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How would you grade Rest in Peace, Marina Garito?

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  1. roximonoxide

    roximonoxide Lab Technician

    Jul 12, 2007
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    Unfortunately this whole plot hinged on one of the show's biggest sweep-it-under-the-rug-shortcomings. That being: the whole case gets off the ground on the basis of NO evidence and someone's gut feeling. Despite the fact that no crime lab worth their salt would let that happen. Despite the fact that Mac Taylor NEVER succumbs to intuition alone. Despite the fact that he's crucified people for JUST that in the past. Apparently, Stella's gut doesn't have shit for brains like the rest of us? What. Ever.

    If you'd like to know what exactly got this case reopened --as in, had the investigation continue after Sid made his call, I urge you to rewatch the scene where Stella was standing in Mac's office talking about how she refused to believe Marina would give up. Basically the premise they're leading with is that "Stella saw it in her eyes". And we all know that shit holds up in court better than DNA. :rolleyes:

    Even Danny and Lindsay-- THE MESSERS!! --were confused as to what the fuck they were doing on a case without evidence. "Gee, Stell we'd love to help but we can't seem to get your woman's intuition to register on the Z-Nose." :confused:

    When they finally do fabricate--err um I mean, FIND some evidence to go on we get the misfortune of seeing that Lindsay (MESSER!) has been teaching Danny (MESSER!) how to explain your findings in the most asinine and unnecessarily tedious ways. Wonderful, now there's two public school science fair performers running around these glass halls. At least, he pulled that crap on HER and I can fantasize that maybe Lindsay got a taste of her own shit-shows, and at heart he was mocking her for it. Then again, this show hasn't been so nuanced in years.

    Maybe the NY fashion district was trying to move some bolts of unwanted material this week, but I found both the "Foam Fry" and the "Memory Material" pretty far from being based on reality. I'm calling Mythbusters right now about that pillow trick. :wtf:

    At the end of this crapisode, Stella's right of course! Marina was murdered after all! But wait! The ONLY thing that made Stella think she was murdered in the first place turns out to be wrong! Marina HAD given up looking for her brother! Just before someone else killed her! Well, that's a knee slapper, kids! Case closed, we'll chalk this one up to coincidence! WHAT?! :wtf:

    The only tolerable moments in this one were listening to Flack try to bring Stella back down to earth-- the planet where people get slightly miffed when they get the same call every day at 8AM for 3 years, and Adam's witty répartie with Aubrey.

    For shame!
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2010
  2. Fwuzzfwuzz

    Fwuzzfwuzz Hit and Run

    Oct 21, 2009
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    Liked it in some area and hated it in others.

    I liked how they had the whole team here. It's nice to have them all be together in an episode.

    I liked the scenes with Mac and Aubrey even though her coming in with the clothes just seems too coincidental.

    I definitely found it funny when Adam hit on Aubrey. Haha, atleast Mac didn't notice. That would've been akward.

    The bonding moment between Hawkes and Sid was really sweet!!

    I didn't like how there seem to be too many coincidences. I don't know how you can rule out suicide just by someones hand frozen in a certain angle. I don't know how the heck a french fry shaped piece of foam came out of the pillow. Wouldn't there be other fluff balls as well? Repressed memory seemed like a copout to me.

    Marina popping in and out of the episode was super confusing BTW.

    Plus major hate during this season is making Adam look like an idiot. The same Adam who could see, discern and demonstrate in all other cases in previous seasons seems like an idiot in this season. I mean Adam, yes, is the comic relief but it's not funny when he's made out to be a dumbarse.

    One question, in the dream. What was the significance of the blonde woman helping her out of the car crash? Did I miss something.
  3. Plenilunio

    Plenilunio Lab Technician

    Feb 19, 2009
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    *bangs her head against desk*

    Come on! This was just wrong. A extremely slow-paced episode containing nothing but coincidences and lucky guesses. Whatever. Not plot twists, no thrills, no surprises, nada! Stella being a victim to some brute, how original! Marina's monologues made me yawn. No, really, I yawned. I'm also surprised that they can't arrest a guy who's tried to kill a cop, isn't that a crime? Mac's girlfriend? Whatever.

    Just one thing: I'd love to see one of these "gut feeling" episodes ending in a completely different way. Imagine for a second Marina accidentally killed her twin and she forgets. She now remembers and shoots herself. Case closed. But no, that can't be. Stella knows it's not possible.
  4. sjhubby

    sjhubby Prime Suspect

    Apr 10, 2008
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    Just think fans, if this is what we get after waiting a month for a new episode can you imagine how bad the season 7 premire is going to be after waiting for four or five months. Oh wait I forgot Pam said that they were going to read the boards and then deside how to write the Mac triangle. Just for fun lets all get on the boards and say we want Mac with Forrest Gump. Another thought Pam, why don't you and the other writers just do your job.
  5. Lori K.

