Quiz Thread #4

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Finish the Movie Quotes - 8/10

Cold Warrior (The Cold War) - 8/10

Battle of the Sexes - 12/15

More luck than judgement :)
Finish the Movie Quotes 7/10
Cold Warrior (The Cold War ) 7/10
Battle of the Sexes 9/15
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Finish The Movie Quote: 9/10 I knew it was the other answer, should've went with my gut

1940s History: 6/10 Not bad for not being alive

Battle of the Sexes 15: 11/15
Finish the Movie Quotes 8/10
Cold Warrior (The Cold War ) 10/10 :shifty: History was the only subject I had any interest in in school :lol:
Battle of the Sexes 10/15
Movie Quotes - 5/10 - Good considering I haven't seen any of those

Cold Warrior - 10/10

Battle of the Sexes - 12/15 - I got more of the men questions correct then the women ones :lol:
Finish the Movie Quotes- 5/10 -> pretty good b/c I've never seen any of those movies :lol:

Cold Warrior (The Cold War) - 5/10

Battle of the Sexes - 7/15

well, not bad xD
I just have to thank you people for introducing me to sporcle! It's BRILLIANT!
Just got 47/50 in the Monty Python's Holy Grail quiz.... *the shame*
Finish the Movie Quote: 6/10, which is amazing because I guessed on all but two. I watch tv, not movies
A Slice in time: 4/10, I guessed on every single one of those
Battle of the Sexes: 11/15. At least I got a good score on one test!
Can you name the generonyms? - 24/26 - I guess that means yes! :lol:

Things with great in their names. - 19/28 - it kept finishing them for me and then I had to go back and erase things!

TV shows from characters. - 18/30 - Wonder why you think we should get that one! :p

Name the Generony. I got 25/26. Damn Whirpool :lol:

The Things with Great. I got 13/28

Name the Tv Shows from the characters. I got 16/30 and yup I got the one that everyone should get :)
Name the Generonyms 22/26
Name the things With "Great" in the Name 21/28
Name the TV Show From the Characters Below 21/30
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