CSI Musical- humor/drama/angst (all three shows, various ships)

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    I was bored the other night and started writing and this is what came out. It's silly stuff, but anyway...

    Pairings in this are: Greg/Riley, Mandy/Nick, Wendy/Hodges, Cath/Griss, Sofia/Brass, Eric/Natalia, Calleigh/Jake, Ryan/Maxine (Valera), Stella/Mac, Danny/Lindsay, Flack/Angell

    I may write more in the future, but this is all I have so far. I may not get to type all of it tonight and I may decide just to post one "episode" at a time. :)

    Song One: Storyline
    Sung by: Grissom and Sara (both at the same time, but they are both in different locations- Griss in Vegas and Sara sailing on the boat wherever it was Ecuador or something...)
    Mood: Drama/angst

    I can't do this anymore
    It's finally time to close this door
    I don't know why I ever thought that we would last
    I've got to put all of that in the past

    It's time for me to move on, start a new
    Make a life without you
    It seems clear to me
    That we were never meant to be
    It took so long for me to see

    It's painful, but I must let go of you
    'Cause now I see what's true
    I wish you all the best
    But it's time to put these feelings to rest

    But please know
    That no matter where I go
    And no matter what I do
    I will never forget you
    We had some good times
    But this is the end of our storyline.


    Song Two: All Riled Up
    Sung by: Greg and Riley
    Mood: Humor, Romance

    Greg: Hey girl, there you are.
    Do you know you're my lucky star.

    Riley: Please stop right there
    Don't say it, don't you dare.

    Greg: I can't help how I feel
    Trust me when I say this is real

    Riley: I think we should just stay friends
    'Cause it'll hurt too much when it ends

    Greg: Baby, don't be so cynical now
    We'll make it work somehow
    You can't deny the chemistry
    Going on between you and me
    Trust me when I say it's true
    I'm all riled up over you.

    Riley: Greg, please stop right there
    Losing our friendship is something I can't

    Greg: That won't happen, trust in me
    I promise that I'll make you see
    When we kissed under that mistletoe
    I didn't want to ever let go
    Believe me what I say is true
    I'm all riled up over you.

    Riley: I don't know what to do
    Greg, I really do like you
    When it comes to romance I am insecure
    It's so hard to be sure.

    Greg: You know they say life's a dance
    You never learn if you don't take a chance
    Don't run away and hide
    Can't we just give it our best try?
    There's nothing else I'd rather do
    Than be all riled up over you.

    Riley: It really was a great kiss.

    Greg: When I aim, I never miss.

    Riley: Yes, I guess that is true.

    Greg: I'm all riled up over you.

    Both: Let's seal this with a kiss times two.

    Greg: I'm so riled up over you.

    (They kiss, the song ends)
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    I like this idea :) Some nice ships although I'm mostly Calleigh/Horatio when I watch Miami. More soon!
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    Song three: Tricky & Dandy
    Sung by: Nick and Mandy
    Mood: Romance, humor

    Mandy: He sings to me in that sweet voice
    And my heart just has no choice
    I know this is real life and not a romance film
    But I can't help but fall for him

    (Nick walks into the room)

    Nick: Oh, Mandy, there's something I've been meaning to ask you
    But, I wonder if it's the right thing to do

    Mandy: You can ask anything you want to ask
    Whatever it is, I'm up for the task

    Nick: Run these fingerprints for me please

    Mandy: Nicky, dude, don't be a Texas-sized tease

    Nick: Will you go out with me?

    Mandy: Yes, I will indeed
    I thought you'd never ask me

    Nick: Oh, Mandy... you really are quite dandy

    Mandy: Oh, Nicky... you really are quite tricky

    Nick: I am tricky

    Mandy: That's my Nicky

    Nicky: You are dandy
    I bet you taste just like cotton candy
    Oh my, my, my Mandy

    Mandy: It's true that we get along
    But, why are we singing this silly song?