    Lori K. Pathologist

    Jul 26, 2008
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    On contraire my friend! Twas the magnificence of the military medic that first cast that ominious "seed of doubt" into the possible "love struck" heart of Mac Taylor. Ahh yes how refreshing it is to have such brilliance grace the halls of CSINY:rolleyes::lol:. O.K. then:lol: between Aubry and Lindsey who needed everybody else?:wtf:
  6. CSI Cupcake

    CSI Cupcake Police Officer

    Mar 31, 2009
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    This one had things I liked and things I hated, but I can't say that I loved it to pieces or wanted to vomit. Well, there were a couple of times I had to swallow hard and breathe but whenever Stella gets on her high horse I feel my gag reflexes start to work.

    The team moments were great. It was wonderful to see everyone in the episode.

    I admire anyone who can act while sounding as sick as Gary did in a couple of scenes. It seemed to come and go so hopefully he was feeling better as the week progressed.

    Danny looked better in this episode than he has in a while. He looks healthy and rested and I think he got a haircut. He and Lindsay seemed happy and relaxed. Their scene with the fabric that wrinkled reminded me of the memory polymer scene in S4. Both characters enjoy science so its always a treat for me to see them working on something unusual in the lab.

    I like Mac and Aubrey more and more. Madchen did a good job with the scene talking about being in Afghanistan. Gary's reaction was great! Sort of incredulous and "I think I just found my soulmate".

    Wanted to hug Sid. Stella may as well have taken a bat and beat him up with it. Poor thing had to go to Sheldon to find salve for his wounds. A question: Since Sid didn't come into the show until sometime in S2, and Sheldon was the ME(?) in S1, how did Sid train him????? Did they just imply that Sid was there all the time???? Hmmm.

    Shall I bash on Stella? Just a bit. Personally, Stella doesn't float my boat. I can't stand it when she gets something in her head and everyone else bears the brunt of her singlemindedness. She has now chewed out two characters simply because they didn't agree with her intuitiveness. And by chewed out, I mean sliced, diced, run through the grinder and spit out as mush. Sid didn't deserve her wrath, any more than Lindsay did in a prior season. I think she is way too emotional and needs to be put in her place. As the female lead in the show, I don't think that is going to happen, but I can wish.

    The last thing I will say is: The curvature of the lettuce. Did anyone else think that when we saw the blood dripping off the lettuce leaf?:guffaw:
  7. csinynut

    csinynut Hit and Run

    Sep 22, 2008
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    I kind of enjoyed this episode, but in a kind of absent-minded way. I didn't miss a thing, but i kept thinking of other stuff, all thru the show.

    _ Great team moments.

    - Really enjoyed Marina Garito's monologues, because they were well written and the actress (i cant seem to recall her name now) was very good and did her job well. I can't say that use of these monolgues serves the story, it basically kind of confused the hell out of me at the beginning.

    - Sid - I loved every scene he was in.

    - Flack - I loved every scene he was in, too

    - Adam - is a dork around women, we get it, let's move on. The whole i'm not following bit after the foam french fries thingie seemed a bit, i dont know, out of character...

    - Lindsay is married to Danny - Ok got that too... let's move the hell on...

    - Stella : although she didn't bug me, like she usually does, i have to agree with what others have said that sometimes she comes on a bit too forcefully, and that she's way too emotionnal. But is that necessarly a bad thing...i dont know...

    But i gotta say : that hair looks great even when she's hanging upside down...Keep on...conditionning...

    - Not a bad episode, some of the old energy was back, but not quite all there yet.

  8. Queenie

    Queenie Witness

    Dec 26, 2005
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    Wau. Harsh.

    Okay, anyways...
    For me this episode was one the bests from this season! Also liked "Haunted House" and now this one. I've honestly thought that this season has been quite boring.

    +Case was interesting.
    +I always love Stella storylines.
    +I think Melina did a great job with this. Physical and emotional stuff were great. And how this case had a place in Stella's heart and she wanted to find out the truth. And how this case affected her. She showed her passion once again.
    +Liked how Flack told about his "Marina Garito".
    +Adam hitting on Aubry was hilarious.
    +Ending was very sweet and cute (Stella & Sid , Flack & phone, Stella & Mac)
    +Loved all the action. I actually jumped a little bit when that guy ran out from the closet.
    +Loved scenes between Mac & Stella

    There was things that I didn't like so much though...

    -Mac & Aubry scenes made me puke.
    -Felt like two scenes between Mac & Stella ended too suddenly. I guess I expected more from Mac.
    -Writing was at some points quite odd.

    BUT as I said, one of the best episodes from this season. :)
  9. meggzie

    meggzie Police Officer

    Mar 28, 2009
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    I didnt mind the episode, i thought it was different than the other episodes, but i sort of felt like it was deliberately trying to be something very different and sort of moved away from the whole concept of the show.

    I liked how it was a stella ep but i think what other people have been saying is true, she does come on a bit too strong and emotional sometimes.

    The monologes were ok they got kind of annoying and made the story jumpy and all over the place, although they did help tell the story.

