Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    Thanks so much for the reviews everyone. :D - smooches -

    I should have another update tomorrow afternoon or evening, depending on how busy I am tomorrow.

    Again, thanks for reading!
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    :lol: Oh my gosh this is hilarious. I'm reading this with a bunch of friends behind me (...6?) We all cringed when you said '6 hour bio exam'. We just got out of a 2 hour one. *puts hand on Gens shoulder* We feel for you. And when you mentioned the exploding toilet, they made me read the previous chapter also. I think Jill peed her pants. :lol:

    All right now shoo, i have to type up a reply now. *audience leaves;reluctantly*

    Have you been watching 24 Gen?

    :lol: ! Oh my goodness this is going to be GOOD. :lol:

    *jaw drops* Omg. omg. Did Speed just hug me? Did [high]Speed just HUG me?! AH best day of my week! :lol: That's like Jon Stewart hugging me! (he's older, youth leader and engaged) WOW. Heather, how do you feel? :lol:

    Fantasticlastical update Gen!! :D
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    "Heather, how do you feel?"

    Hmm.. I'd have to say, a little weirded out. But that's OK, at least he's cute.

    :lol: I love how I'm worried about Lilly's reaction to us pulling a prank on Ryan, but not about "doing Ryan." :lol:

    A High Speed, Is A Great Speed. :D

    "Why does it always got to be the toilet?"
  4. CSI_Trainee

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    That is freaking awsome they got speed and anni totally blizted. The best part geni is u got it bang on how ppl act when they are stoned. Very nice job. And the toilet ... *shudders* i hate when toilets back up, scares the living daylights out of me, I got in with gloves, rain jacket and rubber boots to plunge a toilet. I want to cry when toilets back up, I got attacked by a plugged toilet at work a month ago, I ran out of the washroom sooooooo fast. LOL we have one toilet thats always out of service lmfao.
    Great job geni and I hope u didn't do too bad on ur exams! Good luck everyone who had to take exams/still has some to take.
    Update soon!
  5. Finch

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    Lol, thanks so much for the reviews. :D


    Chalet--Anni/Speed's room

    Heather: Can I have another hug?

    Speed: Sure! *hugs Heather* Ooh you're a cushy one.

    Heather: WHAT!

    Speed: *lets go* You're huggable.

    Heather: Oh.

    Speed: *smiles*

    Anni: TIM! TIM!

    Speed: WHAT! WHAT!

    Anni: Oh my God.

    Speed: WHAT!

    Anni: My hands are SO COOL. *staring down at hands*

    Speed: Oh my God they are! *grabs Anni's hands* These are the most beautiful hands I've ever seen. And I'm seeing some pretty new colors.

    Lora: So you're not mad anymore that Eric blew up his toilet.

    Speed: HA! Eric's a cool guy. Hey can he come join us?

    Lora: *stares blankly*

    Katie: You do realize you're high, right?

    Speed: Is that why I feel a strange urge to say 'groovy'? GROOVY!

    Anni: YAY!

    Knock on door is heard

    Horatio: Everything okay in there?

    Speed: OH MY GOD IT'S THE FUZZ! RUN! *runs to window*

    Anni: Shhh shhh he'll think we're tokin' up in here.

    Lora: You were.

    Anni: Good deal.

    Horatio: *walks in* What are you guys doing? I thought I told you all to get into bed.

    Speed: *closes window*

    Horatio: Why does it smell horrible in here?

    Anni: Speed did it.

    Speed: Psha, I did not.

    Anni: It was HEATHER!

    Heather: IT WAS ERIC!

    Horatio: I don't care who it was. Everyone in bed.

    Speed: Can we sleep under the beds? I hear it's very relaxing, especially because it's dark and warm. Just like a little kitty sleeps behind the couch or in the bathroom.

    Horatio: Are you feeling alright?

    Speed: Red, you have no idea man.

    Horatio: Did he just call me 'red'?

    Anni: I think he did. *snorts*

    Speed: Have you ever tried dying those lovely locks of yours? I have a great system to get rid of greys.

    Horatio: My hair isn't grey.

    Speed: You look in a mirror lately?

    Horatio: *touches own head*

    Speed: You should take Anni's example. Her hair is gorgeous.