    Nicky: I really don't have any clue

    Both: All I know is that I am falling... in love with you.


    Song Four: Apology
    Sung by: Wendy and Hodges (with an appearance by Bobby)
    Mood: Angst, humor, romance, anger

    Hodges: I know I've said it all before
    But, I think I'll say it just once more
    I'm sorry that I upset you
    It was never my intention to

    Wendy: Hodges, what do you want with me?
    I am busy, can't you see?
    I have DNA to process here
    And with you standing there I can't think clear

    Hodges: Don't you know how I feel?
    My feelings for you are real

    Wendy: What feelings do you mean?

    Hodges: You haunt my every dream

    Wendy: All you see when you look my way
    Is my chest and that's a truth your toy betrayed

    Bobby: You really don't have a clue do you?
    Wendy, the man is in love with you.

    (Wendy's jaw dropped and she was stunned into silence)


    Song five: PureJoy (takes place much later than Song one)
    Sung by: Cath, Gil, ARchie, Henry and Judy
    Mood: Friendship, romance

    Gil: Hey, Cath. How have you been?

    Cath: You should know that you're my best friend

    Gil: What would you say if I said I want more?

    Cath: I'd say you're the one that I adore

    Archie: Put their names together and you've got PureJoy
    Their chemistry is undeniable, oh boy

    Gil: Do you think that we could try?

    Cath: My love for you cannot be denied

    Henry: PureJoy, the meaning of their names

    Judy: PureJoy, this is not a game

    Archie: These two are the real thing

    Judy: Soon they'll be exchanging rings.


    I'll post more later on. :)
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    Song 6: The Date
    Sung by: Sofia, Brass, a random cop and waiter & hostess
    Mood: Humor, romance

    (Brass pulled out his phone)

    Brass: Hey, Sofi. It's Brass.

    Random cop: Sofia's a really lovely lass.

    Brass: Let's go out for a cup of joe.

    Random Cop: He misses her so.

    (Brass and Sofia are at the diner)

    Brass: I've really missed you, Sof.

    Waiter: Our special is meatloaf.

    Sofia: I'll have a salad and a tea.

    Hostess: I think those two are meant to be.

    Sofia: Would you mind giving me a kiss?

    Brass: I would glady grant your every wish.

    (They kiss)



    Song one: Eden Is Beautiful In Their Own Way
    Sung by: Random labrats
    Mood: humor, romance

    (Eric and Natalia are working together)

    Labrat 1: Would you look at those two?

    Labrat 2: They really don't have a clue.

    Labrat 1: They are a beautiful mess.

    Labrat 2: Those feelings will never rest.

    Both Labrats: Eden is beautiful in their own way
    They need to realize their feelings are here to stay
    True love cannot be denied
    And it will never, ever die

    (Eric and Natalia share a smile)

    Labrat 1: See the smiles that they share?

    Labrat 2: They really don't see what's there.

    Both Labrats: Eden is beautiful in their own way
    And they will realize it all some day
    They belong together
    In love forever

    (Eric looked at Natalia and it's like a light bulb goes off in his head. He kisses her)

    Labrats: Eden is beautiful in their own way
    Maybe now they will never stray
    That kiss is pretty hot
    Looks like they're giving love another shot
    Eden is beautiful in their own way
    And hopefully now love is here to stay.


    More later. :)
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    Miami Song #2: "I'm right here"
    Sung by: Jake and Calleigh
    Mood: Worry, romance, love

    (Calleigh was worried about Jake. She didn't know if he was okay. Tears were in her eyes. When he walked out of the elevator, she ran to him and hugged him).

    Calleigh: I was so worried about you.
    If you were hurt, I don't know what I'd do.

    Jake: It's okay, I'm right here
    So please don't shed another tear.

    Calleigh: I don't know why I thought I could walk away from us
    It was always more than simple lust.

    Jake: I quit my job as a U.C.
    'Cause with you is where I want to be.

