Eddie Cahill #5: Charismatic Brilliance

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Oh my GOD! I effing LOVE that picture! : D *fangirl moment*

LOL! I'm having a fangirl moment too :guffaw:

Thanks for the picture NypdFlackie!!!
Looks like they could be, how exciting for them. Congratulations to them both! I hope Eddie's wife is having a lovely pregnancy. :)
^ Aw...Mini Eddies... :D

Yeah, she looks like she could be pregnant. Congratulations to the two of them, I'm sure that they will have beautiful children!
It could just be the sweater/tunika thingy she wears, but I really don't think so :]

mini-eddies :adore::adore::adore::adore::adore::adore::adore::adore:

Lovely, just lovely! :luvlove:
Well if this is ture, this sure puts the sudden wedding this past summer in bit of a different perspective. Anywho congrats Niki and Eddie! :thumbsup:
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