    Anni: *smiling*

    Speed: Then again, all of her is gorgeous but I digress.

    Horatio: Okay, who dosed him.

    Lora: ...

    Katie: ...

    Heather: ...


    Horatio: Lora.

    Lora: WHAT! It was Katie's idea.

    Katie: That was only because you wanted to pull a prank.

    Heather: *lifts hand* In my defense, I wanted to pull a prank on Ryan by dousing his sheets with bed bugs.

    Horatio: No one's dousing anyone's sheets.

    Anni: *strips off clothes* I WANT A TOGA! *grabs sheet from bed* TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! Damn, anyone have a closepin or something? And a bag of chips would be really great thanks.

    Horatio: Everyone out. I want to talk to the persons who are not under the influence.

    Outside room

    Horatio: Okay. Who's weed was it?

    Heather: *scratches head*

    Lora: *kicking the floor*

    Katie: *biting nails*

    Horatio: Girls, I'd rather not search your bags.

    Katie: Ugh fine, it was me.

    Horatio: Where did you get it?

    Katie: Like I told them, off that ski instructor. What an ass by the way.

    Horatio: What need did you have for it?

    Katie: I don't know, I thought it would be fun to have in case we-

    Horatio: Did something such as what transpired earlier.

    Katie: Yeah.

    Horatio: And you know there's been a bit of a drug problem with our group.

    Katie: No, I remember there being a drug problem with a small percentage of our group. And it's marijuana, it's not like it'll kill anyone.

    Horatio: Heather, Lora, excuse us.

    Lora: Sure. *leaves*

    Heather: *leaves*

    Horatio: So, this was your plan. Fume a little happiness into their room and then what?

    Katie: Have fun. Come on, it's not like they're the party crashers. They need to lighten up a bit.

    Horatio: By rendering them intoxicated.

    Katie: What do you want me to say? That I had some alterior motive?

    Horatio: Did you?

    Katie: NO!

    Horatio: Katie, I want you to tell me what's on your mind.

    Katie: Why?

    Horatio: Because I want to help.

    Katie: Okay. *throws hands up in the air* I was feeling cruddy about myself because of yet another rejection and I decided at least if I could make the people around me happier then I would be happier.

    Horatio: Did it work?

    Katie: No, it made things awkward and weird. Especially since Speed got all huggie on everyone.

    Horatio: Okay, in the future, before dosing your friends with weed, come talk to me.

    Katie: Why so you can tell me not to?

    Horatio: *smirks* Exactly.

    Katie: *smiles*

    Horatio: Get some rest. *leaves*

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    Hilarious! I don't think I've ever seen Speed so high on high at all. It's rather cool for him to be enjoying this side trip, if you will ;) I thought I was going to laugh up a lung when Anni started in with the Toga chant and the request for a bag of chips:lol:

    It was cool of Katie to have done this with the best intentions, although, dosing with the mary jane, might not have been such a great idea. And Horatio's right, there has been a certain drug element running through out the RT. Anyone for an intervention?

    And Horatio with gray hair...that's just hilarious right by itself. :lol:

    Excellent work!
  7. Hunter

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    :lol: Haha i got reminded of that movie, Hot Fuzz. I think there's a red-headed guy in it actually...

    *snorts* :lol: OMG this is hilarious :lol: And Horatio you DO NOT have grey hairs! That's impossible. Psha!
    (Just imagine if he actually DID. That would be insane! I would still love him though. :rolleyes: )

    "And Horatio with gray hair...that's just hilarious right by itself."

    ...Do you want to get kicked? :lol: Kidding, i love you. But still. *glares*

    Oh wow.. *wipes tears away* This was a pretty fantasticlastical update. Thanks Gen! Love the new sig by the way. ;)
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    I have a feeling that you were watching the Rits Crispy chips commercial while you were writing this. :lol: Those chips are good by the way, especially the cheddar ones.
  9. Finch

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    XD I wasn't watching that commercial but I really could have used some chips as I was writing. :p I suppose cake will do for now.

    Thanks so much for the reviews everyone! :D


    Chalet, 9am, breakfast table

    Horatio: So how was everyone's sleep?

    Delko: *smelling sleeve* I still smell like poop.

    Lora: You don't change your shirts, or what?

    Delko: I don't think that would help.

    Speed: *reading paper* Well you might think of getting a new wardrobe then.

    Delko: Aren't you supposed to be high or something?

    Speed: No, that wore off in about an hour. Huh, people sell weird things in the Classifieds.

    Katie: What are they selling?

    Speed: This one guy's selling a pink flamingo for 42.99.

    Katie: Aren't those worth like a buck?

    Speed: Exactly. Who's going to dish out 40 bucks?

    Delko: *grabs paper* Hey my flamingo made it into the Classifieds!

    Heather: No one's going to buy it.

    Ryan: *fiddling with phone* Eric, did you put it on Ebay?

    Delko: Why?

    Ryan: I just found a pink flamingo for 42.99 by a user called 'SexayPlayaMate2000'.

    Delko: ...That's not mine.

    Ryan: Sure it isn't Eric, sure it isn't.

    Lora: Hey I'll get in on the deal. *grabs phone* I've always wanted a cheap pink piece of crap to put on my front lawn.

    Cellphone rings

    Katie: *grabs phone from purse*

    Delko: Gee, someone's important.

    Katie: Shh. *turns head* Hello?

    Horatio: *opens brochure* I found a great place to spend the day.

    Lora: It's not some kind of museum, is it?

    Horatio: Nope. *lays out brochure* BASKETVILLE!

    Heather: Please don't tell me it's what I think it is.

    Horatio: *reads* Handcraft baskets, silk flowers, uncommon home accessories, dried out flowers and my favorite, classic wicker furniture. OH they take Visa, we're going.

    Calleigh: I'm all for handcrafted baskets but...isn't that a little...

    Lora: Gay?

    Horatio: Nonsense. Don't get so stereotypical. It's a great place to find new and inventive things for the Hummerhome and it's all at a low low price.

    Lora: You sound like a friggin' salesman. *grabs brochure* We're going to the Ben & Jerry's factory tour. See it says here that it's great fun for the whole family. Plus, kids under 12 are free. Eric, you're in luck.

    Delko: YES! ICE CREAM!

    Calleigh: Ice cream doesn't sit well with me. *grabs brochure* OH A WINERY! We have to go the winery! Please can we go to the winery? The tour's free.

    Horatio: Normally I'd consider it but with everyone's history with alcohol..

    Lora: Oh come on, it's not like we're going to get drunk off of it. Besides, they probably frown upon stealing wine.

    Carly: Frown upon?

    Lora: *shrugs*

    Delko: *grabs brochure* BROMLEY MOUNTAIN! LOOK! LOOK! Vermont's largest summer fun park. Waterslides, minigolf, trampolines, g-


    Horatio: But what about Basketville?

    Anni: *grabs Horatio by the hair* We're going to the fun park.

    Horatio: Okay okay.

    Bromley Mountain

    Guy: *popping gum* Welcome to Bromley Mountain. *deadpans* The funnest fun park in all of Vermont. The joy of Cola.

    Horatio: *pulls out wallet* How much?

    Guy: *chewing gum* 12 bucks.

    Horatio: Per person?

    Guy: *taps the sign*

    Horatio: ...But there are 14 of us.

    Guy: 12 bucks a pop.

    Horatio: Are there any youth prices?

    Guy: *stares at RT crowd* ...None of them look under 6.

    Lora: You obviously haven't met Eric.

    Delko: *nods*

    Guy: *sigh* Parties over 10 get 15% off.

    Horatio: Oh good.

    Guy: So who's birthday is it?

    Horatio: What?

    Guy: Parties over 10 meaning birthday parties.

    Horatio: Uh, it's no one's birthday.

    Lora: H, you could have gotten 15% off.

    Horatio: I'm not going to lie.

    Lora: Who cares!

    Horatio: *sigh* Anyone here celebrating anything?

    Delko: I tried on a thong last night.

    Horatio: That's not something worth celebrating, Eric.

    Carly: I lost 10 pounds.

    Horatio: Perfect. One Weight Watchers party.

    Guy: *chewing gum* They don't count.

    Horatio: Why not?

    Guy: Has to be a birthday.

    Horatio: Are there any other discounts available?

