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    Title: Home Sweet Home
    Summary: Nick takes Sara home to meet the parents and to throw in a few surprises of his own.
    Rating: M eventually
    Disclaimer: Still don’t own any of the characters.
    Feedback: Always appreciated J
    Fanfiction.net: This will also be posted over there as well. My username is sweetpea9070 if you'd rather bookmark the story over there.

    |Chapter 1|

    The café was slowly starting to fill up with the early lunch late breakfast goers of the city as Nick noted while he looked around. He fiddled with his napkin and took in a deep breath. The last three months had blown his mind and sent his emotions in a thousand different directions. He had no way of knowing what way was up and what way was down but he’d do it all over again in a heartbeat. It all started with a simple kind gesture of bringing her some soup when she was out sick with the flu and from that moment nothing had been the same for him. He smiled as she rejoined him at the table and sipped a drink of water through her straw. He took in the beauty that was solely her own and drifted off in his own thoughts without even noticing.

    “Would you like to clue me in on what you find so interesting?” Sara asked him with a frown as she leaned back from the table when the waitress sat her plate in front of her.

    Nick jumped a little when the waitress then sat his plate in front of him. “What? Oh right interesting…..just admiring my girl is all. Can’t I do that without your permission?” He smiled and began to cut into his pork chop on his plate.

    Sara blushed a little and began to cut up her own food as they share a bit of silence that had grown to be no longer awkward anymore. She took a bite of her eggs and swallowed once they were chewed. “So would you like to tell me why we had to come to breakfast instead of going home and resting like normal people do when they get off work?” She asked as she forked a bite of his hash browns.

    Nick shrugged and sipped his coffee to wash down the food. “Uh I was hungry? What kinda question is that anyhow? We have to eat that’s a given and we’re both usually tired after shift so that means neither feels up to cooking anything. So henceforth the breakfast idea.” He explained trying to buy more time.

    He did have a particular reason for wanting to go out instead of going back to his apartment but wasn’t sure how he would bring it up. Before he’d gone in for the last shift he’d received a call from his mother asking when he was coming home. He had been so wrapped up in everything that was going on with Sara the thought hadn’t even crossed his mind. His parents still had the overprotective vibe about them since the kidnapping and had a bad habit of enforcing rules that he wasn’t aware about. Apparently he was now supposed to call once a week and visit at least once a month. Neither of which had been brought to his attention. After successfully being summoned by his mother to be there in two weeks, which in her translation meant that the following evening his butt had better be planted on her couch with no complaints, he had mentioned that he might be bringing someone with him. He’d only had to tell her Sara’s name to satisfy her curiosity for the moment, which surprised him. Sara would be the first girl he’d brought home since he was in college and had suspected he’d get the inth degree. He heard Sara clear her throat and realized he’d drifted off again.

    “Okay something is up with you. I’ve been talking to you for 2 minutes straight and your zoned out into another realm of existence.” She said and leaned over the table picking up his plate and placed it beside her to get a whimper out of Nick. “Talk or you don’t get to eat. Your choice.” She said with a very serious look on her face.

    Nick sighed and tossed his napkin up on the table as he leaned back in his chair. “I’d like you to come home with me and meet my parents. There I talked so gimme my food back.” He said as he motioned with his hand for his plate.

    Sara looked at him a little surprised, shocked and confused all at the same time. “Um ok and that was so hard to tell me because…..” Her voice trailed off as she waited for him to finish the sentence for her.

    Nick knew exactly why it was so hard but that would spoil a lot of things he’d been thinking about and he knew how much she loved his surprises. Amazingly he’d thought of a handful of things he’d love to do for her and show her if she accepted in only a short period of time. The kicker of all of them was probably on its way in a delivery truck to his apartment and he didn’t want her to find out until he had his speech all thought up and was ready to go forward with it. They did have some troubles but all couples did and maybe the two of them going away for a few days would do them some good.

    “Because I know how you hate missing work and this isn’t your weekend to be off like it is mine so that would require you to use vacation time which you hate doing. I know you like spending time with me but you’re a workaholic Sar and spending a weekend on a ranch outside of Dallas just doesn’t seem like your idea of fun. Personally it would mean a lot to me if you went. The last three months has totally changed me as a person and I think my parents deserve to see the reason that I’ve changed. They did briefly meet you when I was getting eaten alive by fire ants…” He chuckled a little bit to get a glare from Sara as if to say it wasn’t funny. “I know I know it’s not funny but it’s better to laugh than be all depressed and mopey. If you don’t want to go that’s fine. I just would like them to sit down and meet you now that everything isn’t total chaos. It’s totally left up to you and I won’t take offense if you don’t want to go.” He finished and let out a loud exhale when he realized he had been holding his breath.

    Sara smiled and reached over taking his hand. “Nick I’d love to go. Grissom has been hounding me to take off some so he’ll be more than happy to hear I would like the weekend off. Your family seemed to be really nice and loving so I’m sure I’ll feel comfortable. You worry too much did I ever tell you that?” She squeezed his hand and reached him the plate of food back.

    The thought of going and officially meeting his parents as his girlfriend really scared her and made her happy at the same time. He was the baby of the family and she was pretty sure they were going to be particular about whom he dated and have certain standards but she could be wrong.

