Other Fandom Fanart #2 - Showcase & Requests

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Re: Other Fandom Fanart #2

Sunsetboulevard that wallpaper is great. lovely colours and i like that dotted line you used. Its great.. OMG good job..

I made these lost Icons and tryed some other things at my program its not so great but its a new try..Tell me what you think of it and be honest. ;)
Re: Other Fandom Fanart #2

Aww those are so cute, i love Charlie!!!

Ok i have been very busy :lol:

Blake Lewis
House Md: Chase and Cameron
T.R Knight and Katherin Heigl.


More Here

And a Chase and Cameron wallpaper:
Re: Other Fandom Fanart #2

csikicksurass - I love that Chase/Cam wallpaper! :D I've snagged it, thanks.
We're only a few episodes into season 3 of House here in the UK but your walls suggest interesting things are afoot! Hurrah!
Re: Other Fandom Fanart #2

Pilla your great in making icons i love them espacialy the animated one its pretty and sweet.. love your work, keep them comming. ;)
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Whoa, I haven't been here in a while!
Great icons everyone! It's great to see more icon makers! :D
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Great icons fo_poozle

csikicksass I know what ya mean im into a Jason aldean kick right now lol Wish I could make an icon like that but my programs suck lol

can some1 plz resize this pic for me plz I do it and it looks smoooshed.Id apperciate it thanks :D
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