    Guy: *shrugs* Senior discount.

    Horatio: ...

    Guy: *pops gum*

    Horatio: *frowns* Fine. One senior.

    Delko: Which one of us is the senior?

    Top of Alpine Slide

    Carly: ACK! Stop pushing me!

    Anni: Come on, go down the slide already.

    Carly: I'm just observing the height.

    Anni: You can observe it on the way down.

    Heather: Anni, wait your turn.

    Anni: Come on, I had to wait for the fat kid and the couple who were going at it. Now I'm stuck behind the Australian with Vertigo. Do you realize how many fish-tanned old guys are behind us?

    Carly: Just let me breathe okay?

    Anni: You got 10 seconds, then I'm pushing you.

    Carly: Stop!

    Anni: *pushing Carly*

    Carly: KNOCK IT OFF!

    Heather: Anni, just let her take her time.

    Carly: Thank you.

    Anni: Move it. *pushes Carly*

    Carly: AHHH! *falls down slide*

    Anni: *smiles* There you go! Isn't that better?!

    Carly: *screaming*

    Anni: Wow. She shot down there like a bullet. I'm not sure I want to know what part of that bathing suit didn't stay in place.

    Heather: You're holding up the line.

    Anni: *jumps into slide* WEEE!

    Bottom of pool

    Carly: *wiping eyes* I think I just swallowed something.

    Anni: *splashes into pool*

    Carly: *frowning*


    Carly: No. *shakes head*

    Anni: God, you're like a drowned rat.

    Carly: *gets out of pool*

    Few feet away

    Horatio: *lays in lawn chair* Ah, the open skies.

    Calleigh: That's a mural.

    Horatio: Still, it's nice. *opens book* I've been meaning to get back to my reading.

    Calleigh: How come you aren't having fun with everyone else?

    Horatio: I heard Carly's screams from that death slide. No way I'm going down that.

    Calleigh: There are other things to do. The rest of us are going mini golf later.

    Horatio: I think I'll relax for a while first.

    Calleigh: Alright. *smiles* I'll come get you later.

    Multi-faced climbing wall

    Delko: *holding onto rocks* Okay! I think this was a very very bad idea.

    Lora: *climbing* Why?

    Delko: I don't know how to get down.

    Lora: You just let go.

    Delko: No way in hell.

    Lora: Then you're going to be stuck on the wall forever.

    Delko: AH! *hugs wall*

    Lora: *rolls eyes* If you won't go up, move out of the way.

    Delko: I can't.

    Lora: Yes you can.

    Delko: No I can't.

    Lora: Yes you can now move! *kicks Eric*


    Lora: You're such a baby. *kicking Eric*

    Delko: *screaming*

    Lora: *climbs over Eric's head*

    Delko: OW! OW!

    Giant trampoline

    Anni: *runs over*

    Heather: Wow.

    Anni: ...It's...It's AMAZING!

    Heather: You going to try it?

    Anni: Of course I'm going to try it.

    Carly: You're going to hurt yourself.

    Anni: No I'm not.

    Carly: Anni, you're going to die. You don't want your epitaph to be 'death by giant trampoline' do you?

    Anni: ...Cool.

    Carly: *rolls eyes*

    Anni: ME FIRST! ME FIRST! Out of my way stupid little kids! *jumps onto trampoline* WEEEEEEE! WEEEEEEE! WEEEEEE! COME JOIN ME!

    Heather: It looks nausiating.

    Carly: And dangerous.

    Heather: *shrugs* Might be fun.

    Carly: You are not doing that.

    Heather: Oh have some fun you old grump. *jumps onto trampoline* WEEEEEE!

    Anni: THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! *does a backflip*

    Carly: Yeah well it's all fun and games until someone gets caught in the springs!

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    Congrats to Eric for trying on a thong. :lol: I must say that rock wall climbing is fun especially when there is a buzzer at the top. Awesome update Geni.
  11. Anni Grey

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    All I have to say is... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: and.... :lol: !

