Photo Manipulation Fun ~ Thread #2

Hey Thanks CalleighCaine,

Umm, the one of DC on the board and the other one is of Calleigh in the promo last season. I just put them together. You know how the rest works! :D :D :D

Hey yours are great Mizzya and I think we have way too much fun doing this stuff, huh. :D :D :D

Great Work MizzyA! Very nice ;)

HCrazy :cool:
***Thud*** (passes out from all the incredible DuCaine manips in here) HCrazy sis, YOU ROCK girlfriend!!! :D And CalleighCaine07, your work is sooooo good!!! (You know I love them all, but the beach "wedding" photo is my all time fave of your ;) )

Keep up all the great DuCaine guys!!! :D

And MizzyA, your manips are really good... keep up the good work... :)
Gorgeaus, simply gorgeaus!! :D :D I'm in DuCaine Heaven!! Well done, CalleighCaine07 and Crazy!!

Kudos to all the other artists! Nice work, MizzyA!! :)
Okay, I gave it a shot. Combined my two favorite things: CSI & the movie "Identity".


Yeah, I know Bobby D. isn't a CSI, but I love him! I had to include him. :D
Dahabibi said:
Lauw said:

Dahabibi said:
Should I make a Borg!Ecklie, too? :D

We are the Borg.

Lower your shields and surrender your ships.

We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own.

Your culture will adapt to service us.

You will be assimilated.

Resistance is futile.

So eerily true- especially lately! Ecklie has been the cause of many profane shoutings at my tv!