Other Fandom Fanart #2 - Showcase & Requests

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Raging4Ryan , I've resized it for you, here you go -


SunsetBoulevard said:
CrimeShark, I really like the coloring. Great work :)
Thank you! :)
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Thanks :) Its totally my fault but i should have said banner size im really sry its my fault if ya dont wana do it again i understand im really really sry.
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Detective_Burn said:

Hey folks. Got another request. Can anyone make me some icons about the song "Lithium" by Evanescence? Lyric-textures welcome.

Thanks in advance :)
^^2 icons :

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I have a simple little wallpaper of jack Sparrow...
tell me what you guys think!

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Hormiga I love you icons of Evanescences i snagged them thanks for it, I hope you dont mind ;)

Letsdance that wallpaper is great i love it. Keep them coming you are great in it.
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Evie, I looove that wallpaper. Very very great.

But; Other fandom art? There's no other fandom but Regina Spektor! :lol:

Regina Spektor icons


More HERE .
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Okay i was wondering how you got Addison to blend in so well with the grey texture you used. I know there is grey scale and everything but Addison and the texture. Do you have to set Addison at soft light or something because that is done really well :)

And i hope you know what i ment, it was kind of a hard question to word :lol:
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Thank you Berylla!!! :D

Nice wp letsdance,lovely icons MissRoosFox(Hmmm...I don't know who's Regina,is that too bad?) and awesome icons as always Macayla!!! :)


More Evanescence,Knut,Gerard Butler,Mika,etc... here and Jensen Ackles,300,etc... here.
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Love your icons Hormiga! Especially the Gerald Bulter and 300 ones. :D

I finally got to watch 300 the other week and loved it - fantastic film! And you're right - I certainly appreciated Leonidas! :D Obviously, the costumes weren't historically accurate but I'm not complaining! ;)
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Apologies for the double-post but it's been over 24 hours so I cannot edit my last post. I have some new wallpapers to share - two 300 walls (resolution 1280x1024):

Enjoy! ;)

The screencaps are by edele over at the djcapslock community at livejornal.com. A huge thanks to her!
The column brushes used on the second wall, and the edging on the pic were created using brushes by In Obscuro - many thanks to this talented resource provider.
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Great icons every1 :)

Hormiga Your Polar Bear icon is to cute love it! :D

Can some1 plz put this this this and this pic together to make a banner.And plz say something like "natural beauty" or something like that.I know its alot of work but id really apriciate(sp?) it,Thanks!
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