    I really like mac and aubrey at the moment they seem to go well together, and adam's flirting made me laugh:lol:

    I thought the ending about her seeing her brother murdered was both sad and unexpected, i knew the stepfather had done it but i didn't expect that and was an intresting surprise.
  10. Geeno

    Geeno Pathologist

    Feb 13, 2010
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    The episode is really different from others. But, it's somehow the same with last season's "Greater Good", where it's Mac's gut feeling in the focus.

    Marina's monologue seems kind of weird. It might be just a scene between her and Stella over the phone so that it's more natural. But, the writer wants a more creative approach so she did what she did.

    It's also weird to send a letter when you were used to talk over the phone over the past three years. Maybe Marina's ashamed to admit to Stella that she had this repressed memory syndrome and just wasted Stella's time. A pretty good alibi.

    I have mixed feelings with the new things they brought in. Memory fabric made from nitinol is nice to know. The foam french fry is somehow odd. I thought the bullet would just put a hole on the pillow (calling MythBusters!). I will be really amazed if the french fry thing is to be true!

    As usual, Stella is tough that's why she's a great asset to the show. She's harsh to Sid! Adam as usual is funny, like his scene with Aubrey.

    I am surprised how the writer handled Mac and Aubrey. I'm quite impressed it's not covering the whole show. I hope this trend continues.

    It's nice to see the whole team in an episode. All in all a strong episode. A.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2010
  11. Flackhoney

    Flackhoney Hit and Run

    Nov 21, 2009
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    I liked the story but I didn't like Stella. She seemed too harsh and when she was explaining to Danny and Lindsay it was like she was attacking them. I'm just watching through it again and did we find out who wrote the suicide note? And I don't get how the bit of fabric held the clue to the killers identity.
    This felt like a different show. We had all the characters in the same episode and there wasn't much Mac and it didn't center around him being motivated to get the killer.

    Adam flirting with Aubrey(or is it Audrey?)(or is it not any of those). Cute and then when she said Mac he almost ran away. But the look on his face when she said Mac. Priceless.

    Flack saving Stella. HAWT. Not the saving Stella but the saving part. Flack being a hero.:drool: :luvlove: I need more of that. ;)

    The foam french fry made me laugh. I thought it was a good goofy thing to make evidence.

    Flack's story about the guy that called him every month. And is it just me but Flack looked extremely cute in that scene with his hair and super colourful eyes. :drool::)

    I really liked Stella's white shirt. :p

    I didn't really get the crash at the beginning.

    Mac's new girlfriend. Ewww. Didn't really like her. Which is unfortunate cause I really liked her in the first episode we saw her.

    Wait what?! Sid taught Hawkes? I'm so confused....

    I'll give it an A-
  12. Ceindreadh

    Ceindreadh Pathologist

    May 27, 2006
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    Count me in as somebody who wishes that it had been suicide, just to prove Stella wrong.
    That was...mediocre. I don't watch CSI NY to see a guest star spouting off for pretty much half of an episode. I watch it for the team.
    Dissappointing, very much so.
  13. PerfectAnomaly

    PerfectAnomaly Resident Smart Ass

    Feb 6, 2007
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    I forgot to mention that I liked the Mac/Aubrey interaction and that plus the Marina monologues is what saved the episode from an F.
  14. ~Sarah~

    ~Sarah~ Lab Technician

    Jan 22, 2009
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    I did too honestly. I hate it when they pull that sort of thing.
  15. Top41

    Top41 Administrator Administrator Moderator Premium Member

    Mar 5, 2003
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    I'm torn about this one. Reading over the responses, I think I liked it better than most here. I didn't think Stella was going on just a hunch--she knew this woman, and she had a concrete reason to think she didn't commit suicide: she had a message from her saying she had made a breakthrough on her brother's disappearance. That's not just, "I just don't think she killed herself."

    I also didn't really find Stella obnoxious. Yes, she got frustrated with Sid--but she did apologize. Lindsay was just flat-out annoying with her condescending "I'm all for women's intuition" comment. And then the demonstration later... oh, Lindsay, you're just as annoying as ever. :lol:

    Flack is amazing. His joke about the Shake Shack followed by a very sincere heart-to-heart with Stella... I wish Flack could have his own spin-off or something. He's such a fascinating character.

    I thought Marina Garito's narration was very moving, and the actress who played her was excellent.

    However... there was a lot of stuff here that really rubbed me the wrong way. How many times do we need to see Stella attacked on this show, seriously? And the ending... the conversation with Sid was great... absolutely perfect--and then it gets ruined by that silly, obnoxious scene with Mac finding Stella sleeping on her couch and tucking her in. She's a grown woman, not a little girl. I hate the contradictions here... a woman can be strong, but not *too* strong. At the end of the day, she needs a man to save her and tuck her in at night.

    So I guess if I average it, that would be a C--what I liked was A quality, but the sexist stuff is definitely F worthy. However, because there was a lot more I liked than didn't, I'll go with a B.

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