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    Budget cuts. You can read the interview here:


    As for Flack shooting Cade, while I agree it is upsetting I also have to put myself in his shoes. This guy shot and murdered his girlfriend so he could get some money. I can't honestly say I wouldn't do the same in his situation (mostly because I never have been but I can imagine being face to face with someone who murdered one of my loved ones). But I do know what it's like to hold someone's hand and watch them die and had it been for reasons such as Jess's death... It would take a lot to restrain me.
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    No, I was completely appalled as well. I keep hoping that it was misleading and Flack didn't shoot the suspect. Because really, as much as I can see he was in pain, it would be nothing short of murder. And not in the heat of the moment either -- he wasn't standing there as Angell was shot and then turn on the shooter. As sympathetic as any of them might be with someone in Flack's situation, they would still arrest anyone else who did the same thing. Of course, if he did indeed shoot and kill the suspect, I think they will turn a blind eye essentially because Flack is one of them and this man shot a fellow officer and cops are very protective of their own.
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    Two things that stood out to me here:

    First, as a mom of four, holy crap I couldn't believe Lindsey wasn't bawling her eyes out. Postpartum moms tend to literally cry over spilled milk, so her cool calm act really hit me wrong.

    Second, Mac, Mr. You-can't-work-on-the-greece-case-cuz-the-guy-beat-you-up, Mr. Girl's-got-your-number-in-your-pocket-you're-off-the-case, let Flack stick around? Okay, fine, I could maybe see it for the investigative work, but to let him go in when there are actual suspects (airport and warehouse) is beyond the pale.

    I was actually shocked to see Flack, almost always so by-the-book, pull the trigger. I guess his only weakness wasn't Danny.

    Just curious, but did Flack & Angell ever say "I love you"? As I was watching him carry her to the hospital, I couldn't help but think that was the opportune moment for Flack to say it if he was ever gonna. I think his general reaction - and her "new" smile - showed that this was not just about a physical relationship.

    Oh, here's my other quirk: Flack drives across town before the ambulance gets there? And the other cops just leave Jess laying on the floor, no one tried to staunch the blood? What the heck?

    When I heard a CSI was gonna die, I guessed it was Jess (I'm just now watching the episodes, new watcher), but I actually thought it would be related to her & Stella's Greek tragedy.

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