One Word


I'm sure this has been done.
Thought it might be interesting or just fun.

Describe each character in just one word. I know it will be hard because each one is complex in their own way.

Mac: workaholic
Stella: strong
Danny: wayward
Flack: faithful
Lindsay: dependent
Adam: dorkalicious (HaHa made a word up)
Sheldon: thinker
Syd: bizarre
Angell: determined
Great thread! I'm just coming up with these off-the-cuff...kind of a "the first word that comes to mind" kind of thing:

Mac: driven
Stella: courageous
Danny: emotional
Flack: tough
Lindsay: selfish
Adam: goofy
Hawkes: cerebral
Sid: oddball
Angell: perceptive
Cool thread!

Mac: composed
Stella: motherly
Danny: doubtful
Flack: dedicated
Lindsay: friendly
Adam: sweet
Sheldon: brilliance
Sid: different
Angell: confident
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Mac: Intense
Stella: Determined
Danny: Spontaneous
Flack: Witty
Lindsay: Dull
Adam: Funny
Hawkes: Studious
Sid: quirky
Angell: Follower
Mac: Headstrong
Stella: Determined
Danny: Witty
Flack: Charming
Lindsay: Fun-loving
Adam: Sweet
Hawkes: Kind
Sid: Funny
Angell: Strong
Mac: Stubborn
Stella: Resilient
Danny: Passionate
Flack: Unwavering
Lindsay: Fickle
Adam: Lovable
Sheldon: Dependable
Sid: Creepy :p
Angell: Spirited
Mac: Private
Stella: Unique
Danny: Reckless
Flack: Responsible
Lindsay: Girlish
Adam: Adorable
Sheldon: Intelligent
Sid: Amazing
Angell: courageous
Mac: Caring
Stella: Tough
Danny: Impulsive
Flack: Sarcastic
Lindsay: Hyper
Adam: Adorkable! (I had to say it)
Sheldon: Intelligent
Sid: Curious
Angell: Strong
Mac: Loyal .. !!
Stella: Determined .. !!
Danny: Old-School .. !!
Flack: Funny .. !!
Lindsay: Cuuute .. :p .. !!
Adam: Geek .. !!
Sheldon: Nerd
Sid: Interesting
Angell: Hott .. :p .. !!
Love this thread! :)

Mac: Annoying
Stella: Determined
Danny: Foolhardy
Flack: Loyal
Lindsay: Tiresome
Adam: Geeky
Sheldon: Intelligent
Sid: Weird
Angell: Assured
Mac: Hot (yes, I am a shallow person. For his personality I would say 'dedicated')

Stella: Passionate

Danny: Emotional

Adam: Geeky

Sid: Weird!

Lindsay: Dependent (on other characters)

Hawkes: Brilliant

Angell: Feisty
Mac: Dedicated.
Stella: Passionate.
Danny: Impulsive.
Adam: Adorkable.
Sid: Awesome.
Lindsay: Sweet.
Hawkes: Genius.
Angell: Firey.
Flack: Loyal.
Mac: Sanctimonious
Stella: Empathetic
Danny: Sincere
Lindsay: Repugnant
Hawkes: Ethical
Flack: Protective
Sid: Eccentric
Adam: Unassuming
Angell: Composed
Mac: Headstrong
Stella: Passionate
Danny: Reckless
Lindsay: Wishy-washy (sorry if that is two words ;) )
Hawkes: Intelligent
Flack: Loyal
Sid: Charismatic
Adam: Comical
Angell: Unwavering