CSI:NY One Shot-"I Finally Realize"

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    CSI:NY One Shot - "I finally realize"
    Written by MacsLovlyAngl

    I do not own these characters, just the story.:)

    It was a cold wet night in NY when Stella headed home. She was concerned about Mac. He had been ill all day, and it had taken the whole team to make him go home and rest.

    Getting into her car, Stella just didn't feel comfortable about him being alone. Taking out her keys, she seen Mac's key on her ring. They had always given each other their keys, just incase they were needed in an emergency.

    Starting the car, Stella headed in the direction to Mac's home. She wasn't sure why she had this feeling that he was very ill, but she did. As she pulled into his driveway, she parked the car and walked up to his door. Turning the key, she entered, and called his name.

    "Mac!! Mac, are you here?"

    Not getting any response Stella checked the den, followed by the kitchen. Not finding him in either place, she headed upstairs to his room. When she neared the door, she could hear him moaning.

    Walking in, the first thing she noticed was that his sheets, and himself, were soaked in sweat. Nearing the bed, she took her hand, placing it on his head. Realizing he was burning with fever, she ran into his bathroom grabbed some Tylenol and a cold cloth.

    Stella knew the first thing she had to do was get Mac out of those wet clothes and sheets. Pulling back the covers, she noticed he was still fully dressed in his suit.

    "Damn it Mac Taylor, what the hell are you trying to do kill yourself?"

    Knowing she wasn't going to get a response, she began undressing him. As she unbuttoned his shirt and removed it, she used all her strength to pull him up and remove his shirt. Once she had it off, she layed him carefully back down.

    As she watched for any signs of change, she reached for his belt. Pulling it from his waist she then undid the clip and pulled the zipper, sliding his pants down his legs.

    "Come on Stella, no time for shyness," she said to herself.

    Once she had fully stripped, she bathed his body with cool water, all the while trying to maintain her blush. As she continued with her task, she hadn't realized yet that Mac was fully awake with fevered eyes, watching her, knowing that she was blushing from her cheeks to her toes.

    With Mac now fully bathed she took a look up to see if Mac had awaken yet. Seeing he was still asleep, she got up, headed to his dresser and pulled out black sweats, and a black t-shirt.

    "Jes Mac, is everything you own black?" she said to herself.

    Turning back towards the bed she helped Mac into his pants and t-shirt.

    "Come on Mac. I need your help. You're not exactly light you know. I should smack you a good one. What are you trying to do kill yourself? You know better then to sleep in wet clothes."

    "Mmm...sorry Stel, I'm so sick, help me."

    Stella stood up, grabbed the thermometer and took Mac's temperature.

    "Oh God, 104.2. I think I should get you to a Hospital."

    "No!!! No Hospital Stel. Please, just some Tylenol."

    Stella always knew Mac hated Hospitals. Almost as much as she did. Grabbing the water, she gave him three Tylenol's. After he swallowed them she rolled him onto his side, and pulled up the sheets. Then rolling him the other way she pulled up the other side.

    "What are you doing there Stel?"

    "Changing your sheets, they are soaked in your sweat."

    "I'm sorry Stella. I don't mean to cause you so much trouble."

    "It's no trouble Mac. It's what friends do for each other."



    "What if I told you I didn't want to be your friend? What if I told you I have fallen in love with you. That I've always been in love with you. Would you run Stella?"

    Stella felt the slight shiver tingle her to the very core.

    "Mac...you're burning with fever. Once you feel better this conversation will be forgotten."

    Stella was shocked. She couldn't believe what Mac had just said. But she had to admit, he certainly gave her something to think about over the next few hours. She knew their relationship had changed. She'd known since Frankie, and the fire. She knew the looks and glances between them had changed, the feeling of want and need that shook her to the core, everytime he smiled at her, or brushed her arm.

    Bringing herself back from her thoughts, she walked out and found Mac sleeping again. Leaning over the bed, she pulled the covers up, bent down and kissed his head.

    "Sleep now Mac. You'll feel better soon." She whispered.

    Leaving the room Stella headed to the kitchen and turned on the coffee machine. She knew she'd be staying the night. She also knew she'd be here till Mac was better.

    "Always I feel so comfortable here. Strange, it's like I've always belonged here. Damn you Mac Taylor for putting these thoughts in my head." She said to herself.

    Heading over to the couch with her coffee, she sat down and read the paper. Looking over at the clock she realized it was 2am. Grabbing one of the pillows, she leaned her head back and fell into sleep.

    The next time Mac awoke he looked over at the clock.

    "4am. God I ache so bad. I could have swore Stella was here. God I can still smell her perfume."

