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    Hey everyone, we posed this question on Twitter, but would like to have a less fleeting forum so we can get more responses.

    We're interested in hearing what EVIDENCE from early cases you think is truly iconic. What PHYSICAL EVIDENCE has stuck in your head the most from the last 13 years?

    Example: the buffalo pendant from Blood Drops, or the Miniature models from season 7...

    We have a decent list of what WE think is iconic, but we'd like to know what the fans' favorites are. List as many as you can think of!
  2. sharp52092

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    Jul 13, 2009
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    Signatures from the serial killers: the miniatures, Paul Milanders' tapes, the blue paint from the Blue Paint Serial Killer all come to mind.

    The eyeball from Got Murder

    The plastic bag from Stalker

    Plexi-glass coffin in Grave Danger and even the red ants

    ETA: The finger from the same titled episode
  3. Smokey

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    May 11, 2007
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    Cassie's "gum drops" from the episode of the same name. One of the best episodes from start to finish.
  4. myfuturecsi

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    May 27, 2005
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    Grave Danger-Plexi Glass

    Gum Drops-Cassie's Gum
    Great episodes by the way.

    Some of the best episodes are usually featuring a much ignored character and actor.;)
  5. Dizzney

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    Mar 14, 2007
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    From the Paul Milander case, the androgynous hairs; from "Slaves of Las Vegas" the liquid Latex; the potato being used as a silencer in "And then there were none"; the Miniatures, and the lack of evidence being evidence with Squeegel.
  6. beaujolais

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    Dec 3, 2005
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    Hairs in the showgirl headdress and cholesterol in the piranhas from "Table Stakes".

    Ellie's spit on Brass' badge in "Ellie"
  7. Ipstenu

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    Mar 7, 2003
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    The bullet in "One-Hit Wonder" (lodged in a spine)

    The blood spray on the wall that wasn't evidence at all in "Scuba Doobie-Doo"

    The chainsaw in "Toe Tags"

    The bugs in "Sex, Lies and Larvae" (which was possibly the first time we really got to see Grissom and his bugs)

    The thread from the oven mitt in "Gentle, Gentle"
  8. Speedystokesgirl

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    Dec 15, 2007
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    The gum drops that Cassie dropped in 'Gum Drops'

    The signature on the co-ed's penis in 'Pledging Mr. Johnson' :lol:

    The fire ants in 'Grave Danger'

    All the evidence in 'Ending Happy' :lol:

    Hammer in the tree in 'If I had a Hammer'

    The blood spatter that belonged to a live person in 'Scuba Doobie Doo' and well, the Scuba diver in the tree too

    Sam in 'Play Dead' He was evidence until it was proven he wasn't. :)

    I'll have to think of more.
  9. CriticsCubby

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    Jul 24, 2013
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    Glad I saw this on twitter, don't know that I would have ever seen it otherwise! Pretty much don't do forums anymore.. Hmm.
    1x02 - Roof Dust
    1x03 - Fiber on the Car Seat/Duct Tape
    1x10 - Blanket the Body Was Wrapped In
    1x19 - Printer Signature
    2x05 - "Chalk"
    2x16 - The Tooth
    2x23 - The Scarf
    3x22 - The Green Goo
    4x07 - The Sheet
    4x11 - The Bee
    4x12 - The Pendent
    4x19 - The Letter Tiles
    4x21 - The Screw
    5x02 - The Door
    5x21 - The Pottery Shard/Knife
    6x20 - The Reenactment/Dummy/Boot Prints
    6x21 - The Flowers
    6x24 - The Blood Pool in the Woods
    7x03 - The Chainsaws
    7x16 - The Video

    ...wait..I think I've just been listing GSR-related evidence. Oh well, I guess that says a lot about why I watch the show :)
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  10. babydoll

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    CriticsCubby - I was just thinking to myself, they're all GSR related - then I read the bottom of your post! Much appreciated it! :thumbsup:

    So, iconic evidence, this takes a bit of thought... and this will probably reflect the episodes/cases I most enjoyed as well:

