Photography Competition: Portrait - WINNERS UP!


Hiya all! Wibble is very busy as we all have noticed. So I decided to PM her and ask if she needed any help running the photo competitions… She does… So for the time being I’ll take over the competitions until Wibble is not so busy anymore, I guess! Things won’t change. Rules will stay the same, no worry! The time for submitting does change a bit. Since I live in a different timezone then Wibble! For any further questions just ask away in this thread or PM me!

---- THEME ----
The new theme: portrait
Extra: I won’t accept photographs without a person as main theme on it!

---- RULES ----
Please read them very carefully before taking your photograph and submitting it for entry.

1. It’s entirely up to you how you interpret the theme, although I would advise you not to enter something too abstract that may be considered as having little or no relation to the theme.

2. You have until 12 p.m. !GMT+1! Saturday 7th of July to submit your photograph. I am afraid that I will not accept late entries from anyone.

3. You are only allowed to submit ONE photograph.

4. The photograph you submit must be your own work, i.e. it has to have been taken by you. Don’t submit something your friend or family took, or something you found on the internet. It is a very sad and unfair thing to do.

5. The photograph must NOT be manipulated in any way using Photoshop or any other such program. This competition is about how good a photograph you can take, not about what you can do with an image using Photoshop, etc. That is what the Fan Art forum is for.

6. Entries must be no larger than 600x480 pixels. If they are, I will ask you to re-size it.

7. This competition (like the icon challenges in Fan Art) is an anonymous one – this means you MUST NOT POST YOUR PHOTOGRAPH HERE. If you do, it will be disqualified, otherwise your friends will see it and may vote for it even if there are better photographs submitted. In addition to this, don’t go around telling people which photograph is yours and getting them to vote for it – that is a very sad and lowly thing to do, and the voting for this competition should be unbiased.

If people consistently do not follow these rules, or I see signs of any unfairness, I will not hesitate to stop these competitions. The rules are to make things fair, so please do follow them so everyone can enjoy the competitions.

Once you have taken your photograph, you should upload it to your own web space, such as a Photobucket account, and pm me the link.

---- WINNERS ----
Winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd) may each receive a banner, available from me upon request via PM. Any questions, please either post them here, or PM me.

---- IMPORTANT ----
Just to see how it goes: I thought it would be great idea if I made a small list of 5 themes. You can already start to vote for which (1) theme you would like to see next time. If this voting kicks off I'll use the theme with the most votes next competition... Of course you're just allowed to vote once!
The list:
1) School/Study
2) Simple
3) Industrial
4) Abandoned
5) Kids

Thanks and enjoy making your photograph!
Re: Photography Competition: Portrait

This sounds like a cool theme. I'll see what I can come up with. Thanks for setting it up :)
Re: Photography Competition: Portrait

Thanks for doing this, BlueCurl! I really love the theme :)
Re: Photography Competition: Portrait

your welcome all!

to bad that it is just unfair for myself to enter now. but this will be fun too!

just get me those photographs! :lol:

and uh don't forget to read the last few lines of the first post!
Re: Photography Competition: Portrait

Thanks for running this BlueCurl!

I love the idea for an Abandoned theme.
Re: Photography Competition: Portrait

awesome theme!! I am entering this one.

Is there a size restriction for the photo?
Re: Photography Competition: Portrait

I'm excited for this to just decide which picture to submit!

I also vote for the abandoned theme.
Re: Photography Competition: Portrait

BlueCurl said:
SpeedleCSIMiami see rule 6 in the first post made!

:lol: just shows that I can't read. Thanks for the info though.

I also vote for abandoned as a theme.
Re: Photography Competition: Portrait

I vote for abandoned too. It would be interesting.
Re: Photography Competition: Portrait

i vote kids! because i happen to know some of the cutest kids, like ever :p
sending my entry in now!

eta: never mind, my portrait was not of a person :lol: should have read closer. its a lovely portrait though even if it isnt a person. oh well.
Re: Photography Competition: Portrait

I like the idea of kids, but as a mother, I would be weary to put pictures of my kids on the internet. I know the contest is anonymous, but .... it's that mother in me

school or study
those are my votes
Re: Photography Competition: Portrait

I like the idea of industrial. I'd like to see how people can see places like that as an artistic topic.
Re: Photography Competition: Portrait

Folks! please read the extra part about this theme... It has to have a human being as a main subject!!! It has to be a portrait of a person! and for the ones sending in something different... you're not the only one ;)

I did make some photos here in the industrial area in the harbour here... They are kinda paranoid since 9/11... so I got into cop trouble, nothing fancy though. nothing wrong in the end either. But it is such a cool place to photograph around...

Kids is hard to photograph! They won;t listen if you ask them to look at the camera when making a portrait... The do crazy moves all the time when you ask them just to colour and look at the camera :lol: so much fun though!

School study is something I came up with since I am still in college and I bring my camera around there too. Bugging some classmates :p

Abandoned because I had a very nasty mood at the time of making the post so I kinda felt a little dark and lonely which makes an abandoned theme for me on the list :lol:

and simple... just because it is not simple to make a simple photograph :lol:

I know I am weird :lol:


I am having just a few photographs now. Need quit some more before saterday eve.. So let's not make it an extension each time and go hunt some poeple down :lol: Your best friend, mom, dad, sibling, up scale model whatever. It is about the quality of the photo not the person in it!


I'll keep repeating this in the next few competitions... If you go to an amusement & theme park from now on... be sure to take your camera with you! I'm gonna have a theme "amusement & theme park" at the end of the summer if I'm still running these competitions! Just so you know in advance!