Interview: George Eads

CSI Files

It’s hard to imagine CSI: Crime Scene Investigation*without George Eads, but that’s exactly the question viewers were left with after the recent Season Twelve finale: is Nick Stokes really leaving the lab? Fortunately for viewers, the original cast member is back for Season Thirteen*after a summer hiatus spent working on a new film project. Shane [...]

Great interview, Shane. :thumbsup:

Glad to see he's working on the future with his production company. :) Can't wait to see the movie. It's his first movie since Evel Knievel in 2004. Yes we've got the occasional episode of Young Justice but it's just not the same as seeing him onscreen. :D

And George, I was still worried about Nick even though I knew you had already signed. :thumbsup: anything can happen in Hollywood!

Great interview, Shane. :thumbsup:

Agreed! :)

And man...George...everything you said about Nick and the way things are going with the character and what you hope's like you're spying on us fans because we say the exact same thing over and over again. I think TPTB are so incredibly clueless about what a real CSI fan wants these days. *sigh*