Uncle Mac --The True Hero

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    Chapter 1


    Stella was sitting behind the front desk going through some paper work when a teenage girl walked in the front doors.
    She had a small cut above her eye and what looked like an old sock on her hand covered in blood. Stella watched her as she approached, then she smiled and said, "May I help you?"

    The girl then smiled slightly and said softly, "I hope so, Mac Taylor works hear doesn't he?"

    Stella nodded and said, "He sure does."

    The girl smiled again as she asked, "Is he in today?"

    Stella once more nodded and said, "Yes he is, would you like me to give him a message?"

    The girl looked down, and then as she looked back up she said, "I don't mean to be a pain, but do you think there's anyway I can see him, it's important, just tell him Sam's here."

    Stella shook her head as she stood up. Then she walked out from around the desk and said, "I'll go try and find him for you, have a seat."

    The young girl smiled and said, "Thank you Ms. Bonosara."

    Stella froze for a second, she wasn't sure how that girl knew her name, but she was going to go get Mac first and see if he knew her first before she asked any more questions.

    So the girl took a seat and Stella walked out of sight. Mac was sitting in the breakroom reading the paper when Stella knocked on the door. He motioned for her to come in, so she did. When she walked in she looked back as she said, "There's a teenage girl out in the lobby asking for you, she said her name was Sam."

    Mac sat the paper down at once and looked up at Stella. Stella then shrugged and said, "She didn't say what she wanted, she just was asking for you. She looks like she's been in a fight or something though Mac."

    Mac stood up and started to leave the room, and as he was doing that Stella followed him and said, "Do you think you know her?"

    Mac looked back at Stella and said, "Yea, I think I do."

    He sped his steps up and walked around the corner. Once the girl came into his veiw he stopped in his tracks.

    The girl wasn't looking his way, but he could tell who she was, and that's all that mattered.

    He looked at Stella for a second, then he looked back toward the girl and said softly, "Sam?"

    The girl whipped her head around and looked at Mac, once she saw his face she smiled real big and stood up. She started a light jog toward him and Mac started walking quickly toward her.

    Once they got within a foot of each other they both stopped.
    Sam's smile died down a little as she stared Mac in his eyes. Neither one of them said anything, but Mac looked at her head and then down at her hand. He finally reached his arm out and gently touched her hand. She then looked down.

    He could tell she was in pain by just the gentle touch he gave her. He then took his other hand and placed it under her chin to make her look back up at him. Once she did, her eyes filled with tears and she slowly put her arms around Mac's waist.

    Mac put his arms around her shoulders and rested his head on hers, just as he did that he opened his mouth slightly and said, "What happened honey?"

    Stella was trying to take all of this in, she wasn't sure yet who this girl was or how she knew Mac, but she figured she would find out soon enough..........

    Mac slowly pulled out of the hug after the girl didn't say anything. She still had hold of his arms, it was like she couldn't let go, it looked as if she were glued to him.

    She had one of the most worried looks on her face either Mac or Stella either one had seen in a long time.

    Mac finally looked back to Stella and said, "Stell, this is my neice from Austin. Samantha Taylor."

    Samantha looked over at Stella and Stella just smiled. She wasn't sure what she should say, or if she should say anything at all, so she just stayed quiet.

    Mac then looked back down at Sam and said, "Come on, come up to my office with me."

    Sam finally let go of Mac's arms as he grasped her hand. He then looked at Stella once more as he said, "Can you get Don to come up to my office in twenty minutes please, I need to talk to him about something."

    Stella nodded and said, "Sure Mac."

    Mac nodded and said, "Thank you." Then him and his neice headed upstaires to his office. Once they got in Mac released her hand and closed his office door. She sat down in a chair next to Mac's desk just waiting for all the questions about to come her way, she for sure didn't feel like answering any of them, but she knew with Mac she would really have no choice.

    Mac walked over slowly toward her with a kit in his hand. He pulled up his desk chair and sat down right in front of her. She closed her eyes, and then five seconds later Mac started to speak slowly and softly.


    She opened her eyes and stared at her Uncle, then he said, "You look like you're in a lot of pain."

    Sam took a minute, but then she nodded her head.