    - The suicide tape in the Millander series
    - I'd also second penis signage in Pledging Mr J.
    - And the bugs/blanket fiasco in Sex, Lies and Larvae
    - Toilet doors in the I-15 Murders
    - F.P carving in Boom,
    - The tooth in Table Stakes
    - Ketchup Semen in Strip Strangler
    - Carpet Fibres in Overload
    - Soap in Scuba Doobie Doo (and of course... chalk) And blood spatter, and scuba up a tree...
    - Potato Silencer in And Then There Were None - And female disguise for Tammy Felton
    - Female hair in Identity Crisis
    - The finger in The Finger
    - Video Tapes in Stalker
    - Chocolate in Revenge is Best Served Cold (and Cath and Nick's driving experiment :wub:)
    - Knee imprint on the sheet in The Accused is Entitled
    - The CHH hair in A Little Murder, as well as the nousse, and Catherine (as evidence - this is one of my favourite episodes)
    - Blue Paint, in the Blue Paint Killer episodes - and the bin liners
    - Spur in Snuff
    - Eyeball in Got Murder
    - Bamboo stick in A Night at the Movies
    - Innoko Water in Last Laugh
    - The green glass in Play With Fire
    - Tongue DNA in ear in Assume Nothing (Cath&Nick :wub:)
    - Raccoon suit in Fur and Loathing (and ipicac and civid oil)
    - Bullet/Jello experiment in Coming/Crime of Rage (Cath&Nick :wub:)
    - Butterflies in Butterflied (OF COURSE!)
    - Blue feather in Crow's Feet
    - Matchbook with old print in Mea Culpa
    - Package from Walter in Grave Danger with USB Live Feed, and 'Outside Chance' - The Turtles, and the fireants, and the flexiglass, and Kelly's tattoo, and Walter's thumb
    - The miniatures in the MCSK episodes (Best storyline of all time!)
    - Dental impressions in Sweet Jane
    - Fake evidence in Redrum (SUCH a good episode!)
    - The gun with Keppler's prints on it in Law of Gravity
    - Bleach in Lab Rats and beyond
    - Decapitated head in A La Cart
    - Planted tooth in Goodbye and Good Luck

    I sort of lost interested past then - hope that's helpful!
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  11. monketsharona

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    Oct 26, 2011
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    - The love letter written by a man to his bull in 8.11 'Bull' :lol:
    - The miniatures made by Natalie
    - The suicide tapes recorded by Paul Milander
    - The dices wraped up with split and blood in 3.02 'The Accused is Entitled'
    - The butterfly pendant found on Sara's spitting image in 4.12 'Butterflied'
    - The head found in the car driven by two scared girls in 1.22 'Evaluation Day'
    - All the things which killed Happy in 7.21 'Ending Happy' ^^
    - The rubber chicken found in the victim's throat in 8.16 'Two and Half Deaths'
    - The hammer stuck in a tree in 9.21 'If I had a Hammer'
    - The lack of evidence in 11.04 'Sqweegel' (I want to to see him) back ^^)
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  12. Sookie

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    Feb 20, 2009
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    Cassie's gum drops in Gum Drops. Such a great episode.
  13. Speedystokesgirl

    Speedystokesgirl Judge

    Dec 15, 2007
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    Oh yeah, I forgot a few. :D

    The evidence in 'ReDrum' that lead Nick to believe Catherine and Keppler were doing something wrong.

    Peanut Shells in 'Evaluation Day'.

    The secret 'nursery' in 'King Baby'

    Blood on Nick's shirt in 'Rashomama' - after all, it made him have to take his shirt off. :D :drool:
  14. jafox

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    Jun 15, 2007
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    From Sex, Lies, and Larvae: the blanket (and the pig experiment), the Teflon bullets, and the ear print (from the stolen paintings case).

    From TTTD: the belt loop.

    From The Hunger Artist: the victim's diary (deciphering the intake and output)

    From Overload: the nail in the boot (and the pickle experiment)

    From Burden of Proof? : the meat bullets.

    From Dead Doll: the car mirror

    From Bloodlines: the chimera

    From Secrets and Flies: discovery of the contaminated flies affecting TOD.

    From Mea Culpa: the latent fingerprint on the matchbox.

    From The Accused is Entitled: the bloody scar print on the sheets.

    From Who Shot Sherlock: the hidden gun on an elastic band.

    The miniature models, of course.
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  15. bill_az

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    "Sexy's" Furry costume laced with ipecac and civet oil in "Fur and Loathing." :)

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