CSI: Whos is going to die in the new episodes? *SPOILERS

I think it's just plain annoying that they decided to kill someone. It feels like they are just jumping on the bandwagon like all the other shows, just to try and create dramatic effect.

They already killed Aiden. There is no reason why they should kill someone else. Or at least wait to another season, this wasn't the right one IMO. The 7th season would be better to pull out the death card.

And if they are going to kill someone they should do it so it's someone really shocking not an easy 'disposable' character
like recurring ones, for those of us who know it's Angell :scream:
. Like I've said before it all depends on how everything plays out, we won't know til next Thursday though!
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To answer your question...

So I heard they are going to kill off a character in CSI:NY and it could be Lindsay. Do you know who it is? :wtf::eek::shifty:

Do you think it is a good twist for CSI to kill off a character or just a bit annoying?:confused:

It's only a good twist if it's Lindsay. ;)

Aside from Lindsay, I think all the characters are great, so it will be sad to lose any of them. Whether it's a good twist for the show remains to be seen.
In a way I'm dreading to see next weeks episode, but unfortunatly I think Angell is going to die next episode. :(:(:(:(:(
i also got a feeling it mite be angell or flack cos it says in the synopsis a member of the nypd escorting the prisoner 2 jail, and as far as i kno members of the lab don't escort prisoners 2 jail. n with the csi getting shot im gunna say sheldon or adam for some reason.
i got a feeling its Angell from reading all the spoilers, but i would feel really sorry for Flack if it was :(
I'm pretty sure the deal is Angell dies in tomorrow's episode near the beginning and if someone is going to be injured/die we won't know until September - at least that's my interpretation.
I hate that Angell dies in tonight's finale. I really liked her and thought her and Flack made a cute couple. Was it really necessary to kill her off?
I hate that Angell dies in tonight's finale. I really liked her and thought her and Flack made a cute couple. Was it really necessary to kill her off?

Yep! See, the way I see it, TPTB cant handle having two strong, "Rambo" women in the show. First to go was Aiden who would have given Stella a run for her money, and now its Angel who is as smart, vibrant and gutsy as our Stella.

Now Lindsay, on the other hand, is absolutely no competition......

Dont listen to me! I'm just one disappointed and disheartened viewer. :(
I think there are a couple of clues a viewer could use to come to the conclusion that Angell is the death in this season's finale:

1) Angell is not a main character but probably the most visible recurring character, and the only visible recurring cop character aside from Sinclair, who is a very, very unlikely target.
2) Killing Angell would cause Flack grief, and writers and directors and producers and whatnot looooooove causing grief because it's dramatic.