    Mac then looked down at her hand and said, "I know you don't feel like talking right now Sam, but I need you to be honest with me...... did your dad do this to you?"

    Sam closed her eyes again as she took a deep breath and said, "He used a knife."

    Mac then closed his eyes too as he took a deep breath. He then sat his kit down and took some medicince out of it along with a small bandage and a large bandage. He took a cloth out as well, then he reached up to Sam's forehead and wiped the blood away. That cut was minor compared to the one on her hand.

    So he covered that one up with the smal bandage and then sowly took the sock off her hand. It was deeper than he thought, but from the way it looked he could handle it himself. So he took the rag and started wiping the blood away. She pulled her hand back with a shock, he hit a nerve and it hurt really badly.

    He then looked in her eyes and said, "I'm sorry."

    Sam looked up at him too as she said, "So am I."

    Mac then looked down and finished wrapping her hand, then he turned around and Sam said, "Uncle Mac, you know I would never lie to you, so I have to tell you this."

    He looked back at her just as she said, "I really need you right now, and I'm sorry."

    Mac stood up and then hugged her once more as he said, "You have nothing to be sorry for, I promise you that. None of this was your fault, and I'm going to find out why this happened to you, if it's the last thing I do."

    Mac would have never imagined saying something like that about his little brother, but when it came to children, especially his family, he was always going to protect them, no matter what price in the end he would have to pay..........

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    Come on come on, this is great!! :D If I had to choose out of all your others this would be best so far! I love the way you right :)
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    It`s so cool! Keep on! :)
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    hehe THANKS so Much!!!!!! :lol:

    Chapter 2


    Mac let go of Sam and then just faintly smiled. At about that time there was a knock on the door. Sam jumped as if she had been shot, Mac saw her but didn't say anything.

    He turned to face his door and then motioned for Flack to come in. Flack opened the door with a jolt, but then once he realized someone else was in there he slowed down a bit. He got a funny look on his face as he said, "I'm sorry, I didn't know anybody else was in here."

    "It's alright Don, this is my neice Sam. Sam, this is one of my co workers, and friends, Detective Flack."

    Sam smiled and said, "Hi."

    Flack smiled and said, "Nice to meet you Sam."

    He then looked back at Mac and said, "You wanted to talk to me about something?"

    Mac nodded and then said, "Yea, but.. hang on a second."

    Mac saw Danny and Lindsay walking outside of his door, so he stuck his head out of the door and said, "Hey Danny, Lindsay, can you guys come in here for a minute."

    They both stopped and turned back around. They followed Mac back into his office and stopped when they saw Sam sitting there.

    Sam lowered her head as they walked in, with out even seeing their faces she closed her eyes and said, "I'm sorry guys."

    Danny and Lindsay didn't say anything but Mac did.

    "Danny, Lindsay, this is my neice Sam. Sam, now you've just about met everybody, this is Danny Messer and Lindsay Monroe."

    Sam opened her eyes and looked up at Danny and Lindsay. When she saw Danny's face her mouth dropped about two inches and her cheeks began to turn red. At once Mac knew what she was thinking, he smiled slightly as he said, "Can you two keep my neice company while I talk with Don?"

    Lindsay smiled and said, "Sure we can."

    Mac nodded and then Flack left his office. Mac followed, but when he got to the edge of the room he looked back at Sam and said, "I'll be right outside, you'll like Danny and Lindsay, they're really good and fun people."

    Sam smiled and then Mac shut the door on his way out. Danny and Lindsay took a couple of steps toward Sam. Sam couldn't help herself from staring at Danny, she thought he was really cute, and Lindsay knew. So Lindsay smiled again and said, "So Sam, have you been in New York long?"

    Sam shook her head to the side as she said, "No, I just arrived this morning."

    "What happened to your head and hand?"

    Danny realized right after he asked that that he shouldn't have. Lindsay nudged his side as Sam lowered her head. She then swallowed as she said, "My dad has a temper..... and I guess I made him mad."

    Danny's face turned very dark, Lindsay looked at him and knew some strange feelings were going through him right then. It was like he was angry even though he really didn't know this girl. He was thinking, how could anybody hurt someone her age, let alone her own father.

