Take The Money and Run

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    The CSI team is called in to investigate a murder and robbery at a poker game that had more than a million dollars in chips on the table.

    The following guest stars will appear in the episode:

    Larry Sullivan as Officer Akers
    Chad Brannon as Ryan Archer
    John Allen Nelson as Robert Gentry
    Sean Riggs as Paul Branston
    Teyonah Parris as Karen Branston
    Tyler Kain Hargis as Audrey
    Seth Fisher as Brandon
    John Aprea as Pit Boss
  2. sharp52092

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    Jul 13, 2009
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    I liked this one :)

    With everything that's going on with Brass I'm surprised he didn't snap more and will possibly in the coming future. Well...we'll see

    That scene with the wife and Greg made me think of Toe Tags

    Nick needs to shave

    Morgan got to me :(

    Ugh, Chad Brannon's character almost got by me

    "First one back is always the hardest" or however Greg said it. A little Fannysmackin'/Double Cross continuity?
  3. Dizzney

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    Hmm, maybe a little.

    I agree with pretty much everything you said about this episode. Of course I have been a big fan of Chad Brannon for years now and was so glad he had a large role in this episode. He's always been an intense actor.

    Yeah Brass was bound to snap. Nice seeing it happen though after what did happen in the season opener.

    I felt bad for Morgan too. I like her, I just hope they do end up toning down the focus on her a little later in the season.

    I liked seeing a good use of all the team in this episode. Well spread out. Definitely a great 2nd episode for the season.
  4. Leila_Tompkins

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    I enjoyed this one, especially the scene with Greg and Morgan when she's crying and he's holding her, trying to comfort her. I don't care for her but she got to me a bit. Seems like she's about to break (maybe that means she won't be around much longer????). Her screen time does need toned down a bit. Nick needs to shave tho, facial hair doesn't really do him justice. Brass sure seems to be having a hard time dealing with losing Nancy and knowing Ellie is her killer. I expected some anger from him and we got a taste of that. Hopefully things get better for him. And loved the team work featured here.
  5. Ren

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    Sep 30, 2013
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    better than the premiere. a good balance and a good (slow) rhythm...but they need to talk; above all, Betty Boop needs to pant and sigh. wish sooner or later the Morgan’s Formative Experiences Novel will come to an end...i don’t like many things; but they have nothing
    to do with this episode; it’s a well balanced mix between poor writing and saving money; missing pieces and black holes. Guest Stars and the Moon we are longing for...
  6. byline

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    Nov 16, 2007
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    I thought this was a pretty good episode. Very balanced screen time among all the starring cast ... and I felt that Nick, Greg and Brass were in especially fine form.

    I'm a bit annoyed with what they've done with Morgan; they turned a spirited young woman into the "hanky of the week" character. It seems like she's crying, or almost crying, in nearly every episode ... and this was going on before her "CSI in peril" moment. Oh, well.

    Other than that, I liked the episode. It was a return to the quirky case that had everyone involved. I suspected the mechanic initially, then didn't suspect him after his baby was kidnapped. But then, when we reached a "and then there were none" point with the suspects, of course he was the only one left. I thought the wife of the security guard was especially riveting in her reaction to his death; she was a step up from the usual way the grieving widow is portrayed.
  7. Crumbs

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    May 10, 2011
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    Other than Morgan crying in pretty much every scene she appeared in, this episode gets a thumbs up from me, I really enjoyed it.

    Got quite a few vibes of past cases with this one: "And Then There Were None" with the casino robbery and each suspect being killed off one-by-one; "Got Murder" with the snake venom"; "All for Our Country" with the bloated corpse. It looked like at points the case was going to become overly convoluted and derail but I think it was tied up pretty neatly overall. I suspected the maintenance worker was involved somehow as soon as the picture of his baby showed up, but I wasn't expecting the kidnapping angle.

    Lots of great character moments throughout, particularly the scenes concerning Brass and Nick. Screentime was really evenly distributed as well, I noticed that Andrew Dettmann wrote this one and I've found his episodes are full of great team/character moments. I'll be keeping an eye out for upcoming stories from him.

    Oh yeah, and although we got a bit of personal drama in it (not much though), I thought this was a great example of balance between the that and the case itself.

    Massive improvement from last week's gimmicky and underwhelming premiere. B+
  8. mirdaishan

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    Wonderful episode, I really, really, REALLY enjoyed it! :thumbsup:

    As a big Morganders fan, I loved watching their scenes together and how Greg comforted Morgan. She is definitely trying to get back to normal, but it's obviously still hard for her. Good to see she's trying, though, and that Greg was there for her when she needed someone.

    Great scene between Nick and Brass at the end as well, things are obviously tough on him as well. Hope he's going to be fine again too! :(
  9. Rena

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    Aren't they supposed to have some psychological counseling after such incidents? I'm wondering why it's not mentioned that Morgan should have some or is actually having some counseling sessions. She got kidnapped the second time...they could work with that. Otherwise, I liked the episode as well. It was much better than the premiere.
  10. blackflag

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    Had to wait until I watched it online. I was switching channels and totally missed the last 15/20 minutes or so. (switched up to "Flashpoint" and forgot to switch back! :lol: ) Was a lot better than the season premier. As a Nick fan my favorite scene was Brass Apologizing to Nick. :p Least favorite, Morgan attempting to go to tears at the crime scene. Not only was she not convincing but a good defense attorney could get the evidence thown out because of possible contamination.

    My only question from this ep...
    What did they do to the spunky, enthusiastic, in love with the job, Morgan that we were introduced to at the end of season 11? This is not the same character and I much prefered that spunky and enthusiastic character to this weak and weepy one! :(

    Since she showed no physical effects of being shot I can only assume that it's been several months and as we found out with Nick, they're only required to have 2 sessions. That said, it's obvious she's not over it and should have been removed from the case before she could have possibly contaminated evidence by going to tears in the baby's room.

  11. Jocelyn123

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    I also like Morgan and Greg scenes:大聲笑:

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