CSI:Miami is cancelled.

Official statement from CBS:

CSI: Miami leaves an amazing television legacy - a signature look and style, global popularity and as a key player in CBS's rise to the top over the past decade. We thank all the producers - led by Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman and Ann Donahue - and its talented cast, led by David Caruso, for 10 outstanding seasons. Viewers around the world will continue to enjoy rebroadcasts of "CSI: Miami" in syndication and on key digital platforms for many years to come.

Really sad news about the show. :( I would've liked to see a final season even if it was a shorter one. Oh well, good luck to the cast and crew. AND LONG LIVE DAVID CARUSO! :thumbsup:
Didn't expect that--wow! Sorry to see Miami go. :( Did it end on a cliffhanger this year? I missed the finale.
CSI Miami DID end on a cliffhanger. The whole season 10 storyline about the navarro family didn't end... and this SUCKS!
Sorry to hear Miami has ended, for those fans loyal to the show. NY is the only one that I enjoy watching lately so I am glad it was not cancelled.
Merged both threads and stickied it so everyone can find the information.

Like I mentioned in the spoiler thread, I'm not all that surprised. I think that despite my dissatisfaction with their so-called series finale, the show probably had to go sooner rather than later. It's a shame they didn't get one more season to wrap it up officially (ie: if they'd had known it was really the last episode).


I think I'll wear Speed for a while.
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I am so saddened by this. I have already sent a nasty gram to CBS:lol:, not that it will do any good. But; it made me feel somewhat better. I can't say (with all the rumors) I'm really surprised. I'm not at all a NY fan: I could not get into the characters. So I will only be watching CSI.

I don't buy the buget excuse; when they give raises to no talents like Ashton K. and keep crappy shows like Two Broke Girls. :rolleyes:
To say I'm not disappointed would be the biggest understatement of the century. CSI: Miami was still doing well despite it's slot and CBS doing this is a huge slap to the face to all of its fans. We didn't even get a proper series finale!! CBS owes us that at least!! Miami was the only reason I was still watching CBS, with it gone I guess its all USA for me for now on.

Don't get me wrong, I knew Miami had to end. But I thought we would get at least one more season to say goodbye properly. CBS has lost me as a fan and if they think I'm watching CSI:LV and NY, they're joking! Don't get me wrong, they're good shows, but they don't appeal to me like Miami did.

This is a sad day for the Miami family. :(
Oh, dear. I thought I don't care as my favourite couple is not together after all, but in fact I am saddened by this news. Too bad for the actors. I wish them all the best.
And I'm upset with CBS that they didn't give a happy ending to EC, didn't develop Nat and Ryan's characters properly(we still don't know anything about them) and they've made a really annoying guy out of Horatio in final seasons. They didn't listen to fans at all.
I am not surprised by this, I felt it coming, but I am saddened. :(

I have always liked the show very much and all the characters, but especially Horatio, Alexx and Frank. I wanted another season especially because I hoped for a final season that might tie up loose ends and might make Horatio the incredible character that he once was. The incredible character that made him a TV legend.

I'm going to miss all the really nice people I have met here and on other boards as we all move on with our lives.

I wish all the cast and crew the best of things to come, including much success and happiness.:thumbsup:

As for TV, I never watched much before CSI Miami came along and I don't anticipate watch much in future. I will say that CBS shows will be at the bottom of my list for viewing when I occasionally turn on the TV.

I also wish all the fans of CSI NY the best, even if I have never been able to get into that show and wonder what CBS will do next year for a series finale as I have heard that this year's was a very good one and will probably leave next year with as poor and unsatisfying an ending as we got in CSI MIami this year.:(