    She looked over at him and remembered the terrible fight they’d had only a week ago and she felt her heart break a tiny bit. She thought she had really lost him for good but she hadn’t done anything wrong. Sure she’d went and had dinner with Grissom but Nick fully understood that the friendship she had with Grissom was strictly professional and they had discussed the things to go over in their upcoming court date. How was she supposed to know he had went home early and fixed them both a romantic candlelit dinner? When she walked in her apartment she saw the table set up and Nick obviously pissed asking where she’d been. At the mention of Grissom’s name she saw the anger flow through his body before even giving her time to explain. She still heard the faint echo of him asking angrily if the “desert” so to speak had been worth the wait as he scooted the chair he was in back from the table with some force. He hadn’t given her time to reply before he had answered it himself and then asked her if she now wanted a threesome since she clearly wasn’t sure where her heart was and what she wanted. He’d said his choice of phrases she never expected to hear come out of his mouth and she did the same. He had walked into the living room after the last hateful word had come from his mouth and was searching for his keys when she had picked up the nearest thing near her and hurled it at him not being able to fully see from the tears in her eyes. The glass had hit him on the side of the head and had required several stitches. They had made up after the hospital trip and were back at home. The make up sex had been incredible and both seemed to be living up to their promises of no more fighting but Sara still felt a lump in her throat when she saw where the stitches used to be.

    Sara wiped her mouth and sipped her water trying to get the lump out of her throat after the fight scene had just replayed through her mind yet again. “So when were you wanting to go?”

    Nick finished chewing and wiped his mouth. “Well she said two weeks but that’s not what she meant. That was just a nice way of saying that my ass had better be planted on her couch Friday evening, which is tomorrow. She has a nice way of throwing things out and letting you figure out what they really mean. I’ve learned over the years not to question or complain.”

    Sara nodded and tossed her napkin up on the table, as she was finished. “Well you’re off until Monday night and all I have to do is call Grissom. I was thinking if you wanted we could go down this evening. I mean what else are we gonna do? We both have such an active social life and go out so much…” She let her voice trail off and smiled.

    Nick chuckled and shook his head. “You’ve got a point I will give you credit for that. How about I drop you off and let you get packed. I’ll deal with the flight arrangements and you can take care of your time off. I’ll be back over in say half an hour? Sound alright?” He asked.

    Sara nodded and Nick paid for their food. He walked in her apartment with her to make sure she safely got in all right and realized he hadn’t been back since he’d had a glass hurled at his head knocking him unconscious for a few seconds. Sara noticed it too and walked over putting her arms around his waist and looked up at him.

    “Don’t think about that….please? I’ve cried enough over it.” She said as she reached up and gently touched the spot the glass had hit him.

    Nick hugged her tightly and ran his hands up and down her back when he felt her body start to shake as she sobbed quietly. “Sara…honey stop. It’s over and there’s no use in crying. So you hit me with a glass. I deserved it sweetheart. I should have let you explain before I exploded like I did. It’s alright now…no more fights….no more throwing things. Here..look at me.” He pushed her back gently and took her chin to look her directly in the eyes. “It’s okay Sara. We had a fight and it’s over. I don’t blame you for what you did. Hell I would have thrown more than a glass at me. The things I said to you were inexcusable. I love you sunshine and there’s nothing that can take back what happened but we just have to move forward and forget about it.” He wiped away a tear that was falling down her cheek and kissed the tip of her nose. “Now go and get your stuff packed. I’ll be back in 30 or 45 minutes.”

    Sara nodded and wiped her eyes with her hands. She shut and locked the door behind him as he left and leaned up against it taking a deep breath trying to calm down. She picked up the cordless phone before going into her bedroom to pack. She punched in a number and heard Catherine’s annoyed voice answer.

    “Hey….having a bad day? Look can you tell Grissom that I’m gonna be taking off til Monday?” She asked while she went through her closet.

    “Uh yeah but why didn’t you just call him yourself? And where are you going til Monday?” Catherine asked a little puzzled.

    “Um Nick asked me to go to Texas with him this weekend.” She said and heard Catherine squeal.

    “Oh my god Sara! Do you know what this means?” She asked getting excited.

    “Yes yes I know good and well what it means Catherine. I’m gonna stay in his old room and meet his parents and probably his sisters and brother. Just don’t forget to tell Grissom alright.” She said and ended the call. Of course she knew what it meant. Nick was finally ready to commit to her and wanted his parents approval before he did. Either that or he just had some weird fantasy of having sex with her in his old bed. She laughed out loud and turned on the radio to help pass the time as she packed her clothes not fully knowing what would be waiting for her when she hopped off the plane in Texas later that evening.
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    oh my awesomness more more more, oh and i luv the commant about the make-up sex, thats so true, and the best thing about fighting :lol:
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    Great fic! :) Looking forward to chapter 2.
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    Awesome! I liked that they fought and made up. And the next chap is going to be interesting. I loved it!

    Btw, cute banner! I love that scene :D
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    Okay so I got bored and figured I'd go ahead and do chapter 2 while I was sitting around doing nothing :) Enjoy and it did get a little long just fair warning!

    Thanks you guys for the warm comments! But true Snickers will appreciate this story very much once it's finished I have a feeling :)


    |Chapter 2|

    Nick walked into his apartment tossing his keys down on the coffee table as he sat down. He couldn’t stand to see her cry and it always tore him up inside whenever he saw just one single tear come from her eyes. He put his head into his hands and sighed. He had pushed her to the limit and deserved what had happened but the last words he’d said before the glass hit him still echoed through his mind. “I knew you were to good to be true.” He took a deep breath and got up from the couch.

