Eric and Calleigh #34 - Heating up Miami

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Adam and Emily Say...

Adam: A nice, hot love scene with Calleigh. I'm imagining that it's gonna lead up to that eventually.
Emily: Yeah, that would be awesome! I love Adam. Secretly, he doesn't know.
- Adam and Emily interview with Entertainment Tonight, 2003

CSI Files: What about sexual tension between Delko and Calleigh? Do you think it's there?
Procter: I think it exists. Adam and I went through training together; he was my first friend [on the show]. I think that genuine like we have for each other shows up on screen.
- Emily Procter interview with CSI Files

CSI Files: Eric and Calleigh (Emily Procter) have a great dynamic, and a lot of fans see a romantic element to it. How do you feel about that?
Rodriguez: I feel great about it. It's something that's been underlying for a long time, and I've often been asked about it, and I've sort of been waiting to see if anything is ever going to come of it.
- Adam Rodriguez interview with CSI Files

Emily: In real life this happens, you have someone who you're very attracted to and you've got lots of chemistry (Jake), and then there's someone who you've known for so long and you love each other so much (Eric).
- Emily on the difference between Jake and Eric on The Early Show

CSI Files: We've heard rumors of a burgeoning romance between Calleigh and Delko. Can you shed any light on that?
Rodriguez: I think this is something that has been brewing for a long time. I don't know how far the show is going to take it. Sometimes we get close with something and then it [fizzles]. I don't know how far we're going to go with Calleigh and Delko. We definitely show the building it up through the next episodes. I think it's cool. It's really realistic when it comes to working this job, working a lot of hours and spending the time we do with each other. It's inevitable that romance happens. [Calleigh and Delko] will start to acknowledge [their feelings] and maybe even fall for each other. I'm excited about it. After doing a show for five years, any sort of new avenue is exciting. I hope they take it there, to an extreme place and really gives us a chance to explore it, but who knows where they're going to take it.
- Adam interview with CSI Files

Emily: Let's face it, Adam is a very, very good looking guy!
- Emily interview with Entertainment Tonight, 2007

Adam: I think we've sort of been in denial, maybe, about our affections for each other. Maybe there'll be a wedding. A CSI wedding.
- Adam on Entertainment Tonight

Emily: Here's the thing. For years I have said 'can Calleigh please have a boyfriend' and they gave her a boyfriend... and he shot himself, which is not good. And then they gave her another boyfriend and he was engaged, which is not good. And I said last year 'may I please have a boyfriend, may I please have a boyfriend' and they gave me a new boyfriend. So it looks like the introduction at the end of season 5 is that next year Calleigh will have two boyfriends.
Interviewer: Torn between two lovers.
Emily: Torn between two lovers. It's the deep connection of a friendship turned to romance and the fireworks of an old love.
Interviewer: Well, when you ask for a boyfriend and they deliver Adam Rodriguez...
Emily: I know, are you kidding me! It's kinda terrible because now in between scenes I'm like 'Adam's so dreamy...'
- Emily interview with CBS

Emily: I feel like when you're with the good guy (Eric) you can have a really solid, trusting, wonderful relationship.
Johnny: Boring. That's what she's trying to say.
Emily: That's not true.
- Emily and Johnny with ET

Emily: I usually in my real life tend to pick the nice guy.
- Emily with ET

CSI Files: Do you think Calleigh has romantic feelings for Delko, or does she just see him as a good friend?
Procter: I think she has to have romantic feelings for him. He has been consistently there for her, always coming in at the 23rd hour to support her. So I think she definitely has romantic feelings for him.
- Emily interview with CSI Files.

Adam: It's only natural, at some point you start to become attracted to people and start wondering about the possibility of things being more than what they are at work.
- Adam interview with TV Guide.

Adam: It's only so long we could probably wait to pounce on each other.
- Adam with TV Guide.

Emily: For so long, we were just staring at each other from across the table, so for me, it’s nice to see this relationship develop. I would hope for Calleigh that she can pull it together enough to recognize what a great man Delko is and commit from her side. I think she’s always a bit skittish because of her dad.
Adam: For it to finally be coming to the surface and be addressed is long overdue. I think it will be really interesting to (see them) go through the highs and the lows together. There has been this chemistry between these two characters for so long, but because the love was never explored, it’s probably stronger than it would be if it was just two people meeting on the first day of work. We have seven years of history.
- Emily and Adam interview with the Boston Herald.

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Quote of the Moment


Calleigh: "Will you stay with me?"
Eric: "As long as you want me to."
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Re: Eric and Calleigh #34

New thread!!!

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Hello everyone, and welcome!

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Here I am, present and accounted for.

