Gary #4....Soooooo Nibble Worthy

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Hi guys! :)

What would be a better way to start a new week as a see
SO yummy pic. of Gary!!!! Hey is that pic. taken "after" shower? :p
(I haven't see that movie...):(

Anyway my boring weekend saved that I manage to borrow in our library Man and Mice and...well i was so damn heaven "again"...But George...LOL...I love him! <3 <3 <3
Soooo SEXY..I mean hard working, decent guy with awesome muscles!!! WHOA...:devil: :devil:
^I love George for those same reasons. Hardworking,decent, awesome muscles. And he's never had a sweetheart? What's WRONG with these Depression era women?
I came here, saw that picture and was like:

Last night I had a mini crisis. My TV would turn on and then 3 seconds later turn off.
Turns out the VHS [which is conected to the TV] was trying to eject and because its breaking, the door didnt open and so when it went to go back inside, it got stuck and didnt go all the way in and so the TV kept turning itself off.
What tapes inside?
Forrest Gump.

I was like "If your going to get stuck then at least get stuck INSIDE the TV so I can watch you. Not stuck in a spot where I cant even turn my TV on! -__-"
But I fixed it, turned it on to see if the tape was damaged [and its not] and its at the part where Lt. Dan and Forrest are at Lt. Dans place. =]
Actually I wondered that same thing as you MacsLady...
That "why sooo good looking guy "don't have" a sweetheart ???

Hih..I'd love to be his sweetheart...:devil: :devil: :devil:

And spaz I'm so happy for you that your Forrest Gump tape didn't damaged! :)
I had a similar problem with Mission to Mars when I borrowed it from the library. The eject mechanism on my VCR is temperamental (sp?) and it took me about 20 attempts to get it to work. Just as I was working out how much I'd be charged for not giving it back, and consoling myself that at least it's a Gary film stuck in there (so it's the only video I could watch), it came out.
Sam222 said:
Actually I wondered that same thing as you MacsLady...
That "why sooo good looking guy "don't have" a sweetheart ???

Hih..I'd love to be his sweetheart...:devil: :devil: :devil:
Me too! :devil: Poor George really needs a sweetheart to take care of him. :devil:
Id take care of him! :)

I dont think he'd like to have a 16 year-old as a sweetheart though...
damn it. :(
You could be really BAD and lie about your age! Tell him you're like 21 or something. Hehehe. The man inspires such wickedness. :devil:
I think it's great that you're 16 and like Gary and appreciate his hotness and sexyness. Both my 15 yr old sister and my 22 yr old friend (same age as me) think he's 'ugly'. But that's good, 'cause I wouldn't wanna share him with them anyway. :devil: ;)
Anyone who has seen "The Stand" I got a brief description of what the movie is about and Gary's role in it. However, I know it is a Stephen King movie and his movies (most not all) tend to have a lot of blood and gore. Question: Is there blood in this movie and how much exactly? I will eventually buy this movie but I would just like a heads up first. Thank you!
There is a LOT of death in The Stand, and some major violence, but most of it isn't that bloody. The real scares come from other things. I don't want to ruin it for you so I'll stick it in a spoiler box:

The scene where Flagg and Nadine 'consummate' their relationship, where he carries on even after Nadine has been terrified by his true form. Also, in the public execution scene Flagg uses the phrase "death by dismemberment" which, while it doesn't actually happen, is a phrase which still gives me the shivers now. Still, at least Gary's character doesn't die :)
I would love to take care him even I have the same problem as spaz I'm 16 years old also almost 17 but still...:(
Truly if would be wicked I could lie my age 18-19 or something huh? ;)

But being young is some goods sides too I mean we're wild and energic!!!
and FULL OF SUPRISES!!! :devil: :devil:

Never mind about the age...we all are Gary's girls no mather what happens!! :) :)
Loved The Stand, and I always highly recommend it (even if it didn't have Gary in it, I'd still love it!) But I agree with Seren, lots of scary parts, but not necessarily gore-related. And the scariness comes from the thought of something like that really happening, not from the blood or gore. Psychological Scary, more than anything. :)
nattybatty55 said:
The stand...that reminds me i've never got around to seeing the end of that film *Natty hits her self!*

I'll take care of that :lol: and slap myself as well :D, since I NEVER saw it at all. Which means I've got some guttering to do somewhere :devil: :devil:
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