    Lindsay then walked up in front of her and kneeled down, she smiled and said, "How old are you?"

    "15," Sam said smiling again.

    Danny then walked up next to Lindsay and said, "When's your birthday?"

    Sam looked up at Danny and said, "November 16th Sir."

    "That's a good day," Danny said smiling.

    Sam continued to smile too as she said, "Yea, it is, it's Uncle Mac's Birthday as well."

    Lindsay and Danny smiled, and then all three of them continued to talk.

    Meanwhile right outside the door Mac was talking to Flack.

    "Hey Don, I need you to locate this man for me, I'm not sure where he is right now, check Austin first, then here."

    Flack looked at the picture and asked, "Who is this?"

    Mac looked back through the window at his neice, then he turned back to Flack and said, "He's my brother..... Justin Taylor, and he's dangerous, so please, no matter what it takes, find a lacation for me."

    Flack nodded and then said, "Sure Mac, I'll get back to you as soon as I can."

    "Thank you, call me when you know something, I'm gonna take Sam out for a while, and Don.... Please hurry."

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    I hope they find him...kinda weird having one good brother and one bad lol
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    I can't wait to see what Mac does when he confronts him :D
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    Chapter 3


    Mac opened his office door and took one step in, but before he had a chance to say anything Danny pushed him back outside again. Danny then shut the door behind them, and Mac said, "What are you doing?"

    "Are you sending Flack to go find that SOB Mac! No offence."

    Mac nodded and said, "None taken. I guess she told you."

    "Yea, she did, and I wish she hadn't of."

    Mac nodded and then said, "Thanks for talking with her."


    "I'm going to take her out for a while, so if you want to help Don you can."

    Danny then nodded as well and said, "Will do boss, see you later."

    Danny looked back through the window at Sam, he smiled and waved and then she repeated.

    Mac then finally went back inside. Lindsay told Sam goodbye as well and then she walked out.
    Mac looked over at Sam as she said, "You seem to work with a lot of nice people Uncle Mac, I'm happy for you."

    Mac smiled and then said, "I sure do, some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Come on, I want to take you out for a little while."

    Sam nodded and then stood up, she grabbed her coat and then followed her Uncle out of his office.

    Once they made it back to the lobby Stella was still behind the desk doing paper work. Once she saw Sam and Mac she smiled again and said, "You two going out for lunch?"

    Mac nodded and said, "Yea, then we're just going to hang out a while. The others have me covered."

    "No problem," Stella said, "Have fun you two."

    "Thank you." Sam said smiling.

    So Mac and Sam left the lab and headed through the parking lot toward Mac's car. Once they got in Mac started the motor and said, "So, where do you want to go eat?"

    Sam didn't say anything. SO Mac asked again, "Sam, is there somewhere special you want to go?"

    Sam finally looked at Mac, but then her smiled turned upside down as she said, "He's going to follow us."

    Mac locked the doors as he said, "Who, Justin?"

    Sam nodded and then said, "Anywhere we go he'll be, and he'll be armed."

    Mac looked around as he said, "Is he here right now?"

    Sam shrugged and said, "I... don't know. When I first came here I didn't see him, but he's probably really close by now."

    Mac nodded and then said, "Well he's not going to hurt you again."

    Mac then pulled out of his parking place. He then headed for down town. At about 1 o clock they pulled into a resteraunt. Mac and Sam got out of the car and walked up to the door. Sam was right besid eMAc the whole time, she was so afraid that her father was going to find her again, she finally felt safe....

    Anyway, they walked in and got a table and sat down. They both ordered and just as Mac started to take his first bite of food his phone rang. He sat his fork back down as he looked at Sam and said, "I have to answer this, I'm sorry."

    Sam nodded and said, "I have to go to the restroom anyway, I'll be back in just a second."

    "Okay, becareful."

    So Sam got up and walked to the bathroom and Mac answered his phone.

    "This is Mac."

    "Mac, it's Don, you have to listen to me, it's important. Your brother is at Westwings, me and Danny are on our way now."

    Mac shut his phone at once as he yelled, "Sam!"
    That's where they were at. Mac knocked six chairs over running for the womans bathroom. He busted through the door and yelled her name again, "Sam!"