    Calleigh: Kiss me now, it's been too long
    Hold me in your arms so strong.

    (They Kissed)


    Miami Song #3: The Proposal
    Sung by: Ryan and Maxine (Valera)
    Mood: Romance, love

    (Ryan walked into the DNA lab. Maxine smiled at him.)

    Ryan: Good morning beautiful, how are you?

    Maxine: It's nice to see you too.

    Ryan: There's something I've wanted for so long
    And these feelings are so strong.

    Maxine: I think I know what you mean.
    Being with you has always been my dream.

    Ryan: There's something that I want you to see.

    (He pulled something out of his pocket.)

    Ryan: Maxine, will you marry me?

    Maxine: Of course I will, you're my guy.
    I love you so much, Ry.

    Ryan: I can't wait to say I do.

    Both: I can't wait to marry you.

    Maxine: I can't wait to be your bride.

    Both: Always have you by my side.

    (He put his hand on her stomach.)

    Ryan: You really do drive me wild.
    And I can't wait to meet our child.

    Maxine: Do you think its a boy or a girl?

    Ryan: Doesn't matter, we'll give them the world.

    (They kissed.)


    NY: Song one: Dreams of You
    Sung by: Mac and Stella
    Mood: romance, love

    Mac: Stella, you are my best friend.

    Stella: You'll be mine until the end.

    Mac: Now, I realize what's true.

    Both: My heart has always belonged to you.

    Stella: When I'm asleep in bed

    Both: Dreams of you invade my head.

    Mac: Now I know what is true.

    Both: I belong with you.


    NY Song Two: New At This
    Sung by: Danny and Lindsay
    Mood: Romance, understanding, love

    Lindsay: Last night I had a funny dream.

    Danny: Then why did I hear you scream?

    Lindsay: I found there was more than one kid in here.

    Danny: Sounds more like a nightmare.
    That does nothing to dissolve my fears.

    Lindsay: This isn't any less scary for me.

    Danny: I know, Linds. That's not what I mean.

    Lindsay: I'm new at this too.

    Danny: Yeah, I guess that's true.

    Lindsay: We'll learn this together.

    Danny: I promise to be here forever.

    Lindsay: Good cause I can't do this alone.

    Danny: I've got some things to atone.

    Lindsay (shakes her head): Let's leave all that in the past.
    And make sure that this time we make it last.

    Danny: Don't worry, Linds; we'll make it through.
    I will always be here for you.


    NY Song Four: The kiss
    Sung by: Don Flack and Jessica Angell (with Samantha Flack)
    Mood: Romance, love

    Angell: That kiss was really hot.

    Flack: Yeah, it really hit the spot.

    Sam: Donnie, you've gotta get down on one knee.

    Flack: Jess, will you marry me?


    LV Bonus Song: Greg's Coffee
    Sung by: Greg and Nick
    Mood: Friendship, sharing

    Nick: Hey G, may I have some of your special coffee please?

    Greg: Well, since you asked nicely
    But, it'll be kind of pricey.

    Nick: Yeah, you've drilled that into my head
    So, I'll let you win our bet.

    Greg: Do you mean it?
    Is it true?

    Nick: Yes, it is.
    Yes, I do.

    Greg: My coffee is Hawaiian blue
    But, I'll share it with you.

    (Greg handed Nick a cup of coffee.)

    Nick: Thanks, G. You're a great friend.

    Greg: Yep, we're buds till the end!

    (end of song)


    Okay, that's all I've got written. I don't know if I'll ever write anymore or not.
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    I know what happened to Warrick and all... I mean I was there. But any chance of anything yobling-y? Also, I think this would be really cool if it was more a CSI musical-- like with somea actual text and dialogue. Right now it's almost an Opera-- no spoken parts.

    Just thinking that would be fun. Some stage directions and dialogue to push the story forward. It's up to you though. You've just got a broadway freak here who really loves a good musical. And trust me... this is SO good. Quite fun actaully.
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    I've always wanted to write a CSI musical fic (ever since I watched the Buffy musical ep which is my all time fave ep lol), but I've had trouble trying to get the forensic stuff into a rhyme and such. :lol: This was just something silly I wrote to tide me over until I could (hopefully someday) think of a proper musical "episode". :lol:

    I don't ship Yobling, but I could try to write a little something for you, if you want. Maybe a song about Warrick's spirit watching over Cath or something. I might try that later on. :) Hopefully I'll get inspired.
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    Not a lot of people DO 'ship YoBling anymore these days. But I sure do. I think I always will. I would love it if you'd try to fit something in there. I mean... as long as it's within your comfort zone. I know I wouldn't be able to write a Grillows or catnip piece if someone asked me to so... I get it if you don't want to.

    Thanks though. I look forward to viewing your attempt... should you make one.
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    Well, I did enjoy the friendship between Cath and Rick. :) I don't mind writing something about them. I'll try to see if I can come up with one for them later tonight. :)
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    Okay, I tried to write something for Cath/Warrick. This is what I came up with:

    Song Title: Why did you have to go?
    Sung by: Cath and Warrick (in spirit form of course)
    Mood: Angst/drama/love

    Catherine was cleaning her house when she found a framed photo in a drawer. It was a photo of the group. She ran her finger over Warrick's image. Tears filled her eyes.

    She started to sing softly:

    Cath: Why did it have to happen?
    Why did you have to go?
    There was so much left to do here
    So much more I wanted to know

    She did not see it, but a glow appeared in the corner of the room. The glow grew brighter until it formed the shape of Warrick Brown.

    Warrick: I'm not gone, I'm still around
    To pick you up when you fall down
    I'm watching you from up above
    Just reach out, you'll feel my love

    Cath could not see or hear Warrick, but she felt something touch her shoulder. "Warrick?" She whispered.

    Cath: I don't know what I thought I'd find
    Myabe I'm starting to lose my mind

    Warrick: I'm here, I'll always be
    Looking out for my family
    That's what you, Lindsey and the team are...
    You are everything to me

    Cath: I miss you more than you'll ever know
    Why did you have to go?

    Lindsey walked into the room. "Mom, are you okay?" She asked, concerned. She saw the picture Cath was holding. "Oh, Mom. I know you miss him. But, I know he's watching over us. He'll always be with us... in our hearts and our memories." She hugged her mom.

    "Thanks, Linds." Warrick whispered before disappearing.

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    Awww. :( That was sweet, & so very sad.
    I love it, & Im not even a shipper, haha. Very nice. :p
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    Song Title: My Angell
    Sung by: Don Flack
    Mood: Angst/drama/love

    She was so beautiful and true
    Jess, I'm really missing you
    My Angell's gone to heaven, so I will have wait
    To see her again because of the cruelty of fate

    My Angell, so beautiful and sweet
    I can't wait till once again we meet
    The truth is I'll love you babe till the day I die
    But now that you're gone, all I can do is cry

    I miss you, my Angell... girl
    I hope you know that you were my world
    I held your hand as you slipped away from me
    Now that you're gone, it's just so hard to believe

    Yeah you're gone to that home above
    My Angell, my Angell ... of..... love.
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    Aww...the latest song was so sad but cute at the same time. Damn, I miss FLANnEL, and Angell :(

    I've never read this before, but I found myself laughing and "aw"ing the entire time. Really cute. Love the SMACked song :adore:
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    dear, you have made an incredible job!!!!!!!!! I loved the Buffy musical too. But this is very special
    I don't watch anything else except CSI NY however the Yobling song made me shed a tear!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And i LOVE the Smacked song. what can i say? More please!!!!!!

    Many hugs Debbie :D
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    Genius- CSI Musical!!! Can you imagine if there was a episode were they were all singing... like that Scrubs episode "My Musical" but it would be more dramatic!!!

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