    “Airplane tickets…..stop thinking about everything and focus on the damn tickets Nick.” He muttered to himself as he picked up the phone calling the airline. He had managed to get a flight that left in a couple of hours and called his mother to let her know they were coming down.

    “See this is the kind of phone call I like to hear from my son. I’ll call Amber and let her tell the girls and your brother so we can all be here to meet Sara when you get here. And I’ll have your father take your truck to the airport so you don’t have to waste your money renting a car.” His mother replied after Nick told her the news.

    Nick groaned at the mention of his sister’s name. “No mom don’t tell Amber. Please. I just wanted it to be a nice quiet evening with you and Dad. Amber is a major overload that Sara or I need to deal with right now.”

    There was a wild child in every family and Amber had turned out to be the one for the Stokes family. She was in constant party mode and never seemed to just sit and enjoy life. She always had to get herself in some type of trouble. Nick remembered many times he’d have to come to her rescue and take her home when he was in college. Despite her reckless ways she had been the only sibling he’d gotten really close to.

    “Nick that’s nonsense! Everyone needs to meet her. It’s not every day you bring home a girl. We’ll all have a nice family dinner later tonight. And I will talk with Amber. Try to get her to tone it down a little. I’ll see you in a little while.” His mother said and they ended a call with a nice I love you from both parts.

    Nick packed some clothes, put some extra food out for the cat and locked up. He pulled in Sara’s parking lot and made his way up to her apartment using the spare key she’d given him. He heard music coming from her bedroom and realized she had calmed down. He shut the door quietly and walked down the hall to her bedroom. She had enough clothes on her bed to last her a good two weeks and chuckled quietly. She had a couple of nighties laid out on the bed and he walked up behind her putting his arms around her waist startling her.

    “Go with the pink one. You always look sexy when you wear it and your hair pinned up.” He kissed the side of her neck softly and she turned around in his arms slowly.

    “Really….well that’s always good to know that you’ll be getting aroused while in the presence of your parents!” She pushed him playfully and turned back around picking up the pink nightie and tossed it in her bag.

    “Oh you won’t be wearing that in front of them. That’s for me. If you wanted the suggestion on what to wear while you have coffee in the mornings go with the green flannel looking pj bottoms and that white cami top.” He smirked and sat down on the only clean spot on the bed.

    “Haha very funny.” She rolled her eyes but did take his suggestion and grabbed the pj bottoms and cami top. She started to sing along with the song that was on the radio and didn’t pay any attention to him. “I love your imperfections. I love your everything. Your broken heart. Your broken wings….”

    Nick smiled when he realized what song was playing and got up spinning her around and started to slowly sway with the sound of the music and sang along until she kissed him to shut him up.

    “Cause when we’re torn apart, shattered and scared. Love has the grace to save us. We’re just two tarnished hearts. But in each others arms…we become saint’s and angels…” Sara finished singing when she pulled back from the kiss that had developed from something innocent to her shirt becoming untucked and his belt unbuckled.

    Oddly enough the song had been playing softly in the background when they had their first kiss on Sara’s couch. She had invited him in when he brought her some soup when she was out with the flu and he had ended up leaving the next morning. She was quite surprised he even remembered the importance of the song, as was she. She never was one to listen to country music but that day it had just been something different and she’d left it on.

    Nick looked down at his belt and then back up at Sara with a grin who knew what he meant but shook her head. He made a face and sighed. “Fine fine. Get me all worked up and then shoot me down. I can tell when I’m not wanted.” He said playfully as he buckled his belt back.

    “I’m never gonna get packed if your in here and you know that. Now get outta here. You can take those bags over there and sit them by the door if you want something to do until I’m finished.” She let her hand slide down the front of his pants and copped a feel getting a glare from Nick. “Get!” She laughed and pushed him towards the bags.

    Sara finished packing her last bag and threw in her bag of bathroom accessories she’d need. She flipped off the radio and the lights before she walked in the living room to see Nick lounged out on her couch watching television. She leaned over the back of the couch and kissed him gently.

    “Are you ready?” She asked as she pulled back and tucked some hair behind her ears.

    Nick nodded and rose up putting a hand behind her neck and pulled her mouth down to his kissing her deeply loving the way her tongue felt against his. He pulled back and caressed her face gently. “They are going to absolutely love you.” He whispered to her.

    Once her bags were piled into the back of his Denali they made their way to the airport not really talking. Each engulfed in their own thoughts. Sara got more nervous as they got closer to the airport and started fiddling with the necklace around her neck as she looked out the window. She felt Nick’s hand slide up her thigh and squeeze.

    “Will you stop it. Your getting worked up over nothing. You are the sweetest girl I’ve ever known. They will love you.” He said reassuringly to her.

    “Yeah sure they will. I’m probably the most dysfunctional girl you’ve ever known. I’m sure they have certain standards set for the girl they want you to be with Nick and I’m almost positive I’m not her.” She said and glanced at him with a worried look on her face.