    A woman from the back stall yelled, "Get out of here you pervert!!!"

    Sam wasn't in there. He ran back out of te bathroom, and just as he did he saw a man with a black face nask on carring her out of the building. He yelled again and started chasing him.

    Once Mac got ouside the man and Sam were flying out of the parking lot, Flack and Danny pulled up just about that time, Mac looked at him and yelled, "Follow them!!!"

    So that's what they did, Flack hit the gas and took off after them.,

    Mac then got in his car and took off too. Mac couldn't believe what was happening, and worse of all he knew what would happen if they didn't catch him.........

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    Ahhhh!!!! Please don't make us wait long!! :)
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    ack more more yeah update soon or I'll have to hunt you down lol
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    Chapter 4


    Flack and Danny were right on their tail, and Mac was coming up very quickly as well.

    Mac had no idea his brother would turn out like this. He always loved kids, and family. But now he's kidnapping his own daughter, what a monster.

    Anyway, Flack and Danny were gaining speed on Justin and Sam just as they made a sharp u turn.

    Of course Flack did the same, followed by Mac.

    Justin was heading for the lab, and that was the worst place he could have been heading.

    He was speeding like a demon, in the car Sam kept making a fuss.

    "Let me go! I want to be with Uncle Mac!"

    Justin glared over at Sam as he said, "Shut up!!!"

    He took the butt of his pistol and smacked Sam in the side of the face with it. She screamed in pain, blood started pouring out of the cut that the gun had just made, and it was very painful.

    Justin didn't care at all, he just kept speeding until they finally reached the lab parking lot. He whizzed in and grabbed Sam's wrist and pulled her out of the car.

    Flack, Danny, and Mac all pulled into the parking lot, they saw Justin's car, but they couldn't see him or Sam anywhere.

    Mac feared that they went inside, and that's exactly what they did.

    Justin still had hold of Sam's wrist and his other hand was on his gun. He went running through the doors and Stella was yet still at the desk. She saw them bust through the doors so she stood up and yelled, "Hey!"

    Justin drew his gun and pointed it to the back of Sam's head, then Flack, Danny and Mac all came flying through the door. Mac slid across the floor as he yelled, "Justin!"

    Justin backed up against the wall still holding Sam at gun point. Then he looked around at everyone and said loudly, "Whoa whoa! I wouldn't try anything if I were you, that is if you care about my daughter."

    Sam was shaking everywhere, blood was still trickling down the side of her face, so everyone slowly started to draw their weapons, but no sooner then they did Justin said, "Drop them! Everyone of you or she gets it!"

    "Justin!" Mac yelled. "She's your daughter, and you love her."

    Justin looked at Mac as he said, "That's where you're wrong big brother.... I don't."

    Sam lost all feeling in her legs, she fell to her knees and Mac took a step toward her. Just as he did though Justin pointed the gun up and shot it. It blew a hole right through the ceiling. Then he aimed it back down at Sam's head, touching her with it with steady pressure.

    Mac stopped as Justin continued to rant, "Drop all of your weapons now!"

    Everyone looked st Mac, and then slowly did as Justin said and sat their guns down.

    Mac was the last to do so as he said, "You're making a mistake Justin."

    "No.... I don't think I am."

    He grabbed Sam by the calor of her shirt and drug her back up to standing position. Then he looked over at Mac again and said, "Now..... No one is armed but me, how cool is that? And now...... We are going to leave again, and if anybody tries to stop us, well.. Let's just say they'll be like the ceiling."

    Justin started to drag Sam back toward the door again, Sam then looked at Mac and said, "Uncle Mac."

    Justin hit her yet again with his gun, but this time right down her back. She screamed in pain as she fell forward to the floor, at that time it was time for everyone to make their move.

    Justin watched Sam fall, and then the next thing he knew Mac had picked his gun back up again. Justin yelled and then Mac said, "Drop it! Drop it!"

    Mac didn't have his bullet in the chamber, so Justin laughed and said, "Night."

    But just as he said that Sam jumped in front of him and Justin's gun went off.............

    Everything seemed to slow down as Mac yelled, "Nooooooooooo!"

