House#2: 'More Addictive Then Vicodin!'

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I cant wait till the next episode. Lots of Chase and like the coolest case ever i mean whats cooler then a boy being upducted :D sorry if that was a spoiler or not i couldn't tell.
I've just watched "Meaning" and,hey,what the hell is going on? :eek: :eek: :eek:

Please bring back the cane and the vicodin and say this was a joke because all this stuff is unbelievable.
First,House limped 'cause they removed part of his muscle so how he could walk properly now?
Second,he was shot in the stomach and the neck so what does it have to do with his leg?
Third,if there was a surgery that could help him,why they didn't do it before?
Fourth,when Cuddy forbad House to do something it was never an obstacle for him,why this time he obey her?

I hope this was a dream and the old House comes back again or they give credible explanations of his new state.
House's cane does come back in the third episode or something like that.

And for Meaning *Spoiler alert for the people who haven't seen it*

On No Reason House asked for Ketamee (He found out about it before he got shot and had a halutionation (I cant spell it) about it that is supost to get rid of his leg pain. The surgery was supost to get the bullets out but he was in a comma from the ketamee. Cuddy didn't let him do the treatment because she didn't know if he was his self after his comma and he might of just been lucky and House obeyed Cuddy because he thinks that he's changed and he's trying to be better when everyone knows he hasn't.
DaWacko said:
Here season 1 starts soon :) MTV3 is running a competition, where you can win House stuff :p

I wonder if I could participate :D Nah,I doubt they would send the stuff here. Our channels never do competitions like that :(
They finished showing season 1 here few months back but instead of showing season 2 of House this fall,they are showing Prison Break. And I haven't seen any commertials about House either. Oh well I guess I'll just watch season 1 again from MTV3.
i just have to say that my friend got me addicted to House and now you all have to deal with me. i have a show to watch every day of the week now! excpet Friday.

i sooo want to hear the titanium line. it's going to be great.

Lol welcome to the thread it is addictive as the title said. Ellen degeneres is also addicted to House, i think she said she got into it because she just finsished watching Lost or something and she lost the controler and House came on after and she watched it. I saw the episode where Omar was on but was Hugh or anyone else on?
Re: House # 2

I have a favorite House line!!!!
House: It will be more cost-efficient once I’ve grabbed Cameron’s ass, called Foreman a spade, and Chase… well, I can grab his ass, too.

:lol: oh man that was sooo halarious! chase hates fat people. Heavy was a great episode.

Re: House # 2

I hated Chase in that episode :mad: but i Love him and that line :lol: House is awesome

I loved last nights episode. Chase had a total additude change to me.
Re: House # 2

Cool Thread.
Chase is awesome, in last night's episode he was so sweet and adorable. Especially when House was mocking him about his theories haha. :)
Re: House # 2

Chase was a sweet heart. It was so cute when he said "We're all a little weird" and how happy he was when he said "We got them all" :) he wasn't acting like Chase but i LOVED to see this side of him. I never seen it since Andie.
Re: House # 2

Really liked Chase in the latest eppy, which surprised me, great scenes with the kid

Poor House :(, batterling with the pain, but he lost in the end.
Re: House # 2

Even though i dont want his pain back i am so happy he has his cane is back, i think it's sexxy. Especailly the one he had in All In :sigh:
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