Eric/Greg: Szmokin' Hot Pic Thread #6

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I got some more Old School Greg caps.

OMG, Dizzney, your new icon is adorable. Do you know the name of the font on it? How did you get that clearish look to the font?

Oh and to answer your questions, the font is SF Foxboro Script Extended and then I use PaintShopPro8 and I just use a gradient with a texture and then set the opacity at like 50 for the clearish look.

Ah, okay. I have PSP XI. I'm still experimenting with it though. :lol: :)
woooh been ages since I was in here. I just :drool: alot and happily snagged a lot of caps! You are all wonderful to post all these caps! :drool:
This is the latest photo of Eric. It goes with an interview that Dizzney posted on the Leggo our Greggo thread...

Hello everyone!

I'm new here. Feel free to call me Ashleigh. I'm a huge fan of CSI and I just love Eric/Greg. I hope to have some fun around here:)

Very nice pictures of him! I really like the new picture of him. Very cute:D
Hmmm I loved the dancing with the showgirl headdress scene - classic Greg! And season 4 was an awesome season, he looked so hot and went though so many hair styles!
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