    Blood went everywhere. Flack and Danny ran over to Justin and grabbed him. His gun fell to the ground and Flack and Danny were both covered in blood after standing back up with Justin.

    Mac rushed over to Sam. Flack had handcuffed Justin and another cop came over to help him. Danny took his cell phone out at once and called 911.

    And Mac fell to his knees and turned Sam over on her back. She had been shot through her right side. There was no exit wound even though she was shot at close range, so the bullet must have been lodged in her ribs or something. Mac had seen things like this before, and all he hoped was that that bullet was somewhere that would give them enough time to save Sam's life.

    She was awake, but she was breathing very hard. She didn't say anything, she was in too much pain. She had her hands covering the wound. Mac moved her hand off, then he ripped a part of his shirt off and wadded it up and stuck it on the wound, then he looked in Sam's eyes and took both of his hands and pushed down on it.

    She screamed and cried at the same time, and Mac was hardly standing it, he knew how bad she hurt, and it hurt him so bad to see her like that.

    She started wiggling trying to get Mac to let up, but she couldn't move enough. Mac then took one of his hands off, still not letting up the pressure and he put it on Sam's forehead as he said, "Hold on Sam, hold on."

    Just as he said that Sam slowly slipped out of it and became unconcious............

    Soon afterwards the ambulance showed up and took Sam off to the hospital, Mac still staying with her.

    Once they arrived at the hospital The doctors rushed Sam to the E.R and then to the O.R soon after that. Mac was sitting in a privite room by himself covered in his neices blood. He was going crazy not knowing what was going on, he was so scared that Sam wasn't going to survive.

    But two hours later a nurse finally walked in, and when she did she got an earful.

    Mac stood up and started raising his voice, "What in the hell kind of hospital is this?!!! I've been out here for three hours not knowing anything about my neice!"

    The nurse put her hands out and said, "Mr. Taylor, please calm down. I'm so sorry about your neice, but you had to give us a chance."

    Mac closed his eyes, then he let out a huge breath and said, "Well..... Is she okay?

    The nure nodded slowly, "The doctor's were able to remove the bullet, but she lost a lot of blood."

    "Is she alive?" Mac asked sadly.

    "Yes, she is. She's still asleep, and we're not sure when she might wake up. But you can go see her any time you like."

    MAc nodded and then pushed past the nurse and headed up to Sam's room. He walked in front of her door and stopped, the blood on his shirt was dry now, but it looked prettty bad, he didn't have any other clothes though so he decided to just go ahead and go in.

    He pushed the door open and when he did Sam's eyes fluttered open. She didn't say anything, Mac figured she was in shock still. He walked up next to her bed as he said, "Why did you jump in front of me sweetie?"

    He placed his hand on top of hers, then he just looked at her. She wasn't able to look him in his eyes at all. All she could do was stare at all of the blood on Mac's shirt. She still didn't say anything, but then she groaned in pain from her side.

    Mac looked at Sam's expression, then he slowly pulled the covers back. He looked down at the huge incision in her side, he then gritted his teeth and said softly, "I am so sorry Sam."

    Sam started to cry as she finally looked at Mac's face, then she said very quietly, "It hurts really bad."

    Mac shook his head and then slowly and very gently leaned over and hugged her. She put her arms around his neck and wouldn't let go. She continued to cry as she said, "Please don't go!"

    Mac kissed her cheek as he said, "I'm not going anywere Sam, I promise........."

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    wow, you're good...this chapter is awesome!
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    I enjoy every part :) The fourth one is awesome :)
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    Wow :eek: Now I need an angry confronting his brother!! :)
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    Thanks guys! and Natty, you ask and you shall recieve! :lol:

    "WARNING!!! Tissues may be needed."

    Chapter 5

    The next days past slowly for Sam, but finally on the fourth day she was going to be released. Mac stayed with her the whole time as he promised.

    At about two o clock Danny and Lindsay went to visit Sam and Mac at the hospital. Mac was just getting ready to leave the room when Danny knocked on the door. Mac told him to come in so Lindsay pushed the door open.

    She and Danny walked in with smiles on their faces. Danny stopped and said, “Hey…. I heard a rumor some kid was getting out today.”

    Sam smiled as Mac said, “Yea, I was just on my way to go get the release papers now.”

