CSI: Miami: Deadly Figure

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    great update miami85,hope H/Y make up soon

    keep up the good work :)
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    Again a great chapter! I really hope H and Yelina will kiss and make up. Keep goin!
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    Grat chapter.....H/Y I love them :D
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    :lol: thanks for the feedback :D :) .. another update!

    Three days has passed. And Alot of things has happened: Calleigh was back, Warrick has been officially transferred, Jenna got away, escaped and the MDPD are looking for her, and the Isabella Green case was closed. With Edward confessing to the murder, and also the forensics to prove it.

    Three days has passed, and Horatio and Yelina haven't spoken to each other. Horatio was staying in Raymond's old apartment. He got up, as usual, but this time it was from dispatch. He got up and a bright new day started for him, with a bright new murder.

    The skies were cloudy, and the place of the murder wasn't going to help much. A children playground that was filled with sand.

    Horatio walked toward the scene, where Warrick was.

    "Mr. Brown" Horatio Greeted
    "What a way to start the morning!" Warrick said

    Horatio chuckled.

    "We got a name?"
    "Um a Jenna Wolfe..." Warrick said

    Horatio looked over the victim and was shocked.

    "That's Ryan's ex-wife" said Horatio surprised "Get Eric and examine the scene"

    Horatio walked towards Alexx

    "Poor baby was stabbed seven times"
    "Seven? That sounds ... personal"
    "Time of death is approx 3 - 4 am"
    "There is something... annoying here"
    "And what is that Horatio?"
    "Well first, she paid a guy 20 grand, to run over Ryan, and then tried to sneak in with a gun. She also said Ryan had a daughter... And what is she doing here? It doesn't make sense"

    Alexx laughed

    "That's your job. I'll be able to tell you more at the post."

    Alexx called in the paramedics, to get the body. She got in the van and headed back to the building.

    Horatio walked over to Warrick and Eric who just arrived.

    "Gentlemen, I advice to be quick, the weather isn't pulling us any favors" Horatio smiled
    "Yea, sure H."

    Horatio left the scene.

    Warrick looked at Eric

    "You call him 'H'?" said Warrick in a surprise
    "Cool. Back in Las Vegas I didn't call my boss G" Warrick laughed
    "What was his name?"
    "Oh, heard alot about him. And about that cop that got killed, Kepler?"
    "Yea, that's him"
    "OK, let's back to the job, it looks like it will be raining soon"


    Horatio went back to Jenna's apartment, and opened the door to figure out if she really did have a child.

    Her apartment was like any usual one. Nothing with much value. Two bedrooms. Horatio walked in the living room, and was surprised to see a shadow.

    "Is anyone there?" Said Horaito

    Horatio was aware of a threat in the house, and kept the gun in his hand, but he wasn't at a shooting position, knowing that this could be the child. Horatio walked towards the bedroom were the shadow 'went.'

    He saw a five year old girl. Green eyes, brown hair. She looked alot like Ryan.

    "Hey there" Horatio said as mildly as he can not to scare her, as he kneeled down

    She didn't respond just stood there.

    "My name's Horatio Caine. What's yours?"
    "Katrina" she said weakly "Are you going to hurt me?"
    "No, I am not" he smiled
    "My mum says my dad's in heaven" she said

    Horatio smiled again

    "Come with me now. It will all be OK"
    "You promise?" said Katrina
    "Yes, I do"

    Horatio and Katrina got out the house, and headed back towards the hospital.
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    Gosh didn't know this fic exsisted till now. Can't wait for more. Especially the H/Y bits. :p And the Ryan story is keeping me hooked as well.
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    Ooh, this is great! Love H with kids! And can't wait for more H/Y bits (apparently i'm not the only one)! Keep going!
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    Thanks Hrockz and Carro, Glad u liked it!!

    Ok another update:

    Horatio and Katrina arrived at the building so Katrina could stay with Yelina for a while.