    “Sara listen to me. Stop thinking and just listen to me for half a second. The only thing they want for me is to be happy. I’m truly happy with you and they will see that the second they see you. You’ve changed me so much they’ll probably be thanking you. I just want you to enjoy the time you have down here and not worry the entire time about being perfect and well mannered. Once you meet everyone all this stupid worrying will be over.” He said as he pulled into a parking spot and turned off the engine. “Now lets get going or we’re going to miss the flight.

    They walk into the airport and Sara watched Nick wrestle with her bags and grinned a little. He dropped them off at the appropriate spot and they went on through to their designated gate. Sara sat beside the window once on the plane and laid her head on Nick’s shoulder once the plane got into the air.

    Nick tousled her hair with his hand and kissed the top of her head. He interlinked his fingers through hers and watched some of the inflight movie. He felt her lips nibble on his earlobe after a while and her breath trickle down his neck. He frowned a little having thought she’d drifted off to sleep and she stopped him from moving his head.

    “Nicky my lower back really hurts….do you think you could massage it for me?” She whispered in his ear and watched him nod his head. She leaned forward yawning a bit and put her head in her hands as she felt his hands slowly start to knead at her muscles.

    Nick felt how tense she had gotten and wondered if it was from her position she’d slept in from the short nap or all the worrying she’d done. He tried to press harder against her muscles but realized he wasn’t in a good position. He leaned down and pushed some hair away from her ear. “Follow me to the bathroom. I can’t get to you in these seats.” He whispered and took her hand as she looked up.
    Sara frowned a little but knew that he had to do his massaging a particular way or he wasn’t happy. He was very particular about the way he gave massages she’d found out but after she’d had her first one she could see why. His hands could definitely work magic. She followed him and they found an unoccupied bathroom and Nick opened the door allowing Sara to step in first. He followed and locked the door. He pulled her shirt over her head and bent her over the sink a little. He had every good intention of finishing the massage and the thought of anything other than that never entered his mind. He pressed harder against her muscles in her lower back and looked in the mirror to see her eyes were closed and a soft moan escape from her lips.

    “Nick…” She whimpered out his name and he leaned over her still massaging her lower back.

    “What sweetie…to hard?” He said softly and she let a small moan escape from her mouth when he let his hands press harder.

    Nick smiled and kissed her shoulders lightly several times. “Shhh…we’re not at home remember.” He felt her muscles finally relax after sometime and continued on for a few more minutes. He put a finger through a belt loop on her jeans and nudged her to stand up straight. She looked up at him through the mirror and smiled.

    “Thank you.” She simply said and he turned her around to face him. “But what could I ever do to repay you?” She asked in an innocent way when a strap on her bra slid down her arm.

    Nick gulped a little when she moved her hands to his belt and unbuckled it slowly. “Uh Sar…this probably isn’t…” She placed a finger over his lips and slid her hand down his boxers until she found what she was looking for. She raised an eyebrow at him when he let out a moan when her grip tightened and she quickened her pace. His hands were placed around her waist and were sliding towards the button on her jeans when someone knocked on the door.

    Sara bit back a laugh. “Just a minute!” She said and looked at Nick who had gotten beads of sweat and his breath had gotten deeper. “Sweetheart someone needs the restroom. I guess this will just have to be finished elsewhere.”

    Nick shook his head. “No…Sara you can’t just stop. Not now…”He whined and leaned in kissing and sucking on her neck. “Please baby don’t stop…” He whispered huskily in her ear. “Please let me finish.”

    Sara’s eyes closed and she felt his jeans drop to the ground while one of his hands covered hers helping her. The sound of him begging for her touch was too much and he knew the effect it would have on her. She let him take control of her hands and do as he pleased. She soon got lost in the sound of his heavy breathing and the sound of him saying her name. She felt warm liquid spill into her hand after sometime, heard a low guttural moan drift into her ear and opened up her eyes with a grin on her face.
    “I don’t know if this qualifies you as a member of the Mile High Club or not. What do you think?” She asked and before he answered he claimed her mouth in his and she let out a soft sigh as he pulled back.

    “Mile High Club member no….memorable flight experience to date yes.” He smirked and slowly took her hand from underneath his boxers. “You may want to clean up before we go back.” He reached around her washing his hands and jerked his jeans back up as she cleaned up herself.

    They went back to their seats and Nick noticed the Sara he’d fell in love with was back and the worrisome frightened little girl from earlier was nowhere to be found. He leaned over her shoulder reading the magazine she had started to flip through and both commented on the articles until the fasten seatbelt sign came on and the announcement they were getting ready to descend down to Dallas.

    Nick fastened his seatbelt and took her hand in his giving her a reassuring squeeze when she looked at him. “We’ll stop and get a quick bite to eat before we go on out to the house. This airplane food is never fit to eat. It’ll help settle your nerves.” He said with a soft smile.

    “My nerves have been settled for a while. But you can stop and get something. I’ll wait and eat later. But thanks for thinking of me.” She kissed him softly and the plane jerked a split second as the tires hit the runway.

    They got off the plane and went to pick up their bags. Sara grabbed a couple after she noticed Nick having trouble and they walked on outside passing up the rental place. “Uh how are we supposed to get there…walk?” Sara asked looking around the parking lot.