    Lindsay walked up beside Sam’s bed and said, “I bet you’re excited to go home aren’t you?”

    Sam’s smile faded as she said softly, “Well, I’m not really, I don’t think I’ll be going back to Austin for a while.”

    Lindsay realized that probably wasn’t the best thing she could have said, she lowered her head as Mac said, “Sam’s coming home with me for now, we haven’t really talked about future plans yet.”

    Danny walked a little closer, and then Mac said, “I’m going to go sign the release papers, if you three could meet me in the main lobby we’ll get out of here, alright?”

    Sam nodded and then Mac walked out of the room.

    Danny grabbed Sam’s coat off of the rack and walked over to the edge of the bed. Lindsay started to help Sam up as Danny said, “So Sam, you feel like having some fun today? Me and Lindsay would like to take you to lunch or something, what do you say?”

    Sam smiled as Danny began to gently help her put her coat on. She then said looking at Lindsay, “I would love too, but I have to ask Uncle Mac first.”

    Danny nodded and then rolled over a wheel chair. Sam sat down in it, and then Lindsay began to push her.

    Once they made it to the lobby, Mac was signing the last paper. He looked over at Sam and smiled as he said, “Come on, let’s get going.”

    Sam looked up at Mac and said, “Uncle Mac, Mr. Messer and Ms. Monroe invited me to go out for a while, I would like to go if you don’t mind.”

    Mac looked up at Danny as he said, “Where?”

    Danny shrugged and then Lindsay said, “I was thinking maybe lunch and a movie, or maybe a little stroll at the zoo, just somewhere where she can have fresh air again, not have to stare at the walls.”

    Mac looked back down at Sam and said, “Are you sure feel alright?”

    Sam began to stand up, then she flinched in pain and Mac just stared at her with his knowing look, then Sam said, “I think it would do me some good, and besides, I haven’t been out with friends in a long time….. Please?”

    Mac finally nodded and then Sam hugged her Uncle. He then pulled away from her as he said, “There’s actually something I need to take care too, you guys just be careful.”

    Sam and Lindsay nodded, then Mac finished, “Linds, can you go ahead and take Sam out, I need to talk to Danny for a second.”

    Lindsay nodded once more and then her and Sam walked out of view.

    Mac looked over at Danny and said, “Danny, listen to me….. Sam is your responsibility, so please act as if she were your. If you can tell she’s in a lot of pain, bring her straight back to the lab. I have some business I have to take care of with Don, when you guys are finished just come to the lab, alright?”

    Danny bowed his head as he said, “I’ll take care of Sam Mac, I promise.”

    Mac nodded and then turned around. He started to walk the same way Lindsay and Sam had left, but then Danny called after him and he stopped. He looked back over his shoulder as Danny said, “Don’t do anything you might regret Mac.”

    Mac nodded and then said, “Trust me Danny, I won’t……..”


    About an hour later Mac was standing outside the interrogation room. Flack walked up beside him and looked through the window. Justin Taylor was sitting on the other side of the glass, Flack threw his hands out to the side as he said angrily, “What is this a** hole doing here?”

    Mac was staring through the window as well as he said, “I requested for him to be here.”

    Mac then began to head for the door, Flack rushed up beside him as he said, “What, why? Are you out of your freakin’ mind Mac, we have him behind bars.”

    Mac looked back at Flack as he said, “There’s something I need to clear up with him that I didn’t get the chance to the other day.”

    Mac turned back around and put his hand on the door knob, then Flack grabbed his arm as he said, “Whoa Mac, listen to me. Don’t do something that’s going to come back and bite you later, there’s a 15 year old girl who really needs you right now, don’t blow it.”

    Mac slowly slipped out of Flack’s grip and opened the door. He first sent the officer out that was in there and then he closed the door. Flack put his hand on his head, then he murmured, “Idiot.”

    He then walked back around to the window and started to watch Mac and Justin…….

    Justin watched Mac walk toward him, then he started to grin as he said, “So, you didn’t get enough the other day, I mean you didn’t get a bullet, unfortunately I don’t have a gun anymore so I can’t give you that, but…”

    “Shut up!” Mac yelled, “That bullet was never intended for me, you were just going to shoot me to cause Sam more pain……. You wanted to kill her, and to this moment I haven’t the slightest clue why.”

