Quiz Thread #4

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Santa's Reindeer: 8/8 with 47 seconds left
Correct These Christmas Words: 10/10
Scrooge: 11/25 I don't think I have ever seen this version though. My favorite is The Muppets Christmas Carol ;)
Famous Toms, Dicks, and Harrys: 21/40

Seven Dwarfs: 7/7

Canadian Providences: 3/13 My apologies to all Canadians :p

Santa's Reindeer: 8/8

Correct These Christmas Words: 9/10

Scrooge: 13/25
Santa's Reinder: 8/8 :)
Correct these Christmas words: 10/10 :)
Scrooge: 5/25 :lol: never seen this movie, and I guess it's time to re-read A Christmas Carol :)
Santa's reindeer: 8/8 with :42 left (if only I could type faster :lol:)

Correct these Christmas Words: 10/10 (Thankfully I checked my answers as I had typed stalking instead of stocking on the first one! :wtf:)

Scrooge: 5/25 (Can you tell I've never seen this version. I did actually second guess myself out of 6 more right answers.)

Santa's reindeer: 8/8 with 33 seconds left.

Correct these Christmas Words: 9/10

Scrooge: 5/25 - It's sooo long since I've read the book or seen the film.
Santa's Reindeer - 8/8 with 33seconds remaining, if I only I could spell better lol

Correct these Christmas Words - 8/10

Scrooge - 10/25 - I guessed every answer! lol oops
Television in the 70's 6/10

Suits me to a T 6/10 :) totally surprised myself there all of these were guesses :)

Here Kitty, Kitty 6/10 :)

I think I'm on a roll here :lol:
70's Television: 4/10 - I watched to wrong shows! :lol: The only one in that collection I watched was Emergency (which I loved).

Suits Me to a T: 5/10

Here Kitty, Kitty!: 9/10 - :confused: Got #9 wrong, but I don't know how I got #1 right. :lol:

Television in the 70's - 4/10 - Yeah I was born in the 90's lol

Suits Me to a T - 4/10

Here Kitty, Kitty - 6/10
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