CSI:Miami is cancelled.

I happened upon this today. How appropriate :/
Just heard the news. Can't say I'm surprised, but I am saddened.

I'm sad for the cast/crew who are now out of jobs. I'm sad for the characters that we've fallen in love with; they'll never get proper closure and happy endings.

I'm grateful for the show in the first place, though. The actors, the characters, and everyone behind the scenes, who brought to life an incredible team of CSIs from Miami.

It's been fun, y'all. I wish everyone who's been involved with the show the best of luck in their future endeavors.
In all honesty, I'm not surprised by this in fact I kind of figured it was going to happen at the end of this season. Yes it had higher ratings, but CSI: NY has much more potential when you think about it.
I spent all afternoon making this farewell tribute to CSI: Miami, if you guys could check it out that'd be cool. Thanks. Link.

On May 12, 2012 CBS announced CSI: Miami has been canceled. I made this video to bid farewell to my favorite TV show of all time, thanks for a WONDERFUL 10 years! Best of luck to the cast and crew of CSI: Miami, we'll miss you. :(
David Caruso posted this picture on twitter after he found out csi miami was cancelled.

He is turning his his badge and glasses
This is sooo freakin sad :(. No disrespect to CSI:NY, but that show has been on the bubble for 2 years now. CSI:Miami's low ratings can mostly be attributed to the crappy time slot - switch NY and Miami and I think you would see a ratings boost for Miami and NY would go down the drain. Again, no offense, but they were gonna cancel it last year but they got a reprieve. Now suddenly Miami, which was NOT even talked about as being canceled last year, is now off the air - :wtf:

Of course, a lot of us could've seen this coming, with all the talks about low budgets, some of the cast looking at other projects, and the horrendous time slot Miami was exiled to these past two years. CBS killed Miami in my mind when they switched it to Sundays - shame on them.

While I know a lot of shows don't get the "closure" they deserve, if a show runs 10 YEARS it SHOULD get good closure. If CBS was gonna end Miami, they should've given them a heads up mid-season so they could wrap up some character arcs, mended some friendships among the team :):cough:: horatio & calleigh ::cough::) and tied up other loose ends. That last scene was OK, but Cal wasn't even there, and it just showed how all these guys together were great actors and were so underutilized. I think Miami had a much stronger cast and potential, if they were to do a final year.

I also think Horatio DID NOT go out the way the creators or DC had wanted. It was a lame ending to an amazing series that at one point was the number one show IN THE WORLD. It was a big cash cow for CBS, and I'm disgusted at how they've treated this show over the past 2 years.:rolleyes:

While I've often complained of the poor writing and underutilization of very talented actors like Jon Togo, I also saw episodes that gave the show a lot of potential for at least one more year, especially if it was a wrap-up, character-focused year. I'd take even a 3-6 episode close-out to this - I mean, they were shorted episodes this year to begin with - stupid CBS :scream:

Sad to see DC turning in his badge and sunglasses w/out any real closure to an amazing character, despite some of the stupid things the writers did. H and team deserved better than this. RIP MIAMI. :(
I've come to realize. It's not the quantity, but the quality that counts. Minus the finale.

Miami is going to be one of those shows that will be remembered for a long time. Unlike some of the shows cbs have gone and renewed.
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Murder,She Wrote went on for 12 years and the way CBS ended that..was far worse then what happened to CSI Miami.
Yes CSI Miami deserved better but so did many other shows. Law & Order,Murder,She Wrote,Cold Case just to name a few.
Sad to say,when it comes to Hollywood endings,very seldom do long running shows and the casts on them get one.
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With the picture above of the sunglasses and badge, David also said, -- "Thank you one and all." :thumbsup:

DC is a truly class act and obviously appreciated and continues to appreciate his fans.:thumbsup::)
Anybody ever notice on horatio's badge it says sheriffs office?

It's Dade County, so they all work under the Sheriff's Office. If memory serves me, TPTB wanted everything to just say, Miami PD, but the Dade County authorities insisted that, to be accurate, Dade County had to be included. Thus, the Miami-Dade compromise.
:( :scream: :( :scream: :( :scream:
Random thoughts on the cancellation:
The signs have been there for a long time. It clearly isn't all about the ratings (Miami consistently out-rated NY):

a.) Moving Miami to the death time slot (where it still often outpaced NY;
b.) Ending Miami in early April and REPLACED vs NY's interruption, brought back to close out the season during May sweeps;
c.) Not even a semblance of a finale;
d.) No live contracts to pay out;
e.) David's comment several months ago that he'd had his fill of television, not a comment he would ever make if there was a renewal in the offing;
f.) Didn't one of the main cast members, maybe Eva, already sign on to do another series?
There's many more, but these are just a few that come to mind and are quite obvious.

Seems to me they all knew when filming finished in February or March that it was a done deal.

...What to say, I actually knew this was coming sooner or later when they announced moving Miami to Sunday. That is the proverbial death slot if I ever saw one. Surprisingly, Miami became the little show that could but too many delays, dissatisfaction, and money woes pretty much pulled the plug. I would have loved to had just one more season to make up for the lame season finale they gave us ( I mean really, the specter of cancellation was hovering way before they taped that episode, as evidenced by the tampering with the original ending...give me a break:rolleyes:).

I had ten years of greatness ( mixed in with some iffy episodes) and I do not feel ashamed to say how big of a nerd I am for CSI:Miami. I'll definitely miss the show (afterall, I watched for ten seasons, that's a BIG part of my life) but I have made great friends *peers at Finch* and actually learned how to write better. Couple this with having Speed:)drool: )for two seasons and some kick ass Horatio:evil:, I'd say we'd have a win-win. This show was far and beyond more entertaining than some other shows on the air and a GOB more than most of that reality crap but it is what it is.

Nothing lasts forever and yet, I assumed Miami never closed...:shifty:

Here's to ten years of fun in the sun and beautiful people!;)


Hold it down, Finch :D