Life is sweet (A sequel to Family is Forever)

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    *at the lab*
    Sarah:hey Calleigh!! guess what!?
    Sarah:I'm pregnant too.
    Calleigh:that's great!!
    Sarah:you know what this means? it means that they guys are going to have to deal with both of us being pregnant at the same time.
    Calleigh:eek:ooh. this will be fun :devil:
    Sarah:eek:h yeah. so are you and Ryan going to have the wedding before the baby comes?
    Calleigh:yeah. we already sent out invitations. once we found out i was pregnant we just went into overdrive with the wedding plans.
    Sarah:so did the doctor give you an aproxomate due date?
    Calleigh:yeah. they said sometime in the week of June 26th
    Sarah:no way.
    Calleigh:yeah, why?
    Sarah:well for one, June 26th is my birthday and that's when they said i was due.
    Calleigh:no way! what are the odds of that?
    Sarah:i know! it's so wierd.
    Calleigh:so have you told Megan and the twins?
    Sarah:Speed and i are going to tell them today after Megan gets home from school and we pick the twins up from my cousin's.
    *Speed came over and wrapped his arms around Sarah*
    Speed:hey. i missed you.
    Sarah:but you were only down the hall.
    Speed:i know, but i love you. and if i were to lose you then i would have no reason to live.
    Sarah:awww. I love you too babe.
    Speed:So Calleigh, have you and Ryan talked about names yet?
    Calleigh:no not yet.
    Speed:*looks at watch* hey were off the clock now. and we have to go pick up Jake and Lily from April's and get Megan off the bus.
    Sarah:eek:k. See you Calleigh.
    Calleigh:eek:k. see ya. be careful. it's downpouring.
    Speed:we will
    *Speed and Sarah head to her cousin's house*


    I know it's short. but the next chapters will be longer.
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    I'm glad you're still going on this :)
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    Me too! Good job! :)
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    *on the way to Sarah's cousin's house*
    Sarah:Speed, babe. maybe we should turn back and call April and tell her the weather is bad. i don't want anything bad to happen.
    Speed:Sarah, sweetheart. don't worry we'll be....
    *a car from behind smashes into them and causes them to crash*
    Speed:Sarah! babe?! are you ok?!?
    *She had been knocked unconsious*
    *someone came up to the window smashed it them hit Speed on the head, causing him to be knocked out*
    *luckily Eric's condo is on the way to both Speed and Sarah's house and Sarah's cousin's house. he saw thier car and pulled over*
    Eric:Speed? Sarah? *He realizes that they are unconsious so he calls 911*
    *at the hospital*
    H:Eric, what happened?!?
    Eric:I was driving home and I saw their car smashed on the side of the road. so I caleed 911
    H:wait what about Megan, Jake and Lily?
    Alexx:I called April. she's going to kepp the twins safe. Eric:and Calleigh and Ryan are brining Megan here.
    *the doctor comes out*
    H:how are they doctor?
    Doctor:they are ok. they both needed stiches and they should be awake soon
    H:now what about the baby?
    Doctor:the baby is fine
    Alexx:eek:h thank god.
    *Calleigh and Ryan arrive with Megan*
    Megan:*she runs to Horatio* uncle Horatio! where's my mommy and daddy?!?
    H:Megan Sweetie. they are ok.
    Megan:i want my mommy!
    Alexx:eek:h come here sweetie *she hugs her*
    H:*to Calleigh and Ryan* did you tell her?
    Calleigh:yeah. as you can see she's a little upset.
    *A nurse comes out*
    Nurse:they are both awake now. you can go see them.
    *Megan runs in followed by everyone else*
    Megan:Mommy!!! Daddy!!!
    Sarah:eek:h helloe sweetie. *she hugs her*
    Speed:hey pumpkin *he hugs her*
    H:how are you guys feeling?
    H:you know if it wasn't for Eric finding you guys you'd probably still in that ditch
    Speed:yeah, Eric thanks.
    Eric:hey. you guys are my friends and you'd do the same for me.
    Speed:well the doctor says we can go home.
    H:eek:k. you guys going to be ok now?
    *H, Alexx, Eric, Calleigh and Ryan say their goodbyes and leave*
    Speed:eek:k ready to go pick up the twins?
    Sarah:wait we have to tell Megan...
    Megan:tell me what Mommy?
    Sarah:Megan, sweetie, you're going to have another little brother or sister.
    *they go pick up Jake and Lily and go home*

    *at the lab*
    H:eek:k now we have to figure out what happened to Sarah and Speed. was it an accident or attempted homicide? Eric, go to the car look for paint transfer and anything else you can find. Calleigh look for any tool evidence. Ryan look for anything trace related.

    Eric:there was deffinate paint transfer.
    Calleigh:i found a plastic frag among the broken glass
    Ryan:i found some fibers on the glass.
    H:eek:k, now analyze them and see where it gets us.

    *at home* *speed and Sarah were about to tell Jake and Lily about the new baby*
    Speed:Jake, Lily, mommy and I have to tell you something.
    Sarah:you're going to have a new brother or sister.
    Jake:*giggles* yay...
    Lily:*laughs* yay! *yawns*
    Speed:eek:k time for bed.
    *Speed and Sarah put them all to bed*
    *they are alone in the living room*
    Speed:can you believe that we're having another baby?
    Sarah:i know. it's great isn't it.
    Sarah:i love you
    Speed:i love you too babe.
    *they kiss*

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    hmm I wonder which one it was, accident or not one.
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    *At the lab the next day*
    Eric:eek:k all the evidence suggest that someone did this on purpose. based on the gun handle frag, the smashed in window and the paint transfer someone wanted them to run off the road.
    H:now the only question *puts on sunnies* is who.
    Calleigh:Eric, what color was the paint you got off thier car?
    Eric:Ryan and i analized it and it's from a black corvette.
    Ryan:i found some fibers stuck on the broken glass. they are from a blue itialian made armani suit.
    H:and who wears those?
    Eric:i've only seen them on the feds and IAB
    Calleigh:Eric are you saying that someone from IAB ran them off the road?
    Eric:well who do we know who works for IAB and has a grudge against the lab?
    H:you think Rick did this?
    Ryan:well he's not exactly our friend at the moment.
    H:Rick does drive a black corvette.
    Calleigh:well lets pick him up and ask him.
    Eric:yeah and the best part is. if he lies, he goes to jail and if he tells the truth and he did do it he goes to jail anyways. it's a win win situation really becase we kno he did it.
    H;now Eric, lets not jump to conclusions too soon. we don't know fro sure.

    *In the mourge*
    Alexx:hey, i thought Horatio gave you two the day off?
    Speed:he did it's just we want to know who would do this to us.
    Alexx:well i can't blame you for that.
    Sarah:so Alexx, got anything intersting today?
    Alexx:no. but i'm not complaining.
    Speed:i hear ya.

    *In the interrigation room*
    H:now Rick. we have sufficient evidence to suggest that you ran Speed and Sarah off the road.
    Stetler:what?!? no i didn't.
    Eric:don't play games. remember you're under oath. if you lie you go to jail for obstruction to justice. so tell us the truth.
    Calleigh:i know. Rick give me your gun.
    Stetler:what my gun why?
    H: just do it Rick.
    *Stetler hands calleigh his gun. Calleigh takes the plastic frag and it fits perfectly on Sttler's gun*
    Calleigh:this proves it. you ran them off the road.
    Stelter:eek:k yeah i did it. happy?
    Stetler:why? to get back at all of you and your lab for nearly costing me my job.
    H:that is a lame excuse Rick and you know it. Give me your badge and you're gun. you're under arrest for the attempted murder of CSIs Sarah Speedle and Tim Speedle and their unborn baby. *Rick hands H his gun and badge* how does it feel to know that you almost killed two CSIs and their child Rick? I want you to look at some pictures *H shows Stetler three pictures*
    Stetler:who are they?
    H:those are Speed and Sarah's three other children. and because of you they nearly became orphans. now that won't look too good an your resume will it? *to officer* take him.
    *the officer takes him away*
    *Speed and Sarah walk out from behind the two way mirror*
    Sarah:wow. i can't believe that Rick would do this.
    H:i know. i thought he knew better. but i guess some people are just *puts on sunnies* unpredictable.

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    oh yay I like it when Stetler gets what he deserves :)
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    Sarah:how do you feel?
    Sarah:don't worry, just relax.
    Alexx:eek:h this is so exciting!
    Sarah:yeah i know.
    Calleigh:i just can't believe that Ryan and i are finally getting married. oh and thanks for being my Maid of Honor.
    Sarah:Cal, we're best friends and you were my miad of honor at mine an Speed's wedding. it's the least i could do.
    Calleigh:well this is it.

    *in another room*
    Ryan:Eric! leave it alone! it looks fine!
    Eric:two of my best friends are getting married. i want to make sure you look good.
    Speed:so are you ready?
    Ryan:yeah. i think so.
    Speed:just calm down and relax. if you two love each other enough to have a baby together, you can get married. trust me. i've been through it. once you do it it's the best feeling in the world. i love being married to Sarah.
    Ryan:yeah, ok Speed. thanks for the advice.
    Speed:no problem man.
    Ryan:and Speed?
    Ryan:thanks for being my best man.
    Speed:you're one of my best friends. it's the least i could do.
    *H came in*
    H:hey how you feeling?
    Ryan:better now.
    H:that's good. well uh this is it. everyone is waiting.
    Ryan:*sighs* ok.

    *Ryan is watching as Speed, his best man, walks down the aisle with Sarah, Calleigh's maid of honor. then Eric and Natalia. then H and Alexx. The moment finally came. and the music played. he turned around and faced the preist. Calleigh made her way down the asile and he dad gave her away*
    Preist:we are gathered here today to join these two in holy matrimony......
    *farther in the ceremony*
    Preist:Do you Ryan Wolfe take Calleigh Duquesne to be your lawfully wedded wife?
    Ryan:i do.
    Preist:and do you Calleigh Duquesne take Ryan wolfe to be your lawfully wedded husband?
    Calleigh:i do
    Preist:now by the power invested in me i knoe pronounce you husband and wife. you may kiss the bride.
    *they kiss*

    *at the reception*
    Ryan:hey there Mrs. Wolfe.
    Calleigh:hey yourself. Mr. Wolfe.
    *they laugh*
    Sarah:so hows it feel to be married?
    Calleigh:it feels good. i'm glad i went through with it.
    Sarah:that's good.
    DJ:eek:k now it's time for the couple to dance together for the first time as husband and wife. *the song they chose came on... "Your Song" by Elton John.

    It's a little bit funny this feeling inside
    I'm not one of those who can easily hide
    I don't have much money but boy if I did
    I'd buy a big house where we both could live

    If I was a sculptor, but then again, no
    Or a man who makes potions in a travelling show
    I know it's not much but it's the best I can do
    My gift is my song and this one's for you

    And you can tell everybody this is your song
    It may be quite simple but now that it's done
    I hope you don't mind
    I hope you don't mind that I put down in words
    How wonderful life is while you're in the world

    I sat on the roof and kicked off the moss
    Well a few of the verses well they've got me quite cross
    But the sun's been quite kind while I wrote this song
    It's for people like you that keep it turned on

    So excuse me forgetting but these things I do
    You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue
    Anyway the thing is what I really mean
    Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen* *the song ended and they kissed*

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    nice, as always :) I'm DuCaine myself but still always enjoy the updates to this.
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    i'm going to be at camp for a week so i won't be able to update. but as soon as i get back I'll update! oh and how awesome is this....three of my counselors are uncanny look-a-likes to Speed, Eric and Ryan! and get this..the one who looks like Eric...his name is Eric too!!! it's kinda creepy!
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    *a few months later*
    Calleigh:uggghh. Sarah, how did you put up with this twice? i mean not doing field work and no ballistics!
    Sarah:Cal, it's all going to be worth it in the end. plus we're due any day now.
    Calleigh:yeah. i guess you're right. it's worth it. it's just i hate the mood swings!
    Sarah:tell me about it.

    *over in Trace*
    Speed:hey man, how are you holding out?
    Ryan:eek:k, but that's beside her mood swings.
    Speed:hehe. that my friend is the one thing you never get used to. they vary with every pregnancy. with Sarah's last pregnancy all she would do is complain about everything, remember?
    Ryan:yeah. she damn near drove H, Eric, Calleigh and I insane! how do you handle it?
    Speed:just do what ever she asks you and she won't bite your head off.
    *Speed heard Sarah calling for him from teh break room*
    Sarah:Speed!? Babe?!?
    Speed:coming! *to Ryan* see ya later.
    Ryan:see ya.

    *in the break room Speed walks in*
    Speed:hey babe what's wrong?
    Sarah:have you seen the file for the Robert's case? you were supposed to give it to H an hour ago.
    Speed:i already did. don't worry babe. now ryan and i have to get to the scene.
    Sarah:eek:k. *Speed turns to leave* wait! Speed, give me your gun.
    Speed:my gun, why?
    Sarah:just do it. *he hands it to her and she inspects it and is upset at what she sees. she walks over to him* TIMOTHY JAMES SPEEDLE!! *at this Alexx, Ryan, H and Eric came to see what the all commotion was* HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU!?!? CLEAN YOUR GUN!!!!! here take mine, it's clean. *she hands him her gun adn he puts it in his holster, Sarah walks off twoards Layout to get her gun cleaning kit*
    Eric:dude, she's mad at you.
    Calleigh:why didn't you just clean your gun?
    Speed:i forgot, i was too worried about Sarah and the baby.
    H:well if you just explain i'm sure she'd understand.
    *Sarah came back in the room*
    Speed:Sarah, babe i'm sorry. i was so worried for you and the baby that i forgot.
    Sarah:it's ok. i guess i shouldn't have yelled at you either.

    *a few hours later*
    Srah:eek:h god *she grabs her stomache*
    Speed:Sarah? babe? what's wrong? it is the baby?
    Sarah:uh huh. *she grabs he stomache again* oh.
    Speed:eek:k. hold on. Eric!! hey Eric!! help me get her to a hummer!
    Eric:*runs over* ok. *they help her to a hummer and Eric drives as Speed helps Sarah in the back seat on the way to the hospital*

    *at the lab*
    Calleigh:Ryan, did Speed take Sarah to the hospital?
    Ryan:yeah. Eric went too. i just hope they make it on time.
    Calleigh:yeah me......
    Ryan:Cal, what's wrong?
    Calleigh:it's the baby.
    Ryan:are you sure?
    Calleigh:yeah! oh god.

    *in the hummer*
    Speed:eek:k Sarah, we're almost there. keep breathing
    Sarah:eek:h god! *she breathes deep*
    Eric:we're here!!

    *they bring her inside and she get settled into a room*
    *Meanwhile Ryan and Alexx arrive at the same hospital with Calleigh and get her sttled into a room. H arrived shortly after.*
    H:Eric, hows Sarah doing?
    Eric:good. really good. how's calleigh?
    H: Alexx just told me she's doing fine.
    *Alexx came out of Calleigh's room*
    Alexx:she's doing well.

    *in Sarah's room*
    Sarah:eek:h god! *Sarah moaned in pain*
    Doctor:eek:k Sarah, you're doing fine. ok on the count of three push as hard as you can. one...two...three...push.
    *Sarah followed orders* ok, keep it coming, almost there.

    *In Calleigh's room*
    Doctor:eek:k Calleigh, you're doing fine.
    *calleigh moans*

    *in the waiting room H, Alexx and Eric are waiting anxiously. Speed came out of Sarah's room*
    Speed:we have a little boy. his name is James Eric Speedle.
    Eric:you named his middle name after me?
    Spoeed:yeah. *he smiled at eric*
    Eric:wow. i'm honored(sp?)
    *At that moment Ryan came out of Calleigh's room*
    Ryan:we have a boy. we named him Noah Ian Wolfe.
    Speed:hey congrats man! Sarah and i have a boy too.
    Ryan:that's great! what'd you name him?
    Speed:James Eric Speedle.
    Ryan:that's nice.
    H:congratulations to both of you.
    Speed:thanks H.
    Ryan:yeah thanks.


    Next chapter: Jake, Megan and Lily get to meet thier new little brother.
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    oh yay both came at once :) more more!
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    *Eric brings Megan, who is now 6, Jake and Lily, who are now both 4, into Sarah's room. in her arms is James, with Speed sitting close by*
    Megan:*she was very excited* Mommy!!! is that our new brother?!?
    Sarah:uh-huh. his name is James.
    *Lily and Jake came closer*
    Lily:aww he's so tiny mommy.
    Jake:are we taking him home soon?
    Speed:yep, we can take him home tomorrow. but Mommy and Daddy have to stay here tonight. so you're going to be staying with Uncle Eric and Auntie Natalia. ok?
    Eric:yep. and we're gonna have lots of fun.
    Speed:hey guys, why don't you go wait outside with Auntie Alexx so Uncle Horatio can come in now ok?
    Megan:eek:k bye daddy, bye mommy.*she Jake and Lily give them both hugs and kisses* come on Lil, come on Jake.
    Lily:eek:k Meg!
    *the three of them go see Alexx*
    Speed:hey man, we've been talking and we want you to be his godfather.
    Eric:really wow.
    Sarah:yeah. *she smiled at him*
    Eric:uh i'm going to see Ryan and Calleigh. see how they are doing. ok?
    Speed:eek:k man.

    *Eric leaves and H comes in*
    Sarah:hey H.
    H:hey. how are you doing?
    Sarah:good. everything went fine.
    H:good. *he looks at James* he looks just like you Speed.
    Speed:yeah. he does. *James yawns*
    H:aww now isn't that cute. i'm going to go check on Calleigh, and give Alexx a chance to come see him

    *In Calleigh's room*
    Eric:hey guys.
    Ryan:thanks man.
    Eric:he looks a lot like you Ryan.
    Ryan:yeah. hey so when are you and Natalia going to "tie the knot"?
    Eric:what are you talking about?
    Ryan:i maen come on, you two love each other, and now you're living together. why don't you just marry her if you love her that much.
    Eric:well actually i was planning on it. tomorrow night i'm taking her out to dinner and i'm going to propose.
    Calleigh:that's great Eric.
    Eric:well it's getting late and i have to watch Megan, Jake and Lily tonight. so i'll see you guys.
    Ryan:eek:k. bye.
    *Eric leaves and takes Megan, Lily and Jake home*
    *In Sarah's room*
    Alexx:hey sweetie! *she looks at James* oh he's so adorable!
    Alexx:so when can you take him home?
    Alexx:that's great. hey i haven seen Noah yet. i'm going to go see how Calleigh is.
    Sarah:eek:k, see you Alexx.
    *Alexx leaves*

    *In Calleigh's room*
    H:hey guys.
    Ryan:hey H.
    H:so everything went ok?
    Calleigh:yep. everything is fine. and we get to take him home tomorrow.
    H:that's great. and Ryan, he looks a lot like you.
    Ryan:so i've heard. haha.
    H;well uh, it's getting late. i'd better get home.
    *h leaves*
    Ryan:hey why don't you get some rest, ok?
    Calleigh: *yawns* ok. and Ry?
    Ryan:uh huh?
    Calleigh:i love you.
    Ryan: I love you too.

    *In Sarah's room*
    Speed:yeah, babe?
    Sarah:i love you so much.
    Speed:i love you too.


    It's short i know. but i'm getting writers block. so i'll have more soon!! :D
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    aww very nice :) and go Eric :)
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    good story....keep going

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