Eddie Cahill #6: Man of Our Dreams


Since Elsie closed down our previous Eddie thread, I thought I'd open up a new one for all of us Eddie fans. If you don't like the title feel free to change it. I couldn't decide between "Man of Our Dreams" and "A Class Act". Maybe you can come up with something more pertinent. (Actually I first thought of "Man of Our Wet Dreams" but that didn't seem appropriate for a title.)
Hey- Been a while. Was just reading over the last few posts in the last thread. It seems Eddie has a few connections to Romantically Challenged. He did work with Alyssa on Charmed and James Burrows directed FRIENDS, did he not? I'm real excited for Romantically Challenged! I love Alyssa and I think it's cool that Eddie will guest star!
I haven't planned to watch Romantically Challenged. I just think it sounds like it is something that doesn't interest me. I usually don't watch romantic tv-shows/movies. I rarely like them, that's all. But if Eddie is going to guest star in one episode, I can surely make an exception and watch. Do you know which episode it is?
^ Oh cool, I'll have to try and catch that.

Oh and I've been to that webiste you made JoeyDC. It's really great. :thumbsup: Awesome job. Eddie definitley deserves it!

I love the intense stare and ruffled hair. :drool::adore: