Mac #2 - Squeeze My Hand

You read my mind!!! That pic is AWESOME!
I was thinking the same when I saw we need the line, somthing like "Taylor's Girls - To serve and Protect our Mac" :lol:
I have no opinion!..I like everything about THE taylor girls!...and he looks so0o0o0o0o good in that picture!..
ok sounds like a good plan *grabbs coffee for FEENX* there we go babe that should wake you up!!!

1:end of conversation
2: thats why your not a polar bear! (lmao!!!)
3:rot in hell!
4: your ass is mine!
5:pizza my office!
Thanks mmm good cofee.
i like Your ass is mine! :lol:
id say something, but's it'a a little to early to be myself rigth now.
I love the polar bear one ROTFL, but I think #1 is better for the Taylor Girls, we need strong and powerful lines!!!
LOL, together they're too funny!!! Hahahahahaha!!! :D
Mac>Your ass is mine, end of conversation
Nim>uh...ok, no problem :p

Mac>Your ass gotta be this size, and I'll end the conversation :cool:
Stella> You're obsessed...