Wallpaper Challenge #56: Orange - Results!

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Please keep those votes coming!
I have pie for anyone who votes ;)
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:takes a slice of pie: Thanks! Everyone did such a great job it was really hard to narrow it down! Good work everyone!

Top 3:

Most Creative:

Good luck everyone! :D
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I'd like to post the results today or tomorrow, but I still need a few more votes, please :)
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Alright, I guess if that's it for votes, I should go ahead and post the results ;)

Wallpaper Challenge #55: Results!

First Place: by Mrs.Sanders

Second Place Tie: by Mrs.Sanders by Mrs.Sanders

Third Place: by axelsonfire

Mods Choice: by CazzBlade

Most Creative: by speedystokesgirl

Mod's Choice (most creative): by blackflag

Congrats to all the winners! What great work :) Mod's choice was really hard to pick this time!

Anyone who wants a banner please send me a PM.

The next challenge will be up soon :)
Re: Wallpaper Challenge #55: Actors - Results!

Thank all for the votes.

Congrats to all the winners, especially Mrs. Sanders for having all three of her wallpapers win. You are awesome.