    Nick gave her a look. “Horseback ride…don’t you know anything.” He laughed and walked towards a maroon f-150 extended cab with dark black tinted windows that appeared to be brand new. He turned around when he noticed Sara was walking slowly behind him still confused. “This is mine in case you’re wondering. I’m not just going to steal someone’s vehicle to save the money on a rental car. Give me some credit Sar.” He tossed the bags he was carrying into the back seat behind his and walked around opening the door for Sara. He took her hand as she hopped up into the truck and closed the door.

    He turned on the ignition and pulled out of the parking lot stopping by the closest Mcdonalds and grabbing a bite for himself to eat. As he unwrapped the burger he noticed Sara reaching between his legs and grabbing a fry.

    “So where exactly are you taking me?” She asked as she took a bite of the fry.

    “A little place just outside of the city. It’s not far at all. Very peaceful and I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s very different from Vegas I will tell you that. I think you’ll be quite surprised to see for yourself what kind of place I come from. It’s not what you expect. Just relax and enjoy the scenery.” He smiled and then took a bite of his burger as he drove on through the last red-light in town and they started their journey out to his old home.
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    Luv it! :D Moooore!
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    MOOOOOOOOOOORE hehe, i could so c sara grabbing a fry and urm... eating it in a teasing manner :p
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    Man you can really tell I have not done a damn thing today can't you :lol: Got Chapter 3 finished....yes I know 3 chapters ...really long chapters in one day is odd but like I said I've done NOTHING today! Enjoy :)


    |Chapter 3|

    Sara snagged a couple more fries and settled back into her seat looking out the window at what was some beautiful scenery. She flipped off her sandals and tucked her feet up around her chest getting comfortable. Nick finished up his food and turned on the radio before he leaned back and got comfortable. He hadn’t been in his truck much lately and had missed it. He wanted to drive it back to Vegas but he already knew the answer. His mother had made her point rather clear that if they bought him a truck for his birthday the previous year it would stay here. He guessed it was more incentive for him to come home.

    He pushed the button on the door and his window came down letting the warm air flow in the truck and reached up looking for his sunglasses when he felt Sara nudge him with them in her hand. He smiled and slid them on with a sweet thank you. He felt like a different person when he was here and he hoped Sara would appreciate and respect that. To his knowledge he didn’t act any different but he could be wrong.

    Sara closed her eyes as the air drifted over her face and took the baseball cap Nick had on off of his head. She wrapped her hair up and slid the cap on returning the smile he gave her. He seemed different to her but she couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was. He didn’t seem to have a care in the world and seemed more comfortable with everything in general.

    They drove on out of the city for a few extra miles and Nick turned on his signal before he took a left down a long paved driveway. He got off the road and put the truck in park. He turned to her and caressed her face gently. “If you don’t want to go now’s your last chance speak up. There isn’t a way for them to know I’ve even turned in yet from where the house sits.”

    Sara looked at him and ran her hands through his hair and rested her hand on the back of his neck. “Just drive….” She simply said and accepted the gentle kiss he planted on her lips before he continued to drive on up the driveway.

    The truck came to a stop in a circular driveway in front of a very huge beige brick house with a gray rough. The yard was beautifully landscaped with plenty of shrubs and trees. The house itself seemed big enough for two families. From the way it sat and the trees that surrounded it there wasn’t any way of telling it was part of a ranch and Sara frowned a little bit at Nick. “I thought you said you lived on a ranch….looks pretty citified if you want my opinion.” She wasn’t the least surprised at how fancy and rich it looked since his dad was a judge and his mother a lawyer. She was surprised however at how he had turned out. There wasn’t a bit of rich citified blood in him. He was definitely still a country boy, which she preferred over anything else.

    Nick chuckled and took the key out of the ignition. “That’s the only way my mother would live here. You can’t really tell it’s a ranch until you step out back. She wanted the city look and dad wanted the country. So they compromised. She got her way with the front and he got his way with the back…well most of the back. I told you it’s not what you would expect. You were expecting an older looking home with barns and stuff around right?” He smirked.

    Sara nodded in agreement. “Well you did say you came from the country and lived on a ranch Nick.”

    Nick laughed and got out of the truck when he saw his mother and father come from around back. Sara took off the cap and ruffled up her hair trying to look halfway presentable. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. “You’ve always wanted this to happen….you can do this Sara.” She said to herself quietly and got out of the truck slowly.

    Nick’s mother ran over to him and hugged him tightly. “My little boy’s finally home.” She smiled and pulled back to look at him. He had worn a pair of jeans that had holes in the knees and appeared to be dirty but in reality that’s the way they had looked when he bought them. “Nicky don’t they pay you enough to afford decent jeans.” His mother said shaking her head.

    “Don’t start….” He laughed and turned to his dad who pulled him in for a hug. He hadn’t realized it had been at least 6 months since he’d been home until he saw the relieved look on his parents face when they saw him walk around the front of the truck.

    “Pancho why don’t you introduce us to this beautiful young woman here. Surely this isn’t the Sara we’ve heard so much about?” Bill asked and nodded at Jillian when he saw the change on Nick’s face as he looked at Sara.

    Sara smiled trying not to be embarrassed and was about to say something when Jillian came over and gave her a warm hug. They had never been properly introduced the night they were at the lab and Sara was almost positive they didn’t remember her. Their thoughts were focused directly on Nick that night.

    Jillian pulled back and looked at Nick. “Nicky she’s an angel.” She turned back to Sara and smiled. “It’s nice to finally meet you sweetheart.”

