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Do you have any new scoop on CSI? — Jeff
Remember how Greg once mentioned that he was the captain of his high school chess team? Well, that dubious achievement will come in handy when the team tracks a serial killer who plans out attacks on his victims several moves in advance. (Fun fact: The word "checkmate" comes from the Persian term shah mat, which is often translated to mean "the king is dead.")
Well double crap! :scream:

I can't be on-line Wed. and a local college b-ball game is on the CBS station that night starting at 9 p.m. so I won't get to see the ep. then anyway! :klingon:
Sara is not in this one.


Returning Guest Stars Include James Callis as John Merchiston, Matthew Davis as CSI Sean Yeager and Kate Danson as Lawyer Jill McDermott

"Boston Brakes" — The CSIs are called to investigate a car crash and are shocked to discover the victim is someone they know, on CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, Wednesday, Jan. 22 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network

John Merchiston (James Callis)
Sean Yeager (Matthew Davis)
Jill McDermott (Kate Danson)
Jon Farless (CSI Tech Murph)
Colin Woodell (Barista)
Monica Barladeanu (Emily Rey)
Greg Ellis (Special Agent Sturgis)
John De Lancie (General Robert Lansdale)
Amber Bela Muse (Control Officer)
Martin Taylor (Agent Monroe)

DIRECTED BY: Eagle Egilson
WRITTEN BY: Christopher Barbour
An interview with Robert David Hall. It has a little about ep 14x14 "De Los Muertos".

'CSI' Goes Off the Beaten Path With Robert David Hall

Here's the part about the episode. Click the link for the whole thing.

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" goes off the beaten path with an its episode coming up Feb. 5, titled "De Los Muertos." "It's definitely unusual," reports the series' Robert David Hall. "It's not your typical spotless morgue and, you know, all of the highfaluting scientific stuff we do."

The storyline also shows a different, more personal side to Hall's coroner character, Dr. Al Robbins, as he must head down to Mexico to autopsy the teenage daughter of a wealthy friend. She has died in what may or may not have been a cocaine overdose. With the good doc is Nick Stokes (George Eads). "He provides the muscle," says Hall. "He really shines in the episode.

"It just turned into a really special thing. Our production people blew me away -- they built this amazing-looking Mexican morgue," he says.

East L.A. locations doubled for the Mexican border town where the action takes place. Hall says he's never enjoyed working with a guest actor more than he did Julio Oscar Mechoso, who plays Doc Robbins' south-of-the-border counterpart.

"It felt so good while I was doing it. You want to keep your fingers crossed," he says. "Maybe some good things will come out of it. Tom Mularz, one of our younger writers, wrote this script. It's exhilarating."

From TV Guide

Keck's Exclusives: CSI Books Barney Miller Alum
William Keck
Jan 23, 2014 10:24 AM ET
by William Keck

An upcoming episode of CBS's CSI will delve into the past of Greg Sanders (Eric Szmanda) and introduce an influential man from his childhood.

"It turns out that as a young boy, Greg was into chess and had a mentor," reveals executive producer Carol Mendelsohn. Filling the mentor role is Emmy nominee Ron Glass, who played Det. Ron Harris on Mendelsohn's favorite '70s comedy, Barney Miller.

"A murder at a chess tournament will reunite Greg with his old mentor," Mendelsohn says. "And we'll learn that Greg was a chess wonder kid and could have been a champion, but for some reason gave it up."

The series will cast a young version of Greg for flashback scenes.

Glass, 68, most recently appeared in Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Major Crimes.
Some Tweets from the Writer's room

Keep focusing on the old school We've had enough of Morgan and her dominating the show.

And no more Matt Davis (don't know the point of him in last nights ep)

Oh, now they want to focus on 'Old School CSIs' and 'listen to the fans'? A little bit late for that, isn't it? They should have thought of that a season and a ton of Morgan stories ago, when we actually did care.