    God , I laughed till I cried and then laughed again. It's just crazy what these folks can get into. There was so many great moments, this easily, was the best event they've gone to. GOD...I just died when I read that. Okay, okay...SO Horatio's not that old, but I do believe that fifty and over folks are considered seniors. * I know cause my mom just recieved her AARP card , and she was estatic. She turns 50 in May :lol:

    This guy is classic. I feel like I'm reading some 80's teen movie. :D

    And this takes the cake for me:

    Poor Eric, always the one to be picked on. Hey, you do the crime, you must do the time. :lol:

    Geni, this was inspired! I loved it, simply loved it! Excellent job!
  12. Hunter

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    Oh that whole Eric selling the flamingo bit was awesome. :lol: I actually thought it was a real live flamingo for a couple seconds.

    OKAY! ENOUGH OF THIS WEIRD HORATIO KAKASHKA!! WHERE IS MY FUTURE HUSBAND WHO IS FULL OF ASS-KICKINGNESS. *breaths* Ah sorry bad day. But come on! Horatio is the ultimate hot cop! He diffuses bombs, shoots like nobodys busy-ness, manages a team of CSI's and always manages to save the day and have everything wrapped up in a nice neat tidy package in less than an hour. *breaths more* Any-hoo, i'm ranting. Let's get on with the laughs!

    Ah the fic is awesome. :lol: Carly, congratualtions! Eric, grow up. :lol:

    *cries* You're not a senior Horatio, you're not you're not! (How come this fic is always making cracks about his age?)

    "Okay, okay...SO Horatio's not that old, but I do believe that fifty and over folks are considered seniors. "

    Actually i believe David/Horatio is 5...4?

    Anyhoo, thanks for another great update!
  13. Finch

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    David just turned 51 or 52 I believe.

    And this fic makes cracks about his age because 1)it's satire and 2) they don't make fun of it on the show so I must. :p Ie. Satire.

    BWAHA. Well, at least a lame attempt. But I digress.

    Oh my Gawd Anni, my daddy is 56. :eek: You must be a youngin' :p (Okay, I know you're older than me but I have the firm belief that age is simply a number)

    And hey, what's wrong with basket weaving. :p

    Thanks for the reviews!


    Bromley Mountain--Vermont

    Outdoor cafeteria

    Delko: *walks over, grabs hotdog* Thanks man.

    Speed: *stares at Eric*

    Delko: You been to the rock climbing area? It's fun.

    Speed: Sorry, I was having too much fun watching Anni kill herself on the trampoline.

    Delko: *smiles* Yeah but she's wearing a bikini.

    Speed: *smirks*

    Delko: Hey man, I was meaning to uh, talk to you.

    Speed: About what?

    Delko: Jess. She's over with Heather in the gift shop.

    Speed: ..So?

    Delko: ...You and Anni have been through some rough terrain before, right?

    Speed: At least not in any gift shops to my knowledge.

    Delko: I'm being serious.

    Speed: Yeah, we've had some rough spots. So have you and Jess.

    Delko: I know. *scoffs* But you and Anni are still married.

    Speed: Ah.

    Delko: I've been feeling kind of lonely lately. I mean, not really in that way but uh *laughs* Sometimes it sucks ordering a room for one.

    Speed: *nods*

    Delko: You know, I could have sworn for a while there that Jess still loved me. *looks down at ground* She's really the only one that takes me seriously.

    Speed: You two have been through a lot. I'm sure she still cares about you.

    Delko: *shakes head* That's not enough.

    Speed: Then what is? I mean, I'm not one to preach about how you should treat a woman but you might want to talk to her about this.

    Delko: Look, you've been through this. How did Anni fall in love with you?

    Speed: *lifts brow*

    Delko: Nevermind, bad example.

    Speed: She loved you before, you must have done something right.

    Delko: *nods*

    Speed: And hey, I think you've gotten more mature. If you want my opinion, it might be the stability that she's looking for. And attention never hurts.

    Delko: Thanks. Uh...before I go talk to her...could you to her? Just to see what kind of mood she's in.

    Speed: *frowns*

    Delko: Hey you said I got more mature, not completely mature.

    Speed: *rolls eyes* Alright, fine. But you owe me a hot dog.

    Delko: *salutes* No problem.

    Speed: *walks away*

    Delko: Huh. What the hell is a hogie?

    Gift shop

    Heather: Don't buy the giant turtle.

    Jess: Why not? 5 bucks isn't bad.

