Something Borrowed, Someone Blue...DuCaine Style

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    Based off the 'Frasier' episode of the same name, this is a scene where Frasier tells Niles that Daphne knows that he likes her and that she likes him back, only I put Horatio in for Niles, Calleigh in for Daphne, Eric for Donny, and Alexx in for Frasier. Enjoy!!!

    Disclaimer: I don't own the episode this fic was based off of, although I wish I did.

    The door opened to an empty hotel room at the resort where Horatio and the other wedding guests were staying. It was the night before the worst day of Horatio’s life: when the only woman he ever felt true love for was going to become another man’s wife. Alexx, who was chosen as Calleigh’s matron of honour, shut the door behind her.
    “What was so urgent that you had to take me from the party, Alexx?” Horatio asked, genuinely puzzled.
    “Horatio, sit,” Alexx gently asked of the striking redhead. “There’s something I need to talk to you about.”
    Horatio sat on one of the twin-sized beds while Alexx sat right across from him on the other.
    “I saw you on the dance floor just now,” Alexx said, hands nervously clenched together, “and the look in your eyes said it all.”
    “Well, can you blame me?” Horatio asked innocently. “Marisol’s quite the dancer,” he said with a grin.
    As Horatio sat there, he recollected the past twenty minutes in his head: him sitting at the bar whilst Marisol shared an innocent dance with Eric, the man lucky enough to have Calleigh’s heart, and Calleigh coming over to the bar to join him. She knew all about the feelings he had kept hidden from her since he first met her so many years ago, all thanks to Alexx, who had inadvertently slipped the secret as Calleigh was helping her when she had hurt her back and was on tranquilisers. However, Horatio did not know that Calleigh knew, and thinking that he would never have the chance at happiness with her, married Marisol. Horatio decided to have one last dance with her before she would become Mrs. Calleigh Delko, and led her to the dance floor during a slow number while Alexx looked on. As the song ended and Eric took back Calleigh and Marisol joined Horatio in another dance, Alexx watched as they looked at one another when the other wasn’t looking with an unmistakable yearning.
    Alexx broke the flashback. “Horatio, I’m talking about Calleigh. The way you were looking at her…it just breaks my heart, sugar.”
    Horatio looked at Alexx with pained eyes. “Alexx…it was one thing when you talked about it last week, but I…I’m married now. What’s it going to take to convince you that I’m over her?”
    Alexx looked back at Horatio sternly. “She knows, sugar.”
    Horatio was stunned. “What?”
    “Calleigh knows that you have feelings for her…she’s known for awhile.”
    “Well,” Alexx said after a beat, “it’s a long story. I think Cooper said something.”
    “I knew you thought my marriage to Marisol was too soon, but I…I’m not going to listen to this,” Horatio said as he was storming out of the room.
    “Horatio…Calleigh feels the same way about you.”
    Horatio stopped and turned to face Alexx once again.
    “She told me the other day, but once you married Marisol she denied it, but when she was looking at you tonight, sugar…”
    “Oh god,” Horatio said, shocked.
    “I couldn’t not tell you, sugar.”
    A knock on the door brought Horatio back to normalcy; it was Marisol.
    “Horatio, honey,” Marisol said on the other side of the door as Horatio opened it to his smiling wife. “You have our only room key.”
    “I’m sorry, sweetheart,” Horatio said, leading her to the other door which led to Horatio and Marisol’s room. Alexx cringed when she heard him say Sweetheart: before he ever met Marisol, he only used that word for Calleigh.
    “It’s okay…you have your entire life to make it up,” Marisol said jokingly. When Horatio closed the door, he then realised that he had made a mistake.
    “This…is horrible,” Horatio said, sitting back on the bed. “I have to talk to Calleigh. Come with me…maybe you can find some way to keep Eric away.”
    Just as they were headed out the door, Eric emerged with Calleigh’s arms interlocked with his. Eric began to explain that the party was getting wild downstairs, for Calleigh’s in-laws had taken over.
    “Calleigh, could I…have a word with you?” Horatio asked hastily.
    Once Eric had gone to his room and Alexx left to find more towels, the door was shut and it was just the two of them alone in the room.
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    Great start, can't wait to read more. The suspense is killing me! :lol: :)
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    oooh nice start! more more!
  4. Lizn8rFoxy

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    That was really good! nice way to start!
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    Oh that is my favourite Frasier episode of all time!! Great start but oh no I can see the Delko's on the recieving end of some bad stuff now!
    But I am a DuCainer so keep going I say :lol:
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    Great start EyeHeartH!!! Keep writing!!! I can't wait for the next part...:D

    Frasier is one of my favorite shows ever. Such great writing. And you're right, this is soooo DuCaine. :)
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    I like it.
    It's a bad day to be a Delko :(

    This is really well written! Keep up the good work.
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    Great job, as always! :D
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    Uh-Oh...I am HOOKED! :lol:

    This is really good and I never read fic here and it just dawned on me that I really NEED TOO!!! :rolleyes:

    Great job EyeheartH. ;)

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