Teenage Thread 3- We Are the Tomorrow

I'm officially done with school for the year at least!

I wish I could throw shot put. All through middle school, I was a sprinter (100m, 200m, or 400m). But in high school, I was too busy to keep up track.
400m isn't sprint ;) (or isn't considered as sprint unlike 100 and 200)

Oh man, shot put was so great :D I still hold few records of our province in juniors, same with javelin throw which was more like...my thing ;)
God, I still have 3 1/2 days of school left before summer break! Grr...I wish I could just skip the last day too. We're doing absolutley nothing. Luckily, I don't have to go to summer school, 'cause I got a B+ on my final.
My schools get out tom. but todays my last day in school cuz i have surgery to have to be done and im really nervous. :( Go back to page 20 in this thread and u will see what my surgery is.
I got out friday, but my brother is still in school, so I can't exactly go anywhere with my mom driving him to school and such.
I walked around the mall yesterday with a Save Sara Sidle shirt, just to see what people would say :lol:, and I got no reactions though :(.
CSI_Sidle2399 ,I hope you'll be ok and it's not something dangerous!! ;) :)

I got out of school at the end of May but my exams finished more than a week ago!
I have had all my exams so far but Art and Biology (honestly, who gets exams in Art? I also had one in Gym, which is even more ridiculous...). I actually kind of like our exam days though because we get half days during exam. It feels like a full day, but then I get home and I'm all happy because I have the whole day to spend and no homework. I can't wait for the summer! My friends and I are planning a "Thank Goodness School's Over" party for Friday. I just love the end of the year!
It doesn't even feel like the end of the year is nearing for me. It seems so much shorter than the first semester and usually the end of the year is relaxing, but now it's definitely not.

assumenothing said:
I also had one in Gym, which is even more ridiculous...).

lol, what kind of questions do they ask you? To name the rules of volleyball? I got a gym summative but I've never heard of a gym exam. That's pretty cool in a sucks-to-be-you kind of way. :p

Uuuuugh, exams are at the end of the week for me. I have both Science and Math in one day and then have the weekend off, and then I have to head over to the school again for a Geo exam.

Kill. Me.

And I serously doubt I passed both my Math summatives. If I have to go to summer school, my first few weeks of summer are gonna suck.
we had an exam in gym. for our essay question we had to say how we were gonna stay fit during the summer. I made up a bunch of stuff. it was ridiculous. i love making stuff up.
Hey, whoever is taking exams then I wish you the best of luck. :)
I have just finished college here, so I have the summer to relax before Uni starts. :)
Although I will be juggling two jobs, but hey, gotta make the money somehow. :)
My gym final basically asked about resting heart rate, rules for sports, and body stuff.

I got a C- in gym :(, C- in biology :), C+ in English, D- in history, B+ in math, A in reading, and A in Spanish.

My overall GPA for the year was 3.492, so basically a 3.5! Can you spell honor roll :lol:?
Im no longer a teenager :( Oh wellz,didnt like it all that much anyway and besides,I act like im far younger than a teenager :lol:

What is every one doing with their summer vacation?
Well...thats interesting.Im not sure I would ever choose to go to school.I could certainley stand to go back a few more years though! :lol: