Jorja/Sara Pic Thread #6: A Beautiful Soul

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Your so welcome bubbles :thumbsup: here's some brand new photos of her last night at the Pre-Emmy's party, so maybe she'll attend tonights ceremony



Courtesy of JAA!
Wow, desertwind, thanks for the pics! She looks stunning! The more and more I see this softer, yet shorter hairstyle on her, the more I'm liking it! :)
Thanks for the pics. I'm still not a huge fan of the new hairdo, except for in that season 9 pic, then it was gorgeous, but overall, I prefer the longer hair still.
I think she uses that stance because it flatters her in every picture and I'm guessing that it is probably one of the most comfortable stances to hold in heels! :lol:
I love all her hair styles to be honest. I just think she looks adorable no matter what. I actually thought the long hair made her look more mature, and the short seemed more carefree, more like her spirit.
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