    “Thank you Mrs. Stokes. You’ve got such a beautiful home.” She said as Bill came over and hugged her himself.

    “Please call us Bill and Jillian. If you’re going to be a part of this family there’s no need for the Mr. and Mrs. stuff.” Bill said to her as he pulled back. “I hope she’ll be a part of this family soon…” He said towards Nick who just grinned. “It’s nice to finally see that Nick finally decided to be a man and bring home his girl.” He said as he put an arm around Sara’s shoulders and led her towards the house while he continued to talk.

    Jillian turned to Nick and couldn’t stop smiling. “You young man are different. I don’t know what it is but you are definitely different….is Sara the cause?” She asked as she put her arm around his waist.

    Nick glanced ahead at Sara and his dad and grinned. “Yeah she is. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this way about anyone before Mom. She just makes me feel like life is really worth living. I don’t think I’ve been this happy since you guys bought me Ringo. She just makes me see things differently.”

    Jillian smiled up at him. “She seems really sweet Nick. You should take her down to the stables after you guys get settled in. We got a new addition that I’m sure she’ll fall in love with.”

    Nick nodded and looked around as he noticed that it was rather quiet around. “Where’s the girls and Lance?” He asked as they walked in the house.

    “They don’t know you’re here. Bill thought it would be better if Sara got settled before we brought the whole clan out. They’ll be around tomorrow sometime. I’m glad your finally home.” She leaned up and kissed his cheek. “So Sara would you like something to eat sweetheart? There’s fresh fruit in the fridge.” She asked with a warm smile.

    “Yeah I am a little hungry.” She said and noticed that Jillian was headed for the fridge. “Please let me get it. Just point me in the direction of the plates.” Jillian pointed to the cabinet with the plates and Sara got one out and sat it down on the kitchen counter. She opened the fridge and got out the fruit platter sitting it on the counter beside the plate.

    Bill walked over to Nick, who was standing in the middle of the kitchen a little amazed at how smooth things were going, and put an arm around his shoulder. “Would you like to tell us how you two got together or do I have to embarrass Sara?” He asked with a smile towards Nick.

    Nick laughed a little at the look on Sara’s face and decided they needed to know the PG version of how it happened and gave her a reassuring look before he started. “She was out of work with the flu. I fixed some of that chicken soup Mom always makes, took it over and things just kinda took off.”

    “Chicken soup…so that’s what they are calling it these days.” Bill nodded taking it in.

    “Bill!” Jillian exclaimed “Don’t embarrass them.”

    Sara’s mouth dropped open and her face turned a light shade of red when she looked at Nick who was looking at the ground shaking his head. Nick looked up finally and walked over and filled up a plate of fruit for Sara. “I think I’m gonna take her on a tour of the house on that note. You want some help with dinner later Mom?”

    Jillian a little shocked since he had never wanted to help her before just nodded and smiled. “That sounds fine. I’ll start it in a couple of hours.”

    Nick nodded and handed the plate to Sara as he placed his other hand on her lower back nudging her to go in front of him as they left the kitchen. He showed her the living room, downstairs study, family room and then they walked together upstairs. He walked in his old room and shut the door behind him gently.

    “I’m sorry about that…..” He started when Sara held up her hand letting out a laugh.

    “It’s alright Nick. So your parents know we’re sleeping together. We are adults now…it’s not like we’re 16.” She said as she looked around his room.

    The entire house had hardwood flooring she’d noted. The dark mahogany wood of the sleigh bed matched the flooring rather nicely as did the giant rug that run underneath the bed and came out on both sides. The entertainment center in the middle of the room provided a huge television, DVD and CD Player, as well as several books in the middle on the bottom. The picture window over to the side of the room over looked a giant field where she could see horses lazily grazing on a pile of hay. She smiled and finally noticed what he meant about the ranch being hard to notice. The computer desk in the corner was neatly arranged and Sara noticed a picture of Nick and another girl. She held it up with a questioning look.

    “That’s Amber….she’s probably the only sibling I have that I’m really close to. Mom said she’ll be around tomorrow. She’s quite a character.” He said as he sat down gently on the side of the bed watching her look around the room and nibbled on her fruit. She placed the now empty plate down on the dresser and walked over to him sitting down in his lap gently. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him softly with the feeling his parents may walk in any second.

    Nick arranged her body on his until her legs were straddling him and he leaned back on the bed pulling her with him. She pulled back and sat up on his stomach looking down at him. “So I guess the question of the hour is do they like me?” She asked and ran her hands up his chest slowly.

    Nick nodded in agreement and put his hands on her hips. “Yes they like you. I told you not to worry. The way my dad took to you should have answered that question.” He pressed her hips against his and raised an eyebrow. “If you can be quiet that is….”

    Sara shook her head. “You know the answer to that Stokes. Why don’t you show me the backyard instead…hmmm” She said playfully and grinded her hips against his several times until he started to match her movements. He let out a moan louder than she expected and she grabbed a pillow putting it over his face quickly.

    Nick’s muffled laughter came through the pillow and he tickled her until she was lying beside him on her back with the pillow in hand begging him to stop. He propped himself up on his elbows and rubbed her stomach gently. “You’ll pay for that later so don’t you forget it. Come on and I’ll finish the tour and show you the back yard.” He jerked her up by her hands and led her downstairs with his fingers interlocked with hers. “Goin outside and probably down to the stables.” He yelled into the kitchen not sure why but did so all the same.

