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Hey Everybody! I'm from Wisconsin & new to this message board. I'm a huge fan of CSI & CSI NY! I would like to start things off with a question that's been on my mind. I was wondering if any of you know what happened to Katee Sackhoff & Sienna Guillory? Cuz I thought they signed on for alot more episodes then they were shown in.

Hi trble36 :)

Katee I think landed a pilot, though I'm not quite sure and Sienna had twins last year
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Katee was in three episodes, which is a pretty standard recurring arc for one of the CSI shows. There was some hope that she'd return for more episodes, but it didn't work out. Like sharp said, she signed on to be in a new A&E series called Longmire, although I'm not sure how much that had to do with her not returning to CSI.

I'm not sure about Sienna, though. They announced that she was the new bomb tech or what-have-you, but then we never heard anything else about it. I guess they changed their minds and just didn't mention it in the press.
Thanks for the update! I hate it when they introduce new characters, then poof! they're gone! Never to be heard from again.
I'm back. Miss me? Just posting once in a while. I was in a hospital for a while. Got out about a month ago. Still have some vision problems, but good enough to watch Raquel on Miami. Otherwise, hard to see the keyboard on this laptop some friends loaned me. Still a fan of all three CSI shows. But all the paperbacks (CSI and Star Trek) burned up in the fire. Hope to check out the board from time to time.
Hello everyone :]
My name is Kat, 22 year old student, volunteer officer, care worker and merchandiser. I absolutely love CSI, I've watcehd every season of CSI, CSI:NY and CSI: Miami. Can't wait for the new season of LV to begin tonight :)
Looking forward to meeting more CSI fans!
Hello everyone. I'm not exactly new but feel it. I haven't been on these boards for like 5 years. I was watching CSI earlier and suddenly felt the urge to go back to the boards!

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Welcome Back Lea!

I am sort of new on here. You can just refer to me as you "Ole Hippie Friend" that loves CSI.

Hello Grissom Rules,

With all these press releases I have seen about the future of all three CSI Shows, what do you think that Nancy Teller and the Board of CBS has on thier minds?

There was one reliable article I read at the doctor's office that CSI NY would shut down at the end of this season.

CSI Miami is up in the air, so nobody knows for sure what is going on with it.

CSI Vegas (in my opinion, and I am no expert) will go next season and maybe one more before CBS pulls the plug on it.

In the article I read, Nancy Teller, President of Entertainment of CBS claims she likes all three CSI Shows, like the rest of us, then she comes back and says that corporate is trying to figure out a way to end all three shows.

This thought takes me back to the 60's and 70's when CBS had "Gunsmoke" on. It was on for more seasons (*I think*) than CSI Vegas has been on. I know in 2011, CBS lost a ton of money on the stock market, but I still think these CSI shows can be still done on a "budget" and still put out a quality product for it's fans. I don't think Danson and Shue would sign a contract with a show that may not have a future in a couple of years, what do you think?