Eddie Cahill #5: Charismatic Brilliance

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Real life has beaten me down. After 3 12hr shifts, roughly 17hrs of sleep, 3 sick kitties......I'm dealing with the headache from hell. I'm drinking coffee!! I hardly drink coffee! :vulcan:

But Wednesday night was the best. Granted I had to record it, it was still the best time!!! I have to say....just how great Eddie looked. I loved the hair!!! ;)

I haven't heard anything about how Eddie feels about his character Flack and the direction his character is going. Just curious. :)

Computer was down and I had to find all of the places for info over again. Still adding!!! :scream:

Got my first tattoo! Wasn't bad really. Now it is just itching!!! :eek:

Gotta start working on a Halloween costume. I get to work Halloween night. I dressed as a cat last year.....I kept dipping my tail in the toilet!! :lol:
SpakyGirl!!! :D Been a while I haven't seen you around here. Though I'm not much on the forum either so :lol:

Thank God you could record it!!! :eek: There's still places on the Net that you could have found the episode, you just need to follow the rabbit hole... muhahaha! :devil:

Indeed, Eddie looked amazing!!! :drool: Though I don't think it fit his character's state of mind and all if he's been drinking and thinking of his deceased girlfriend. He looked too fresh. Thought Mac would probably have not taken him back if he looked like a train wreck. So, I'm thinking it's only for show?

I too haven't heard any comments of Eddie about Flack and S6! I hope - thought I'm sure - Kristin will ask questions about that if she has an interview with him. Not sure how everything works but she knows so I'm not worried :p

First tattoo?! WOOT! Got pictures? What did you got? :D Did it hurt? (I'm paranoid about pain LOL)

PWAHAHAHA! Now I know I won't dress as a cat for Halloweenie! I have to think of a costume... but I don't have much dough for that kind of superficial stuff right now but I'll still try to have a nice costume. Some people at work will have costume and we also might have a pumpkin contest lol For odd reason, I want to dress as Igor for Hallooweenie :guffaw:with the hunch in the back LOL
It's probably been posted loads before - but I present to you my fave Eddie pic, ever. It has pride of place on the refrigerator door. Really annoys my other half, probably because it takes me forever to make a cup of coffee. :p

God, those eyes. ♥
Ahhhh!!!! Full moon, planets and stars aligning and everything is CRAZY! :borg:

I'm telling ya'll.....I'm not going to work during a full moon ever again! I will be the next one to take a ride on a stretcher!!!!! Geesh....talk about everything happening at once....it was everything at once! I'll have to get a new pair of shoes now....I wore them out!!!!

Well Cyn, the tattoo didn't hurt, the inking part. It was just a weird feeling. Took an hour to do. I got a blue butterfly with stars on my left wrist. I will work on trying to get a pic. I'm not very pic to computer smart and will have to do the trial and error thing! :lol: Afterwards it was sore! Not to mention I kept bumping it on everything! The people at work didn't think I would get one!!! Besides....I'm planning on getting another one!!! :hugegrin:

Duke, I can identify with your situation. I put a few pics of Eddie on my Blackberry....my screen image. I too find myself staring at him while at work, needing a break, wasting time, needing a smile..........sometimes I forget the person I wanted to call! ;)

I must go now to spread more mayhem and madness!!!
Heres some Eddie to start your day off

Love the Miracle pictures Dreamboat, that is one of my favorite movies ever :) I agree that he did look good with the longer hair.
Now I want to go and watch the movie :lol:

And really love the new picture NypdFlackie! I like the scruffy look Eddie's got going on, and he's got an adorable smile :D
Mmmm, scruffy Eddie...

The Narrows is now available for pre-order on Amazon and will be released on November 3rd. You better believe I put it on my wish list and will be ordering it as soon as I can afford it. I love sweet Flack, but it's nice to see Eddie stretching his wings with darker material.
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