    Horatio g out of the car, and Katrina followed; they waited five minutes before Yelina showed up. Yelina came out of the building and walked towards Horatio and Katrina.

    "Hey" Said Horatio
    "Hey there honey, what's your name?" Yelina kneeled down as she spoke to Katrina

    Katrina looked at Horatio before answering her

    "Its ok sweetie" said Horatio to Katrina
    "..Katrina" said Katrina
    "Katrina, what a pretty name. Ok honey Horatio has got some work to do and you'll be sitting with me ok?"
    "Yes" said Katrina

    Yelina ordered Katrina to sit on the bench that was a meter away from them. She went and sat and kept playing with her hand.

    "Horatio... I'm really sorry" Said Yelina

    Yelina interrupted him

    "Before you say anything. Just hear me out... I didn't mean what I said. You know it... I love you too much to say that... I cant... it slipped..."
    "I'll have to think about it Yelina. It's not everyday you move back with your wife" Horatio Smiled
    "I'm sorry" she said

    She hugged him tightly

    "It won't happen again" she whispered in her ears

    Horatio smiled, gave her a kiss on the cheek.

    "Ok I have to go now and see how Ryan is doing."
    "OK and ill take Katrina" said Yelina

    Yelina walked towards Katrina, and sat down next to her to talk. Horatio left to Ryan in the hospital.

    Horatio walked in Ryan's room, and Ryan was asleep. He thought he'd come back later, but as soon as he opened the door, Ryan opened his eyes, and himself back up.

    Ryan eyes were trying to shut, but he didn't allow himself to fall back to sleep.

    "Horatio" said Ryan
    "Ryan, how are you feeling?"
    "I've been better" he smiled "so what brings you here?"
    "Uh, Ryan, I found Katrina."
    "Who's Katrina?"
    "Your possible daughter?"

    Ryan gave a smirk

    "What?" he said with a shock
    "is there a problem?"
    "No, no, but she was telling the truth.. Jenna"
    "You daughter thinks your dead."
    "Why would she contact you, and tell you to act like a father for Katrina, if she told her you're dead?"
    "I have no idea Horatio" said Ryan surprised "could this be a set up?"
    "Mr. Wolfe, I'll tell you when I find out."
    "I just-- if can't believe her"
    "When are you getting out from here?"
    "Possibly tomorrow."
    "OK, Ryan, you can't stay in your old resident. It's risky - especially right now"
    "So where should I stay?"
    "Rent up a room in a hotel until we sort this mess out"
    "How long are you thinking it could take?"
    "At least a month?"
    "At least a month? Horatio I can't afford it"
    "I'll pay"
    "No, you've helped enough, I'll sort my self out"
    "Mr. Wolfe-"
    "Horatio, I can't always rely on you for help"
    "I understand."
    "What will happen to Katrina?"
    "I advice if she doesn't stays with you. Plus with the state of your condition, you can't possibly keep an eye on her"
    "So where would she stay?"
    "Uh- she could stay with me and Yelina, if you want, or i can place her under child services"
    "No, I'd rather let her with you. But that could be too much pressure on you?"
    "No, it's fine." Horatio smiled.
    "Thanks Horatio, and sorry for getting you into this, and should have watched my own back."
    "That ... would've been unwise. The team got your back on this"
    "Thanks Horatio, I really appreciate it"
    "No problem"

    Horatio left as soon as his cell phone ran. It was from Warrick.

    Horatio went outside the hospital, and called back Warrick. But as soon as he called, he looked up and Warrick was there.

    "Warrick" said Horatio
    "Horatio, there's someone near the crime scene that wont leave, and he kept asking for you."
    "What's his name?"
    "He refused to tell us his first name. But he told us his name was X-X"
    "Street name. And a stupid one too.. You know him?"
    "No, I don't" Horatio chuckled
    "Went to the database, and typed in X-X, and had almost 100 matches. Narrowed it down to our guy, his real name is Brandon peters... Does it ring a bell?"
    "Oh, it does now"
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    Things are getting interesting, update soon!
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    It'll keep getting more intersting (I think) :) I'll let you be the judge of that.. I have writing another update since i have nothing to do :-

    Horatio walked in the building, to the interrogation room, where Brandon was bought in.

