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    <ul><li> The Austrian woman arrested for <A class="link" HREF="">stalking</a> <I>CSI: Miami</I> star <font color=yellow>David Caruso</font> (Horatio Caine) has been sentenced to 7 months in a centre that treats prisoners with psychiatric problems. (<A class="link" HREF="">Source</a>)<p><li> For the third straight year, <font color=yellow>Eddie Cahill</font> (<I>CSI: New York</I>'s Don Flack) will keep a <A class="link" HREF="">celebrity blog</a> during the National Hockey League's Stanley Cup<sup>TM</sup> Playoffs.<p><li> According to <A class="link" HREF="">NewsOK</a>, <font color=yellow>Rex Linn</font> (Frank Tripp) will return "home" to Oklahoma City this weekend to emcee the 48th Annual Western Heritage Awards. The <I>Miami</I> actor will also receive an award for his role in the movie <I>Appaloosa</I>.<p><li> <I>CSI: NY</I> star <font color=yellow>Melina Kanakaredes</font> (Stella Bonasera) will be a scholarship presenter at the 18th Anniversary Hellenic Times Gala in New York City on May 16. (Source: <A class="link" HREF="">Greek Reporter</a>)<p><li> <b>Spoiler alert!</b><p><font color=yellow>Brian Austin Green</font> has been tapped to star in the season finale of <I>Miami</I>. The character, Anthony, is a carjacking victim with ties to the case. "Our casting director suggested [Green] to me for this role," executive producer <font color=yellow>Ann Donahue</font> told <A class="link" HREF=",,20272178,00.html">People</a>. "I thought he was perfect because he can play a tough guy and also have a leading man presence. So, we are thrilled to have him in our finale!"<p><li> The season finale of <I>CSI: Crime Scene Investigation</I> will be self-contained. In the episode, Dr Ray Langston (<font color=yellow>Laurence Fishburne</font>) will be "put into some situations that are new for him, as far as being out in the field and having to deal with perpetrators," <font color=yellow>Wallace Langham</font> (David Hodges) told MegaBuzz. (Source: <A class="link" HREF="">TV Guide</a>)</ul><center></center>
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    So let me get this straight. The 200th episode was focused on Langston, completely. The majority of the last half of this season has been focused on Langston, (though there has been a slight repreive in the last couple of eps) and now the finale is also going to be focused on Langston. I swear I'm about to give up. :(

    I knew CSI was going to be different after William Peterson left, but I didn't think TPTB would completely forget/ignore the rest of the cast. They (the other cast members) can't be happy about this cut in air time. If I was them I'd be raising a major stink.

    I'm sad, and I don't know if CSI will be long for tv if they keep this up. I know a lot of people that feel the same way I do. They didn't mind Langston at first, even liked him like I did, but just like any other character that is used too much, they are sick of him now. We like CSI because the ensamble cast, not because of one particular person. I want to see Nick, Greg and Catherine. I know they say that Langston is the leading character of the show, (though he's not in my mind) but even Grissom who was the orignial lead didn't have this much focus on him, it was mixed with the other characters.

    Anyways, I'm going to get off my soapbox, :D I just needed to vent my frustration. I had a feeling this was going to happen, I don't know why I'm acting surprised.

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