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    Hello great people,

    I've read a lot of threads and scrolled through the episode-guides but I think I need help for with quest.

    For educational purposes I am looking for some episodes of CSI where you can see them estimating time of death by measuring the body temperature. It is not necessary to see them stick a device in the corpse but some talking about "liver temp is xx F, so he's yy hrs death" would be great.

    I have seen about 60-70% of all episodes and I think I can vaguely recall these kind of scenes but I cant find any now Im looking for it.

    Does any of you have any tips or suggestions how to proceed?

    Thx in advance,
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    There was an episode in either the 1st or 2nd season where a guy died on an airplane.
    In that episode David is taking body temp. You can really find it in any episode; especially the 1st 9 seasons. You don't really see it done as much.
    There was another episode ( don't remember what season) where a suspect tells Grissom about another body that was buried around where he was found dumping a body. He was being framed by his brother. ( I think it was in Season 3).
    Hope this helps. Good luck
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    Criminalist is right. Such an episode is season 3, episode 13 'Random Acts of Violence'. A little over 5 minutes in, Dave describes how he reaches T.O.D.: "Ambient here's about 65 degrees, which makes core temp drop roughly two degrees per hour. Figure he's been dead five to seven hours".

    Also, in Season 5, Episode 17 'Compulsion', two and a half minutes in: "Her liver temp's 83 degrees. She's been dead approximately ten hours".

    The best way to go about it is to check the scenes with Dave in the first 5-10 minutes of every episode of the first 9 seasons.

    Dave got the T.O.D. wrong in a recent episode of season 15, episode 15 'Hero to Zero' and could be worth a look.
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