Quiz Thread #4

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Words that sound like the y start with the sound of "EGGS", but don't? - 9/15

Riddles - 5/10

Yahtzee - 8/13
Can you name the words that sound like they start with the sound of "eggs", but don't? - 15/15

Can you name the answers to these riddles? - 7/10 loved the one about wet while drying :lol:

Can you name the Yahtzee categories? - never heard of it, though I play dice sometimes; now I see some of the answers were pretty simple :lol:
1980 - 16/30 - Not bad for not being alive :lol:

The Star Spangled Banner - 25/25 - I would hope I'd know it

Famous Foursomes - 62/80
1980 - 16/30

The Star Spangled Banner - 2:35 left on the clock

Can you name the famous foursomes - 55/80 I watched Sex in the City and you'd think I'd remember all of their names, instead of just three of them. :rolleyes:
1980: 16/30 - I almost missed 3 in a row that I should have answered first! :alienblush:

The Star Spangled Banner: 2:11 left - would have had more time left except I'm not used to typing it - I know it, just can't type it. :rolleyes:

Famous Foursomes: 59/80 - That there was all I knew + two gifts! :lol:

1980 - 12/30 :lol:
The Star Spangled Banner - 23/25 not bad for a non-American :)
Famous Foursomes - 58/80
:shifty: O Canada: 25/25 :shifty:

The Black Quiz: 14/15 - missed the last one! :(

Well Known Mothers: 12/16

Oh Canada - 24/25 (d'oh...missed one) I was paying attention last night at the hockey game with Vancouver ;)
The Black Quiz - 13/15
Well Known Mothers - 14/16
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