Wallpaper thread #5

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Fallenthroug i love you Dance wallpaper its so pretty and cute.

gsrLOVE your Marg and Jorja wallpaper is great work i love the surounding.

And here a two new ones of me, i was playing with the background and the texuter with one of them the other the background and the colours.

Lovely wallpapers, gsrLOVE, katpin, csi_fan_uk and Berylla Nienna. Nice work!! :) :) :) You guys doing great!

Update: And fallenthrough, yours too! I missed it in first place, didn't see the linkage! :)
WOW, BonaTaylor what beautiful Wallpapers!! *proud you won the cahllenge* I love your work and I hope there's much more. I can't decide which of these really good Wallpapers will be my next on desktop. Really Good job. Keep doing . :D

But all the other arts I like, too. Good job all the others. ;)
Not open for further replies.