Quiz Thread #4

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Star - 20/30

Canadian cuisine - 6/10 AND I'M CANADIAN! I got the question about my province WRONG :brickwall:

British Fry-Up - 8/10
Words/terms with Star: 17/30

Canadian Cuisine Tour: 6/10 Not bad for guessing

British Fry-up: 4/10 I knew the french fries question and the real easy one, otherwise I guessed and I visited England too.
Words beginning and ending with D - 13/16
Can you name the countries that claim Antarctica Territory - 7/7
Can you name the number references - 19/20
begin - end with 'D': 10/16

Countries that claim territory in Antartica: 6/7

Number References: 15/20 - I'm gonna be singing the 'Jenny' song for the rest of the day now! :lol:

Time to catch up here:

Name TV shows by their narrated openings 13/20

Words or terms with star 11/30

I could murder a British fry-up 10/10

Words that begin and end in D 14/16

Name the numbers to the references 13/20
i got 100% on the fry up and now i really fancy one! mmmmmmm greasy bacon egg chips mushies beans tomatoes and black pud mmmmmmmm...

as for some of the others:

shakespeare - 10/10 (tbh i'd be ashamed if i didn't!)

jack the ripper - 10/10 (actually one of the questions was wrong - it said 'only prostitutes' or a few other things, but one of his victims *wasn't* a prostitute, although it seems he thought she was, which was repeated 90 years later with the yorkshire ripper)

movie quotes - 8/10

landmarks/cities - 2.50 mins left

poker hands - i couldn't get the lowest one! my mind went dead.

simpsons characters - 61/63
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Can you name the terms with "pink" or "purple" in them? - 16/20

Things that start with the letter "D" - 30/37

Can you name these fictional places? - 17/30
Pink or Purple: 16/20

Start with 'D': 17/37

Fictional places: 13/30 - can I say I don't really pay attention to where they are. :lol:

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