    They walked out the front door and Nick put his arm around her shoulders feeling her fingers go through a loop on his jeans as they walked around the side of the house. Sara noted at how peaceful it was and could only hear the sounds of birds chirping. She was surprised at how quiet the world could actually be. It was definitely a change from Vegas that’s for sure.

    “Amazing how quiet it is out here compared to back home huh?” Nick asked as they lazily made their way to the back yard not really caring about anything but each other at that point.

    “Yeah it is. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a place that was this peaceful. Even at Lake Mead you got the sounds of boats and stuff all the time. I’m really glad you wanted to bring me here Nick. For whatever reason it was I just feel special that you wanted to share this part of your life with me.” She squeezed him around his waist gently.

    Nick kissed her on top of the head. “Why did I have to have a reason to bring you here? You deserved to know what my life was all about and this was a major part of it. I don’t come out as often as I used to that’s true but it’s a part of me that I can never let go of no matter how hard I may try. When I’m here it’s like nothing else in the world matters but what’s going on around the house or the horses. I feel like I can do whatever I want and not be judged. That was until I let you in my life. And that so far has been the best move I’ve ever made.”

    Sara smiled and put her head against his shoulder. Despite what he may say he did have a reason for wanting to bring her down. She wasn’t entirely sure to what it was but just the way he acted led her to believe that it was something she wasn’t expecting. But in due time he would reveal what it was and she just had to be patient and wait it out.
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    hi csigal love the story and make me squeeal..
    write more...
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    omg i luv this!!! i cant wait for more, i think nick is gonna propose!
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    Aww this is so cute please continue soon.
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    Love it :D Keep it coming :)
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    |Chapter 4|

    They both slowly made their way to the back yard and Sara nodded in approval when she saw the pool and hot tub that was directly off the patio. The back was beautifully landscaped just as the front with a fair amount of trees to provide at least partial shade. Sara noticed a hammock held up between two trees to her left and a gazebo just off to the right of the pool.

    “And this is just your typical backyard I guess. Nothing really fancy back here. The grill and stuff is over there on the patio. Pool, hot tub, chairs. Nothing out of the ordinary I don’t think.” He shrugged

    Sara chuckled and looked at him. “Yeah we all grew up with a backyard exactly like this Nick. Sure. I think my pool may have been a tad bit bigger…hot tub was smaller. And oh yes everybody had a grill big enough to cook a whole cow on it,.” She nudged him with her elbow playfully.

    Nick made a face at her. “You know what I mean smarty. I guess that’s all there is to the house. Besides the stables that are down through there.” He pointed to a gravel road. “If you feel like taking a little bit of a walk I’ll gladly show you the horses.”

    “That sounds fine. Weather’s nice, sunny, not to warm and not to cold. It’s perfect.” She looped her arm through his and they started their way down to the stables.

    “This place is incredible Nick. I would have never guessed you came from a place like this. I mean sure I know your parents have money but most kids with parents like yours are different.” Sara said as she kicked at a rock with her sandals.

    “I always appreciated the fact that I never did without but there was really no need for me to act any differently. Money doesn’t really make a person who they are Sara. And I probably could have had something similar to this if I would have stayed but I chose to be my own person. I don’t regret a single decision I’ve ever made.” He replied back to her as they had arrived at the stables.

    Nick took her hand in his and led her into the front stable where a few horses were in their stalls munching on hay or laying down to rest. He wondered where the new addition his mother had mentioned was. He came up on the stall where AppleJack was and his questions were answered. Directly beside her a baby colt lay curled up asleep.

    “Well look what we have here….” Nick said with a smile as AppleJack got up and walked over to the door. She nuzzled her neck against his hand as he scratched the side of her neck. “Hey sweetie….looks like you got something to keep you busy this summer.”

    Sara stood back and just smiled at how affectionate he was with the horse and tiptoed over to see what he was talking about. The baby colt looked up at her and she laughed a little. “That’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever saw.” She said as she looked over at Nick who was watching her. The baby got up and wobbled over to where Sara was standing. It looked up as if wanting it’s head scratched too and Sara obliged and gently scratched the middle of its head.

    “Is she yours?” Sara asked Nick.

    Nick shook his head. “Nope AppleJack belongs to Amber. Had her for I’d say 10 years now. Come on and I’ll show you the other stable. I think most of them are probably out in the fields but we’ll walk through.” He interlinked his fingers with hers and they walked through the second stable that was empty just as Nick had predicted.

    He led her over to a fencerow and whistled loudly a few times and when she looked back to the field wondering what he was doing a beautiful brown horse was galloping towards them. She saw the look on Nick’s face and smiled.

    The horse stopped directly in front of Nick who had his hand out and rubbed it’s nose. “Hey big guy….I told you I’d be back.” The horse leaned its head against Nick’s hand. “Alright alright I’ll scratch your neck calm down.” He chuckled and looked over at Sara. “This is mine. His name’s Ringo. I’d over to let you ride him but he’s never really taken to anyone but me. He’ll let Dad feed him and the basic stuff but nobody else has ever been able to get any closer than that.”

    Sara smiled and ran her hand over Ringo’s head gently and he turned his head away from her. “He’s beautiful Nick even if he is antisocial.” She said with a laugh.