Re: Eric and Calleigh #34

Congratulations on the new thread hiphuggers! :D

We breezed through the last one in 20 days! :eek:

Drinks all around, pick your poison :beer:
Re: Eric and Calleigh #34

yyyaaaaaaaaaaayyyy NEW THREAD.

we hiphuggers Rock :D

And this one is gonna be over reallyyyyyyy ssoooon too, we have A LOT to talk about after march 2nd and aahhh the promo. :lol:

this is my home, i thank God for founding this place. :thumbsup:
Re: Eric and Calleigh #34

Yay, new thread! And so fast, too! :D :lol: I swear I got all of one post into the last one. :lol:

It's seriously a good thing I wasn't in class or something when I first saw that kiss 'cause I literally gasped and then squealed and all that, haha. :D And damn, I thought the pic of Hiphug 2.0 was awesome, but this? This just seals it. :D I can't wait to go home this weekend and have my own TV Guide to squeal over! :lol: :D

All I can say is, FINALLY. :D And both Eric and Calleigh look like they're so enjoying it. :D I just love the way he's holding her, and beyond that, the way she's holding onto him!! Can you imagine what's going through Eric's head right then? :D Never mind the fact that his heart has to be going wild. :D Oh man, I want this episode NOW. Right now. :D

Gah. I'm so happy. :D
Re: Eric and Calleigh #34

Happy new thread everyone!

Dude... his heart is SO pounding out of his chest in this picture...


Re: Eric and Calleigh #34

Ok I finally finished reading the 6 pages of new posts plus a new thread!!!!! And I was only away since this afternoon! You guys rock. Plus Emily and Adam are just the best and give us great stuff to talk about.

Thank you JoannaRose for the pic, eternally grateful ;).

I can't believe that in just 20 days the thread was done!!

That picture is amazing in so many levels :adore:. Calleigh is definitely so into the kiss that it really does looks like she took the initiative. The way her arms are around her neck is so...:adore: And even if she didn't initiate she definitely responded like finally! It's so surreal that this is finally happening.

What Emily said about All In is really interesting. Even more given the fact that we all thought she broke up with Jake in 7.01. So what really went on?? Fan fic writers let your imaginations roll :)! She doesn't even think it's their first kiss!

Baby double D. :guffaw: Oh please let us meet him/her :lol: The way Adam described that was so funny; as was the caption on the pic with H sunglasses bit. This scene will be amazing and will never, ever leave my DVR ;).
Re: Eric and Calleigh #34

Happy new thread everyone!




Awwwwwww, thanks for the collection of the pictures! *stares at them happily, phasing out the rest of the world*

It's so happy-making!

I totally voted for "GOING CANON, BABY!" Hehe, I have a special place in my heart for that one.

But again, no matter what we name the new thread, I'm gonna be here!
Re: Eric and Calleigh #34

Thanks, Jennifer! Those pictures are always worth another look!!!


Yay on the new thread! We are so awesome.

Now it's just onward and upward. Sailing into the sunset to Hip Hugger Land...

Wait, have I waxed poetic enough? :lol: *Grins Foolishly*
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Re: Eric and Calleigh #34

Thanks for the pics again Jennifer, oh how happy they make me. :)

JoannaRose897, you rock. I can't wait to get the new TVguide, and I wouldn't have thought to have gotten it. :thumbsup:

And to think I started this day out so sad, and seeing the pics makes me so happy! I feel so much better thanks to all of you! :thumbsup:

I've already got next weeks episode programmed on my DVR and it will never leave! :lol:
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Re: Eric and Calleigh #34 I've been reading everybody's posts and just waiting till it calmed down before I poped in...don't think that will happen anytime soon though.

Only 1 hour and 20 minutes til i get to see the promo :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week is going to go by so slow though with all the waiting and anticipation.

But hey, at least we know that we are going to be getting a kiss!!!!
Re: Eric and Calleigh #34

WOW we just sprinted right on through that last thread didnt we hehe when my little canadian friend sent me that pic it was the first email i got for the day what a way to wake up in the morning so freaking happy and god who wouldnt love to be where emily is in that pic lol these two are just too perfect yay for them go eric and calleigh all the way!!!
Re: Eric and Calleigh #34

Awwwwwww, thanks for the collection of the pictures! *stares at them happily, phasing out the rest of the world*

It's so happy-making!

I totally voted for "GOING CANON, BABY!" Hehe, I have a special place in my heart for that one.

But again, no matter what we name the new thread, I'm gonna be here!

I seriously think I am going to develop a heart condition from looking at these pictures! Thanks for putting them up on the new thread Jennifer:thumbsup:!

I voted for 'Going Canon' too ;)... it was between that and 'Heating up Miami' and 'The Next Level' for myselffff, but its just so much more celebratory and AAAH!!! Plus, at the rate everyone goes on this thread, I am sure we could be through that list of names in no time!:lol:

P.S- Only 20 minutes for me 'til tonight's eppy and then ... dun dun dun.... PROMOOOOO:adore::angel:
Re: Eric and Calleigh #34

OMG those pictures are so sweet.:adore: They both look very happy and adorable in all three.
I have 5 midterms, 2 job interviews and a huge report to finish all in the next week but I can't stop sitting here and staring at them!
What a huge day in the world of hiphuggers, I really wish it was next week already.
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