    "Mr. Peters, been a while"
    "It has Lieutenant"
    "So what are you doing, disrupting the crime scene?"
    "I did not kill Jenna"
    "That's funny you bring that up, I haven't made any accusations yet"
    "Some guy told me that i was the prime suspect!"
    "What guy?"
    "A dude at a hospital"
    "What brought you there?"
    "The same guy told me that i was the prime suspect"
    "And who would that be?"
    "Ryan...Wolfe? I think, he didn't say his name, but I saw a get well soon card with a name"

    Horatio opened up a file and showed him a picture of Ryan

    "Is that him?" Said Horatio
    "Yea...it is"

    Horatio left the room in a hurry and you can see the expressions on his face. He was angry...

    The Miami sun has shone upon the city, but the clouds kept casting a shadow. Horatio arrived at the hospital and checked the visitor's log. He put his sunglasses on the desk, and saw Brandon Peter's name. The time of visit was yesterday about 5 pm. Horatio took his sunglasses and went to Ryan room. Ryan was awake, and was drinking a glass of water.

    "Mr. Wolfe"
    "Brandon Peters"
    "Excuse me?" Ryan sounded confused
    "The guy that was here yesterday at 5"
    " I don't recall seeing a guy"
    "I don't Horatio. I swear"

    Horatio saw a nurse entering.

    "Sorry to interrupt anything, but it's time to give Mr. Wolfe his pills"
    "Pills?" Said Horatio
    "Yea, antibiotics, he has an infection from the stitches on his hand"
    "Yea those stitches weren't made here, we replaced them today morning"
    "And what was the stage of the healing of this wound?"
    "1st stage"
    "So this is very recent"
    "But i do recall that Dr. Anderson, did the stitches on his arm"

    Horatio told the nurse he needed to talk to her in private and so they headed outside the room

    "So there is only one explanation for this" Said Horatio
    "Someone opened the stitches, opened up the wound again, and stitched the wound back together, that's why infection happened"
    "That... would've hurt."
    "We don't recall hearing any screams or yells"
    "Thank You nurse"

    Before Horatio opened the door, he heard the glass shattering. He went inside as quick as possible, at he saw Ryan was shaking, his eyes were looking upwards.

    "GET ME A DOCTOR!" Horatio yelled


    2 Hours have passed, and Horatio was sitting outside in his Hummer. The heavy rain was pounding on his car. He kept thinking as this was his fault. Eric knocked on the hummer's window. Eric opened the door.

    "What happened?"
    "Someone wants Ryan dead, and not only that he wants him to suffer to it"
    "Let us catch that someone that did this, before someone gets killed"

    Horatio and Eric got out the car. Horatio locked the hummer up, and then he and Eric went inside the hospital to see the doctor.

    "Doctor How is he?"
    "He's in a temporary coma"
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    This keeps getting better every time i read it,hope Ryan comes out of the coma soon

    great update miami85 :)
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    miami your fanfic is really great!I'm becoming dependent of it! :D
    I hope Ryan will stay with his dauther (if Katrina is his dauther!)

    please,post another chap. :)
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    Ooooh, i love it, keep going miami85! Hope Ryan get better soon!!
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    Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it!!

    Here's another update:

    After knowing that Ryan would be in a come for at least a week, Horatio called in Warrick and Calleigh to examine the scene were Ryan was in. they took most of the medical equipment and all the medicine Ryan took. Horatio left Calleigh and Warrick to examine the scene, and went to check on Yelina and Katrina.

    Calleigh and Warrick kept on taking photographs of everything in the room, and kept dusting and lifting fingerprints.