    “You want to know why?” Justin asked still smiling, “Because, I felt like it… And most of all, because I had to prove to you that you aren’t always right.”

    Mac was getting angrier and angrier, Justin stood up and Flack began to move, but then he decided that that was Mac’s battle, so he wasn’t going to inter fear…. Yet anyway…”

    Mac however didn’t flinch at all, he just stood there staring into his brother’s eyes.
    Justin coughed and then looked down as he said, “So, did the brat die after all, even after you pulled your little training out to try and help her?”

    Mac took one step closer as he said, “Actually Justin, she got out of the hospital about two hours ago.”

    “Oh,” Justin said smiling, “Where is she then? Staring through the glass out there?”

    Mac took even another step closer as he said, “Actually she’s not, she’s out with two of my co workers, safer then she could ever be.”

    “And how do you know that?”

    Mac glared at Justin even more, then he said angrily, “Because, I can’t be wrong twice……… I would have never imagined in my wildest that you would hurt or even more so try and kill your daughter, the most precious thing in your life. So you’re right, I was wrong. And I’m going to tell you right now, if there was anyway I could do every single thing to you that you did to Sam, I would. If I could hurt you that bad without hurting Sam anymore, I would.”

    Justin laughed again, then he put his hand in his pocket and said, “No Mac, you wouldn’t have the heart to hurt your little brother that bad… Because I can promise you, she didn’t tell you half of the things I did to her.”

    Mac finally lost it, he launched himself for Justin and threw him up against the wall. He pressed him against it so hard he was cutting off his air way. Mac just stared in Justin’s eyes as he said, “Watch me!”

    Mac slugged Justin right across his face, then he gave him an upper cut right to his gut. Justin fell to the ground as Flack and the other cop busted back into the room. Mac stood there over his brother staring at him with hate, then the cop grabbed Justin’s arm and pulled him back up into standing position. He started to lead him out of the room, but Justin broke free and pounced Mac. He had a knife blade in his pocket and he struck it right across the top of Mac’s eye brow. Mac fell into the wall and then Flack punched Justin square in the mouth.

    The cop handcuffed Justin and drug him out of there. Mac stumbled to the chair and sat down. Flack walked over to him and leaned on the table. Mac was covering his cut, blood seeping through his fingers.

    As ten seconds past there was a new audience standing at the door. Sam, Danny and Lindsay were there. Sam just stared at her Uncle. When Mac realized she was there he stood back up and said, “Sam!”

    She looked back and saw the cop taking Justin out. She then raised her voice and said, “Hey!”

    Justin looked back at her and just started laughing, he then said, “Maybe you both can rot in hell sooner then later.”

    Sam lost it. She broke out into a run toward Justin and Mac, Flack, Danny and Lindsay all started after her. Mac took his sleeve and wiped the blood off his face as he called after her, “Sam no! Stop!”

    The cop was struggling to pull Justin further and further away, it was just hard. Finally when Sam got to be about twenty feet away Danny caught up to her in their run and he threw his arms around her from the back. He had her in a bear hug as she started crying and yelling.

    “Let go of me!” She then looked ahead toward Justin again and screamed, “What is wrong with you!!!!”

    Her upper arms were bound by Danny but her hands were free. She tried hitting him but he just wouldn’t let go of her. They both fell to their knees and Danny tried to calm her down. She couldn’t stop crying, and now on top of being so upset she was in a lot of pain again.

    She finally stopped trying to fight Danny off because she was just so hysterical. He switched his hold to a better hug, and then Mac made it up to them. He had wiped most of the blood away, so he dropped to his knees and traded places with Danny.

    Danny let go of Sam and Mac began to hold on. She was done fighting, she just leaned into Mac’s shoulder and cried.

    Danny stood back up and Lindsay fell into him. He put his arms around her as he had done with Sam and they just stayed there. Lindsay was upset for Sam, and so was everyone else.

    Flack just stood there, he lowered his head as Sam continued to cry into Mac…..
    And Mac…. He just couldn’t stop thinking about all the pain Sam was in………….


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