Togo Arrested For Suspected Domestic Violence

Top just gave me the ok to post the pics so here they are. They are rather disturbing I think. He has a bruise by his eye and his pants are torn. There is one with the police station behind him so these must be after he met bail. Obviously there is more to the story then the few lines that have come out. I wish someone would make a statement to address this.
I believe in innocent til proven guilty, so I won't say what I think until we now the real facts. IMO we shouldn't condemn him OR try to justify his actions if we don't know what happened.

What I don't understand is trying to think of possible scenarios where an agression could be justified. Domestic violence is a big no-no, no matter what. If the girlfriend was the first agressor, she should be brought to justice and go to trial, but hitting back is as bad as hitting first.

Anyway, I think Jon's rep should issue an statement because this could be pretty damaging to his career. If he's guilty he should at least acknowledge the fact, and if he's innocent the silence isn't helping him because a lot of people are really quick to jump to conclusions and the damage would be done.
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I'm very hesitent to look at these pics strictly because I want to be sure of what's going on first before I do. But no matter what happens, the guy deserves his privacy right now and if he wants to be quiet about it, it's fully within his right to do so. Despite this, Jon's still a great actor and I'll support him no matter what. :)
I've never really been big into Miami, but I did like Jonathan. Not to the extent of some others but he was still a good actor and seemed like a nice guy up until reading this. However, you never know how celebs are in real life. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, etc we only see their characters most of the time and don't know how they actually are until it comes out as it did here. I'm still waiting to hear the other side to the story like everyone is, but if what is posted is true he has lost all the respect I ever had for him as an actor and as a human being. Under any circumstances of a relationship should a boyfriend/husband ever place a hand on their girlfriend/wife, I'm sorry if that upsets any of you, but try growing up in a house where you have to witness someone getting abused and you might feel the same way I do.

If he's having personal problems I wish him the best in getting everything cleared away.
The news is disappointing; it's definitely not something any fan wants to hear about their favorite. I'm waiting for an update on this.

Even if it's true, I've learned long ago that actors and the characters they play are very different people, and so I treat them differently in my mind. Ryan Wolfe is still my favorite CSI, and I'm not going to stop liking him just because Jon doesn't fit all of my expectations. The great thing about works of fiction is that the characters can be who you want them to be; the actors who play them won't always be the people you want them to be.