Quiz Thread #4

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purples: 14/20

and i did terrible on the others!

*lisasimpson* when you post quizzes or answer them please do a minimum of 3 at a time. We don't care how terrible you did on your answers. Nobody is hear to judge your answers or laugh at you :) Ok me may have a private snicker at your marks but that is all :lol: I have bombed horribly on some of the quizzes and I still come here and play :D
Can you name the terms with "pink" or "purple" in them? - 14/20

Things that start with the letter "D" - 9/37 :wtf: my mind just froze on this one

Can you name these fictional places? - 11/30
I Dream of Jeanie: 2/10 - I guess it shows that I never really watched it. :lol:

I really should have done better on both of these, I still watch it in reruns once in a while. :alienblush:
JAG: The 'B' Team - 9/15
All about JAG - 8/10

I Dream of Jeannie - 5/10

JAG: The B Team - 6/15

All About Jag - 4/10

Guess that shows you how much I watched both of those shows :lol:
TV Shows with numbers: 15/27 - They missed one I watched all the time! :lol:

Tonight Show: 3/8 - Typed in the last 3 then gave up. :lol:

Famous Bobs: 18/34 - Probably would have gotten more if I could spell the names.

Words or terms with pink or purple 15/20
Things starting wth D 12/37 oopsie!! :D
Fictional locations 10/30
TVshows with a number in the name 9/27 :rolleyes:
Famous Bobs 12/34
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