just admiring everyone else's work :) today
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