    "Why would someone want to that to Ryan?" said Warrick
    "I have no idea" said Calleigh
    "Back in Las Vegas, people were less 'monstrous' "
    "This is Miami - expect the unexpected" Said Calleigh smiling
    "OK So alot of fingerprints, some, not surprisingly, will match to Horatio and most Medical Staff"
    "Most will. We are looking for the ones that don't"

    Warrick kept on searching the room; he opened one of the drawers, next to the bed, to find more pills.

    "More pills" said Warrick as he bagged the pills.
    "Gravitational blood drops" Said Calleigh as she walked towards the window. She examined the window carefully; she dusted the window handle and lifted a print, and a hand print from the glass.
    "The killer just made his second mistake" said Calleigh
    "And what was his first?" Said Warrick as he chuckled
    "His first was murder" said Calleigh as she gave a wide smile.

    Calleigh went back to where the drops where and took a sample from each.

    Eric came in the room.

    "Eric, hi" said Calleigh as she gave a flash smile
    "Hey guys. Need help carrying the evidence back into the car?"
    "Yea sure" Said Warrick

    Eric, Warrick, Calleigh, and a couple of police men, helped carry the evidence back into the hummer.

    "Eric, how did you get here?"
    "I took a cab" he said smiling

    Calleigh got in the hummer, and sat in the back seat, Warrick went in front to the driver's seat, and Eric sat in the passenger seat. They headed back to the lab.


    Horatio and Yelina's resident

    Horatio opened the door to his house. He came to see Katrina. She was watching cartoons on TV, and Yelina was reviewing some cases on the dining table.

    "Hey" Horatio greeted Yelina, as he smiled to Katrina
    "Hi there" Replied Yelina "Horatio, i have to go now, Frank keeps bring me more cases to review." she said as she laughed.
    ''Never mind, you can go, I'll take Katrina to the lab back with me"
    "Thanks" she said as she smiled.

    Yelina took her jacket from the sofa, and went out side the door. After a quick 20 seconds, Horatio heard the sound of the car's engine starting. He looked outside the window to see Yelina taking off.

    Horatio went towards Katrina and sat next to her.

    "Hey there"
    "Hi Horatio" she said smiling.
    "What are you doing?"
    "Watching Courage the Cowardly dog"
    "That is cool" He said

    She saw a funny moment and laughed.

    "Katrina I have to go to work now, and you have to go with me, because i cant leave you alone" He said gently
    "Can we go when it finishes?" Katrina said, as she pleaded.
    "Yea we can" he said as he Smiled


    Back in MP-DP

    The team was sitting in the layout room. Eric, Calleigh, and Warrick were standing looking at various photographs of the scene and having an open discussion.

    "Well it has been almost two hours, and we don't have anything" said Eric
    "In the contrary we have loads of fingerprints, all came back to Jenna's, Horatio, The medical staff" said Warrick
    "Have you sent the fingerprint that you found on the window?" Eric asked Calleigh
    "Yea, it came back to Ryan's." Calleigh said
    "And the Palm Print?" Asked Warrick
    "You know what, ill go check on it" said Calleigh
    "See the blood droplets results too." Said Eric

    Calleigh left the room and entered another lab

    She saw Valera there.

    "Valera? What are you doing here?" She said surprised
    "Oh I was transferred."
    "OK, then can you tell me what happened to the hand print?"
    "Yea, no match in CODIS, im running it through AFIS"
    "OK, I'll wait"

    Calleigh sat next to Valera. Valera was labeling some stuff, while Calleigh was waiting for a match. After five minutes it was still searching, then it got a hit, the page was still loading, but it was someone in the department.

    "It's someone in the department"

    Stetler's details appeared on the screen among with a photo.

    "That's... Rick's print." Said Calleigh
    "And the blood drops matched to him too"

    Calleigh was shocked as ever. She called Horatio on his cell.

    "Horatio.... Stetler's involved"
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    Uaho...great update!

    I'm really surprised that Statler is involved!
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    OMG!! I love it!! Hope Rick is the murderer.... And that H catch him. Hehehehe. Keep going!

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