CSI: Cyber cancelled

Personally I didn't like the first season of Cyber, I'm not sure what it was, the stories or the characters. But its a shame that its the end of new CSI shows on TV. Its been a huge part of my life since the original started. Shows have come along in that time that I've avidly followed like 24, Elementary, Grimm, Walking Dead to name a few........ but none hold the same place as CSI did for a long while. Its a pity it went out on a bit of a whimper with Cyber, but at least we have re-runs and dvds to tide us over.
Dunno if this is still trending subject but just wanna to put it out there.
I am an old CSI fan of all shows. I am from Europe where the good stuff arrives later but still been an eager fan since the very Pilot episode.
Few years ago, post graduation, I was watching like crazy because these shows were my world. And had no job.
Then I got the job, one franchise ended, the other was coming to an end, I found new shows (like WC, H50 etc) to catch my eye and then life happened.
Our main private operating broadcast company (MTG) grabbed few channels and stuffed 'em into a non-free bag and I was left with Midsomer Murders on national television. However I get to see couple endings and one new season start (Vegas had s12 arriving here that time). But I get just some episodes in before my tv set was forbidden to show me my shows (no extra money for buying channel pack).
Came here to read episode synopsis so I could get the feeling I'd watched the episode (here I should bow to the writer doing episode reviews- awesomest of what I have read other places, I could have my imagination to put it in front of my eyes as if I was watching episode for real).

Anyway, I get a chance to watch couple episodes from Cyber. Not as bad as I feared but could be bit more exciting and scientifical. I like all that science geek chit-chat stuff and to me it's not hard at all to listen some specific terms. So I kinda missed the original show at it's time of beginning.
But still, I felt really warm about Cyber, especially seeing s2 adds on related channels I saw while visiting my BF.

About the site. Been here like forever. 2009 to be the first meet with this mesmerizing place and I truly love here since it was my second real english teacher. I learnt english on this site, get to know wonderful people, received an inspiration to pull out my artistic side, encouraged to be more social.
This site added to my weekly excitement about shows.

I don't want to see it go.

It could just be turned into multi-show site with more of the ongoing/past/future shows to read&discuss about.
It just needs to be there for us who are nostalgic and likes to thaw in the happy memories.

Thank you for patience, I had my heart full :)