Wallpaper Challenge #56: Orange - Results!

Re: Wallpaper Challenge #50: Teamwork - Voting!

Challenge #50 - Results!

First Place: by Joycie84

Second Place: by Mrs.Sanders

Third Place: by MrsSanders

Recognition Award: by happyharper13

Congrats Ladies :) Let me know if you'd like a banner.
New challenge will be up soon.
Re: Wallpaper Challenge #50: Teamwork - Voting!

Second and third! :)

Thanks for all the votes... and congrats to the other winners!

looking forward to the next round :D
Re: Wallpaper Challenge #50: Teamwork - Voting!

Wow, first! Thanks for the votes. And Mrs.Sanders and happyharper13 also congrats!!!
Re: Wallpaper Challenge #50: Teamwork - Voting!

Congrats to the winners :thumbsup:. They were all great.
Re: Wallpaper Challenge #51: Black

Wallpaper Challenge #51: Black

For this challenge, your wallpapers should feature the colour black. Just like the other colour challenges we've had. And I don't care what anyone says, black is a colour :lol:

[1] Entries will be due Friday April 2nd.
[2] Anyone and Everyone is welcome to enter! You may enter up to 3 wallpapers. Any and all CSI shows!
[3] Please PM your entries to me, Dragonfly. Please include the challenge number in the subject line, and somewhere in the pm please state if you would like to be in Beginners, Intermediate, or Advanced. If you are unable to send a PM, you may send me an email (the hotmail address in my profile), but please let me know if you do so.
[4] If you are unsure which category to enter, check out the guidelines here. Any further questions feel free to ask! Or the Category Thread
[5] This is an anonymous challenge. That means you may not post your wallpaper anywhere until the challenge is over, if you do you will be disqualified.
[6] Recomended size is 800x600. However, if you wish, you may make them to fit your own screen. No Animations, please.
[7] As always, and most importantly, Be Creative and Have Fun!
Re: Wallpaper Challenge #51: Black - Now Open!

black is a colour :guffaw:
i've done one for this already i'll try and do a couple more :p
Re: Wallpaper Challenge #51: Black - Now Open!

I'm in!

I just want to make sure, as it didn't say. ANY type of photos are allowed? Caps? Promos? Photoshoots?

I don't want to mess up again. :(
Re: Wallpaper Challenge #51: Black - Now Open!

Yes, for this challenge any photos can be used :)