    Heather: Half the sticker's missing. That's 50 bucks.

    Jess: *drops turtle*

    Speed: *walks over* Hey.

    Jess: *smiles* Hi.

    Speed: Eric's buying lunch if you girls are interested.

    Heather: Can't, sorry. Have to wait a while after I swim. But if he's buying drinks, I'm there.

    Speed: Yeah.

    Heather: Sweet. *leaves*

    Speed: Hey Wyoming, you interested?

    Jess: *picks up snowglobe, shrugs*

    Speed: You'd better get in on it before he realizes what I just did to his wallet.

    Jess: *smirks* Thanks but I'll sit out on that one.

    Speed: He really wants to buy you lunch, I suggest you take the offer.

    Jess: *looks at Speed* If he wants to talk to me, he should just do it himself instead of sending you.

    Speed: *shrugs* Alright. I don't know what your issue with him is b-

    Jess: *sigh* I just don't know if he's right for me.

    Speed: He was once.

    Jess: I was stupid once.

    Speed: Jess...Eric is probably a better man than I'll ever be. I trust him, you should too.

    Jess: *looks over at cafeteria*

    Speed: *walks away*


    Jess: *walks over*

    Delko: *turns around* Whoa.

    Jess: *hugs Eric*

    Delko: *blinks*

    Jess: *sigh* I'm tired of ordering tables for one.

    Delko: *smiles*

    Jess: *lets go*

    Delko: *clears throat* What do you say we uh, ditch this place and go somewhere real to talk.

    Jess: *lifts brows* What did you have in mind?

    Delko: *grabs Jess' hand*

    Jess: *smiles*

    Small restaurant, Vermont

    Jess: *sits*

    Delko: *sits*

    Jess: *looks around*

    Delko: You worried about something?

    Jess: No, it's just...I haven't really been on any sort of date in a while.

    Delko: It doesn't have to be a date. *looks down at table* Sorry I took you away from there so fast, I-

    Jess: No. No, it's okay. Truth is, it hasn't been just us for a long time. *scoffs* Our relationship has always been anything but slow anyhow.

    Delko: You think we rushed into things?

    Jess: Maybe.

    Delko: *nods*

    Jess: I um, I didn't leave because I didn't love you. It just felt like we sprinted into a relationship and we both weren't prepared for one. But when I called you and you actually showed up...I was surprised.

    Delko: I was surprised you even called.

    Jess: *drinks water*

    Delko: *laughs*

    Jess: ...What?

    Delko: I spent a lot of time thinking when I got to Sacramento. I was thinking what a great place it would be to settle down. To raise a family.

    Jess: *stares at Eric*

    Delko: I guess I never really thought that before in Miami.

    Jess: Really gives the 'you don't know what you have until it's gone' saying a whole new meaning.

    Delko: Yeah.

    Jess: So what now?

    Delko: I think taking things slow this time around would be a good idea.

    Jess: Mhm.

    Delko: Good. All things said, feel free to take a look at your menu.

    Jess: *smiles* Don't mind if I do. *opens menu* HOLY CROW...40 bucks for a steak?

    Delko: They have lobster too.

    Jess: ...Yeah for double that.

    Delko: Don't worry about it.

    Jess: Uh this coming from the man who was willing to sell an over-priced plastic flamingo on Ebay.

    Delko: *laughs* Seriously, don't worry about it.

    Jess: If you say so.

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    hahahaha Speed and Anni high........I think they kinda needed it. I like Katie and Horatio's little thing going on, especially since RL Katie hates him lol. Very interesting there. "Reds" oh man, I know someone with that nickname lol

    Awwwww Delkipoo is asking Speedy boy for advice. Not exactly the best person to ask for advice, but hey, they're best friends, right? hahaha He's being cute though. Aw I love it when Eric is all cute, I love it when any of the men are all cute.......which is usually only Eric and Speed.......because they're the only ones who are really involved lol. ANYWAY

    Amazing update. You know me, I lurk, but I'm always here, and you know I always love what you do :)
  15. Anni Grey

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Sweet update! I agree with Wyoming, Eric's being cute, and check it out, a little more mature:) Gotta love the growth:lol:

    Awesome update:D
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