    Trying his legs, he realized he was still weak. Heading to the washroom he heard this loud sound. A deep snoring sound. Walking towards the living room he seen Stella all curled up on her side snoring into the pillow. Smirking to himself, he whispered....

    "Stel. Stel, wake up Stella."

    "Mmm....come on Mac, not now, I'm to tired."

    Smiling to himself, he realized she was thinking about what he had said. He knew he was fevered at the time, but he also knew everything he had said to her was true. Knowing she was to tired to wake. He picked her up and carried her towards the spare room, but as he neared the door, he changed his mind and took her to his room.

    Laying her on the bed, she curled up and fell back into sleep. Climbing in beside her, he carefully pulled up the covers, and laid down. Whether it was instinct, or need, Stella turned herself and cuddled herself under his neck.

    "Mmm...so warm."

    Wiggling herself closer to his heat, Mac realized how right she felt beside him. He also realized how complete he felt with her beside him, almost as if this is where she belonged, had always belonged. Wrapping his arm around her, he fell back into sleep himself, while inhaling her beautiful scent.

    The next time Stella awoke, she felt herself wrapped in someones arms. Looking up, she seen she was in bed with Mac. Looking under the covers to make sure she was still dressed, she wondered how the hell she gotten into his bed.

    Seeing Mac was still sleeping, she carefully removed his arm and tried to get out of his bed without waking him.

    "Where you going Stella?"

    Blushing deeply, she lowered her head and whispered....

    "How did I get here Mac? How did I end up in your bed?"

    "Stel.... look at me please. I can't hear you otherwise."

    God this was awkward, but what could she do. She had to look at him.

    "How you feeling Mac? And how did I get here, in your bed?"

    He wasn't sure why, but he felt the need to tease her.

    "How did you get here? You brought yourself here. You crawled in beside me, don't you remember? You whispered you loved me, you needed me, you had always needed me to love you. Don't you understand Stella, you love me."

    As she looked at Mac, she realized he was smiling sinisterly. Slapping his shoulder, she tried to get out of his bed for a second time.

    "Once again Stella, where are you going?"


    Knowing he had her good and frusterated, he pulled her on top of him, shocking her once again.


    Flipping her under him, he said...

    "Please Stella, please don't leave me. Everything I said to you last night was true. It wasn't the fever talking Stella, it was the truth. The truth I have been to unsure to admit. I need you to understand Stella that I've fallen in love with, that I've always been in love with you."

    "Mac, you don't know what......"

    "Listen Stella. I do know. I also understand your fear. God Stella I can feel your body quivering under mine. Don't deny it Stella. Not now. I need to hear you say it too."

    Stella was so unsure what to say. She was so deeply enthrawled with having Mac's warmth cover her from the outside world. For the first time in a long time she felt at peace. She felt the surge of sensual need errupt within her.

    Looking up at Mac with all the passion inside her, she whispered in a quivering breath....

    "I need you Mac. I need you to touch me, to bring me to life. I want you to love me, have always wanted you to love me."

    Knowing Mac had the answer he was looking for, he took his hands and wrapped them within her beautiful hair, and bending his head to meet her lips, he stopped a breath away and whispered....

    "Forever Stella, I want forever."

    "Yes Mac. I will give you forever. For I finally realize it was you. You who protected me from my storms. You who guided me back to the world with your nurturing and trust. You that had always been the one who truely loved me.

    Knowing no more words were needed. Mac softly touched his lips to Stella's. Sending them both into the world of passion, of desire, and of eternal love.

    The End
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    Great story, MacsLovlyAngl!:bolian: I love how you write both Mac and Stella.
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    Linda this is GREAT!!!
    This is how I see Mac and Stella getting together

    Great job :thumbsup:
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    :thumbsup:Adorable story! Mac and Stella are cute together!:bolian:
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    aww love it! But don't stop, I want more!
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    That was so beautiful! :)
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    Beautiful Linda :) Very well written.
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    Gosh! What a nice and brilliant story:adore: MacsLovlyAngl. :drool::drool:. If this really happens I don't know if i should :brickwall: I'm in love with your story. Can't wait to read more of your stories on Mac and Stella soon. :guffaw:
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    OMG! this story is great... Man your story's is great:thumbsup::D
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    I relly love this. Such raw emotion and passion in the story. You bring out the best in both characters.
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    What a great little story!!! I loved the ending! Its great that Mac and Stella admitted their true feelings. I live that she promised him forever.
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    Oh my word! This was really great story. It was so much fun to read it. That's how I imagine them to get together^^. Very well written!!:bolian::bolian::bolian:

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