    Nick smiled. “Ringo…..” He said softly and the horse turned to his voice. Nick bent its head down and whispered in his ear. “I want you to be nice to Sara now….I know I know she was the thing that kept me away but she’s gonna be around a lot more and so will I. She’s very sweet and won’t hurt you I promise. You think you might be a good boy for me and let her have a little ride?” The horse turned his head away from Nick and looked in Sara’s direction as if he understood.

    Sara had walked down beside the fence a little bit picking up a few wildflowers letting Nick enjoy his time with the horse and was startled a little bit when she was nudged on the shoulder. She turned around with a little frown thinking it was Nick when she saw Ringo looking at her. She looked down at Nick who had a grin on his face.

    “Okay so what did you do give him drugs? He wanted nothing to do with me a few seconds ago.” Sara said as she reached over and rubbed his nose.

    “He wants you to ride him babe. Wait here and I’ll go get his saddle.” Nick said and turned around before Sara could protest. He knew she’d never rode a horse before but he knew if he could get her up on one she’d fall in love with it.

    Meanwhile Bill and Jillian had come out on the patio to enjoy the fresh air and saw Nick coming out of the barn with saddle in hand. They figured he was going to take his horse for a little ride when they noticed him putting it on and helping Sara on top and started giving her the basic training she’d need for the short trip.

    “Bill what is he doing? He knows that horse won’t take to anyone but him. She’s going to get hurt.” Jillian said a little worried.

    Bill sit and watched in silence not answering his wife and saw Nick saddle up another horse and ride it over to the field next to Sara. He saw them slowly trot off without the slightest bit of hesitation or resistance coming from Ringo. He turned to Jillian and smiled. “Don’t you see what just happened? That horse can sense that Sara belongs here and that she belongs to Nick. Ringo wouldn’t hurt her for anything in this world I can guarantee that right now. You saw how he acted when one of the girls tried that. He would have no part of it and they ended up flat on the ground within seconds. Animals can sense thinks Jillian. Ringo accepts anything that remotely revolves around Nick. Why else do you think he will let me take care of him? I am the only other person that is ever down there. There’s something between Nick and Sara that you and I can’t see but Ringo did.”

    Jillian smiled and took a sip of her drink beside her. She was about to reply when the phone rang just inside the house and she went inside to answer it leaving Bill outside with his thoughts.

    Nick glanced over at Sara who was nervous but trying to relax and enjoy herself. “You doin alright?”

    Sara nodded and glanced over at him. “I thought you said he wouldn’t let anyone else ride him. What makes me so special?” She asked while she patted the side of his neck gently.

    “Ringo and I have an understanding.” He left it at that and brought his horse to a stop when they came to a small stream that led off into the woods. He hopped off his horse and stopped Ringo easily allowing Sara to get down. He took both horses over and tied them up to a nearby tree.

    “Okay…what are we doing?” Sara asked looking around and wasn’t able to see the house or the stables anymore.

    Nick takes her hand without saying a word and led her over to a small clearing near the stream. He sat down and patted his thigh nodding for her to sit in between his legs. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her tightly realizing the last time he’d come up here was shortly after he’d gotten out of the hospital after the kidnapping.

    Sara sensed something was up but didn’t want to ruin anything. She put her hands on his arm and returned the hug leaning her head back on his chest starting at the wilderness around them.

    Nick cleared his throat. “I come up here a lot when I want to sit and think by myself. It’s pretty quiet as you can tell. The scenery is beautiful and it just really seems to calm me down and opens up my mind. I brought you here because I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate everything that you’ve done for me Sara. I know I don’t tell you how much I love you every single day, how pretty I think you are, how happy you make me and a lot more things. To be honest I didn’t know a whole lot about love and how to handle a serious relationship. I’ve learned everything so far from you….”His voice trailed off and she felt him shift his weight a little. One of his hands disappeared out of her view and came back in front of her holding a long slender box. “I’m really terrible with speeches and stuff but this is for you. I thought it would be a nice little gift to give you and when you wear it I hope that you know that even though I may not be the perfect boyfriend and tell you I love you every second of the day but I hope when you look at it or toy with it when you get bored or scared you can feel the love I have for you right here…” He touches where her heart is. “and know that it’s never going to go away.”

    Sara felt a tear slide down her cheek and she wiped it away quickly. She took the box out of his hand and opened it slowly. What waited inside brought tears to her eyes and her body jerked from a sob she let slip out. She picked up the necklace gently in her hand and let the charm rest in her hand. It was a silver dragonfly with three diamonds in the place of its head. She turned around and looked at Nick who wiped a tear away from her cheek.

    “Don’t you ever say that your not the perfect boyfriend….ever again.” She put a hand on his cheek. “Do you hear me Nick? I never want to hear that come out of your mouth again. You mean the entire world to me and nobody will ever replace the way I feel about you.”

    Nick pulled her close to his chest and hugged her tightly never wanting to let her go. She made him feel like the strongest man in the world and that he could take on anything but in reality if she ever left him his whole world would crumble in a thousand pieces leaving a giant whole nobody could ever fill. She was his world and she didn’t even know.
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    That was an awesome chapter. Loved it :D
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    Beautiful story so far!

    I loved it when Ringo didn't hurt Sara even though he is Nick's horse. He understood the the relation between Nick and Sara. I also loved how Nick explain the understanding between him and Ringo.

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