Hill Harper

CSI Files

On Tuesday the 7th of March, 2006, Hill Harper (Dr. Sheldown Hawkes) took part in a live chat session with CSI Files visitors, during which he answered questions about his character, his new book, and the other films and TV shows he's been in. Below you can find a transcript of the entire chat.


Christian: Hello everyone, and welcome to this live chat with CSI: New York actor Hill Harper, who plays Dr. Sheldon Hawkes on the show. A very special welcome, of course, to Hill Harper, who's been gracious enough to join us tonight. Is everything working okay for you with the chat, Hill?

Hill Harper: Hey Everybody!

Christian: We've received lots of questions via the message board, and of course you're able to ask questions now as well. To do so, simple type "/msg Kristine [your question]".

Christian: Just tell us when you're ready, Hill, and we will begin to ask you questions :).

Hill Harper: Now is great.

Christian: Here's the first question, from jorja_fan86: In which way are you and your portrayal of Sheldon Hakwes similar and in which ways are you different?

Hill Harper: I think that he is much more scientific than I am personally.

Hill Harper: I'm not the fastest typist in the world so be patient with me!

Kristine: Khanada would like to know what the most interesting thing you've learned in the show is?

Hill Harper: That these people are heroes and truth seekers... It seems that in our criminal justice system, truth is not always the goal of prosecutors and defense attorneys, they just want to win, but CSI's seek truth!

Christian: From MrsGiovinazzo: As an attorney myself, any man with a Harvard law degree who chooses not to practice certainly has my attention and respect. Has there ever been a time when you questioned your decision to pursue acting instead? Were you ever a starving artist going, "Damn, I could have started at $150,000/yr at any firm in the country?"


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Yay the chat transcript is finally up! It looks like Hill put a lot of effort into his answers and that's fantastic! He has a cute sense of humour as well. I had a really good time reading it and the quality of the answers and questions was great! Thanks talkcsi and Hill! His answer to dance2nite926 question had me in stiches. Aahaha good stuff. Ooh, and he answered my question. *squee*