Other Fandom FanArt #5-Showcase & Requests

Loving the artwork guys it's all really good.

I'm back again with a wallpaper, which I actually made sometime last year but am showing it anyway. It's from a British tv series called Lewis which for those Brits out there may know is the spin-off from Inspector Morse, and well if you didn't know before then you do now.

It's of one of my favourite characters DS James Hathaway.

I do take requests, request away :).

And thank you, that means a lot me.

I have another one, again made sometime last year. But well thought I'd show you guys, get your opinions. It's from one of my favourite series of films, Police Academy. I love those films. And some of the characters are so funny. I can't remember which one this is from but the scene was funny.

And I also have two from Stargate Atlantis.

The 'John Sheppard' wall was made in 2007, can't believe I made it in 07. I still need improvement anyway. I think the 'Phantoms' one was made around the same time as well. Not so keen on that one. There's actually another version of that one. But anyway.

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^ Wow, those are fantastic, I love the style of the first one in particular. They're all great though. :D Thanks dear, I've sent you a PM. :D
Beautiful Wallpapers Fata Morgana.

It's been a while since I've made icons except for challenges, I just haven't been feeling anything with my icons :lol: but I got bored today and decided to make some :shifty: I hope you guys can get any use out of these.


Pure Randomness :lol: So I'll try to separate the links so you can easily find any if you like them :)

2 Icons From My Bloody Valentine Here and Here

1 Chris Pine as Captain Kirk Icon Here

3 Icons From The Crow Here Here and Here

1 Dumbo Icon and 1 101 Dalmatians Icon

Dean Winchester Icons Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here and Here

Dierks Bentley Icons Here Here Here and Here

Dale Earnhardt Jr Icons Here and Here

Jensen Ackles Icons Here Here Here and Here

Jimmie Johnson Icons Here Here Here Here Here Here Here and Here

Tony Stewart Icons Here and Here

Kasey Kahne Icons Here Here Here and Here

Miranda Lambert Icons Here Here Here Here Here Here and Here

You're free to use these however and wherever you like. I share my stuff for that reason ;)
Yo' dude, I don't come here since... :wtf:

But anyway, I still see a lot of gorgeous stuff in here!!
Crow, even with a new name ,I can still recognize you with your PS pretties :lol: Amazing, they are amazing!!! I so love your coloring!
Fata Morgana, your wallpapers are really good! I love the way how you blend all the pics :)
kaybee988, yours are nice as well! Love the 2nd!

I have some stuff to share as well.

7x Supernatural
13x Anastacia
3x Chuck


Here @ my LJ :)
Beautiful icons, csifann1! :eek: Your crop and colouring are fantastic! I left a comment in your LJ.

kaybee988, you make lovely wallpapers. :) The first Taylor one is beautiful.

Speaking of wallpapers, Fata Morgana, I totally dig that Stargate Atlantis wallpaper! Hee! :D

Loving your stuff, Crow. It'll take me a while to get through them all, lol, but I adore the ones I've seen so far. Fantastic cropping.

blackflag, loving the frog icon!

Brought some Chris Pine with me:

I've posted some icons at my icon community:


1-17 Actors (Zac Efron and Ryan Reynolds)
18-65 Serial Killers and Serial Killer Quotes
66-97 Supernatural Characters and Actors
98-100 The Crow
101-110 Movies (Dumbo, 101 Dalmatians, The Lion King, IT)
111-122 Randy Orton
123-221 Random Text Icons
222-226 Stock

the rest